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  1. Three Simple Proposals for FM 2012

    I've wanted different things for different countries for ages too. For one thing, in Spain they make that "EEEEEHHHH" noise when someone goes close to scoring instead of the "OOOHHH" noise they do in Britain, and goals aren't created with a "YYYYEEESSSS" but a "AAAWWWWWW" sort of sound. Uhhh, hope that doesn't sound too weird, hope you know what I mean anyway. Also in South America, the ticker-tape opening to the game would be good to add atmosphere. I know a lot of people will argue that these things don't add anything, but I disagree. The little touches like this are a good way of adding to the overall flavour of the game. FM is so complex now that I think the only way to realistically go is to add more of this kind of stuff for a change instead of continually changing the media interaction or training, neither of which ever change that much, and neither of which really adds that much to the game.
  2. 1. Player Testimonials We're all had players at clubs that become part of the furniture. It would be a nice way to honour them and send them off properly by offering them a testimonial at the end of their retirement season. They would keep the gate receipts so it wouldn't be a money-spinner, but a bunch of old players could come out of retirement for one more game, and people listed as "favoured personnel" would turn up and play. Might be fun, and definitely realistic. Shouldn't be a hard one to implement either! 2. More "Guff" on Matchday I'm sure this is something SI are already working on, but I'd love to see a bit more of the cosmetic guff happening on the pitch. Goal celebrations where the player leaps into the crowd and gets mobbed, 20-player punch ups, managers and other people on the touchline screaming and shouting, cameramen etc. You know, clutter. It may not matter to some people but it's stuff like that which gives you more of a connection to the players and the game engine and makes it seem more like watching a real match. Also it would be hilarious to see players ripping off their shirts and diving into the crowd before getting booked. Most of this isn't going to require huge amount of coding and research since they're just animations or static graphics. 3. A "Match of the Day" style condensed highlight reel The best action from the weekends games. At the end of the weekend of regular fixtures, or on a Thursday evening, the game generates a highlights package of great goals and moments from games. If you're an obsessive nerd (ahem) you can see what the other teams are up to without having to watch through and entire "key highlights" replay of a match. This way, you can just watch all the goals. Just a thought.
  3. Free-kicks are broken. If you've somehow scored "tons" of free-kicks, you are seriously in a minority. I have multiple saves showing that the total number of DFKs scored across all divisions and many countries and multiple seasons is around 1 per team per season on average. That's clearly broken. In fact someone from SI even said they were broken in another thread, but that since the fault was due to the ball physics engine, it was too big a problem to fix in a patch and wouild need to wait til the next edition. I wasn't sure this was true, but apparently it was true. A shame.
  4. Yeah thought that was the one. Loads of fixes, but have free-kicks just been abandoned in this edition?
  5. I see nothing in the patch notes about direct free kicks. Is it still virtually impossible for players to score from DIRECT free kicks?
  6. So, it's the second week of March...

    Hey whichever mod moved my post about a new development cycle to this terrible thread, thanks for nothing.
  7. So, it's the second week of March...

    At the moment, we have a fairly simplistic system that for many customers is proving unsatisfactory, and which leaves precious little time for SI to concentrate on new features. The reason the game is released late and still getting patched in March is because SI is continually playing catch-up. Releasing the next season's edition is of course a lot of work, and costs a lot of money, but there is a huge expectation to patch the previous edition, which typically takes 3 patches and involves a lot of work and many delays. This is a huge waste of manpower and no doubt a huge headache for the development team, and the customer. So how about a new system? Step 1 - release a game called simply Football Manager. No season attached, because it's going to form the framework for a lasting game. Step 2 - update ONLY that game. Release a database update every season, as a paid-for DLC update. Step 3 - continue to patch and hone that version, charging money for expansions such as a huge and detailed stadium pack, huge and detailed face packs, new functionality etc. This means a few things: Firstly, SI break out of the dated cycle of : rush to release -> stagger through a series of patches -> develop "new" game in parallel -> face wrath of customers. Secondly, DLC can be made available optionally. So perhaps some people don't care about an update that makes the crowd super realistic with streamers and drums and so on, so they don't have to get it. But other people would happily pay money for this kind of thing (like me, sad I know). Perhaps every 3 seasons or so SI releases a paid for expansion, in the same way so many games companies do these days. This would provide an influx of cash and allow them to update the graphics engine and make larger changes that constitute more than just a patch. The DLC would be a steady drip-feed of devlopment, but in the background a team works on a replacement engine and are given two or three years to perfect it and test it. Just a thought anyway. And before people say "I refuse to pay for DLC", what's the problem with paying £3 here and there compared to £30 on a product that doesn't work for 8 months?
  8. I think probably because the Italian league is not viewed as highly. Think back to the 1990's when Serie A was King - all the best players wanted to play there. Not only for the money, but the prestige and above all the chance to play in a league which had all the best players in. It was the ultimate stage. After the match-fixing scandal and for various other reasons, Serie A is not the top destination any more. It will be again soon, but these things take a long time to change. At the moment Spain and England have the most attractive leagues to foreign players. That's it really. Just be patient. The top name players aren't the ones you should be going for anyway. Get the NEXT big star, that's where the real glory is.
  9. The biggest problem is more about how player's interact with clubs. If a player wants to leave, he automatically becomes a totally selfish and unrealistic moron who wants to leave for his "base value" not his "market value". The old adage is that "everything is worth what it's purchaser will pay for it". In other words, the idea of Gareth Bale having a set value is silly in the first place. It should really just be there to give the player an idea of what range of values his players might go for. Now if Gareth Bale wants to leave Spurs for a bigerr club, it should be entirely possible for him to approach the manager and the board with his agent and discuss a figure that he thinks is realistic to sell him for. His representatives would have been in touch with other major clubs as would Spurs themselves from the offers they would have had, and they would basically come up with an amount. He's realistic, he's under contract, and - and this is an important thing that SI has yet to really model well in any of the games - he wants to play football. Sure, there will be some players and agents who are just scum and will go on strike or play badly or will sit their contract out in the reserves, but they should be the exception. If you think that most players are not capable of being professional and realistic, then either you are underestimating them or their advisors. Simply put, the players need to be a bit more aware of the market they are a part of.
  10. See, if you look at Aston Villa, it says "PRM" next to their name because they're in the Premiership. Nottm Forest should have something next to their name, something like L1 or CH or whatever league they're in. If you're quick maybe you can edit that in before anyone else checks the thread.
  11. I like the way this screen shot has been doctored.
  12. Worse is when you're a small club with only one coach training an area, and lose him without noticing. I don't check my staff and training screen between matches and it's easy to skip past that news item between all the others about who is voting for player of the year or which non-league club is appointing which former brazil international as manager.
  13. Can we at least have some kind of idea of how long it's going to be? If it's a matter of weeks, that's fine I can wait to start a new game. If it's going to be 6 months, then I'll muddle on with the game as is. I think a few people might be in the same boat so can we please have some word of if/when it's going to be released? And can you do anything to fix free kicks? Another thread said it was a big deal because there was something fundamentally wrong with the engine or something.
  14. Also I believe you can play any player u-21 so if you take a 20 year old on loan you don't need to register him at all anyway
  15. fixing free kicks has to be a priority.