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  1. wanna start a game up until fm15 a few evenings a week at arranged times which suit everyone. don't care which league as long as you play it fairly fast pace and don't rage quit cos you lose a few on the bounce. pm me for steam name if you fancy it.
  2. that card will run fine with fm even maybe medium graphic settings. I had a 5450 that is a very standard gaming card and still got 3 stars for graphics in the fm preferences. processor and ram is much more important for the running of the game (and overall speed) than the gpu
  3. de marcos for bilbao a jack of all trades player think he can play everywhere on the pitch apart from dc and gk.
  4. online crashes happen far too much since fm started using steam.
  5. I have a 4 year old intel i5- 650 @ 3.2 ghz with 6 gb ram and is plenty for fm14 and it runs fm14 lightening quick. Can run every playable league in Europe to a decent speed. My graphics card is **** now compared to others on the market (5450 hd radeon) if I upgraded this maybe it would improve fm performace even more.
  6. oh ok mate if it just pressing space bar thats fine by me its a great skin btw
  7. Hi great looking skin but I do not have an option to get into a match like a confirm button it just gets stuck on match preview screen. i Had to delete the skin :-( Any idea what causes this as I would like to continue using it oh im using the fmc version btw
  8. yep it is but it's difficult :-) well done for getting promoted on your first proper save as well !
  9. 1. It is possible to do but more difficult than it was on older versions of FM. - FFP - Board much more restrictive with transfer or wage budgets (unless u lucky enough to have a sugar daddy) - AI generally better tactically than older versions 2. Your timing can help here i usually offer renewals when a player is out of form or injured or I leave it quite late getting them resigned (but i only tend to do that with the players where there is not a lot of interest shown by other clubs). 3. Probably would depend on your budget and quality of squad compared to the other teams in the division. if you are Barnet you would be expected to sell your best player(s) to balance the books that is how small clubs survive. Or at least players with any market value to them.
  10. are you downloading tactics like a moron who expects instant results using someone elses tactic which was set up for a completely different team you are currently managing? are you currently managing a lowerleague or team who does not have the sheer quality , workrate and technical ability of barca and cry when the ai keeps counter attacking your tika taka style over and over again? are you someone who sticks to the same tactic no matter of morale, importance of the game, whether it european or domestic, or keep seeing your team get exploited in certain areas of the pitch but yet still do nothing about it? are you someone who just buys the best quality players available but does not really look into how the will fit and work in your current setup or tactical approach ? If you are doing any of these should probably go back to a version before fm13 :-) just my thoughts
  11. people can only connect to the game when the host is online and has loaded up the save from his device.
  12. I have only recently completed my first full season on fmc. I am hibs got 3 youth intakes in June. Is it only 3 a season on classic mode or does it vary year on year and is it dependant on your youth facilities and youth coaches ect?
  13. This game mode of FM is so underrated and agree with most of what the op is saying. Currently playing a network game in classic mode with 5 other players in SPL most fun I had with any game in the series since cm0102. We done a whole season in 2 evenings of play which is pretty good going - full mode would of took a week at least ! I like how there is more tactical freedom and you can get stuck in straight away. I think most people who are negative about classic mode are too ignorant to play it in the first place. I know I did before they think they will miss a lot of the small features which are in full mode but what fm classic lacks with the full features it makes up for in a more dynamic fast paced game mode. you don't see many people who have played a few seasons on fm classic slate it mostly it is all positive :-) I still play a single player save on full version when I fancy a bit of micro managing but I am starting to come to the conclusion FM full version is a great sim experience but FM Classic is much more fun to play.
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