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  1. Yes. Do it so everyone here is happy. Juarezmann
  2. Yeah you can clearly see he bites him actually on those pics stop making up things thats didnt happen
  3. I´ve been here before reading on a friends account so dont call me liar
  4. Yeah, keep misreading it on purpose No one said he shouldnt be banged. But the harshness in here is very questionable.
  5. Yes. And you never did something wrong 3 times before you did it right.
  6. Im reading here longer than you my son Learn to read. I wrote "IN life"
  7. ...and I cant recall anyone making a fuss about it here.
  8. So man got only 3 chances in life? Nice to know
  9. So no one deserves a 3rd chance at all then. I see. You the judge man.
  10. Its getting weirder and weirder in this thread. Throw Uruguay out of the world cup? Wonder WHO needs phychatric help.
  11. Can´t see his teammates blaming him. He helped them to the knock out stages, they´d be thankful rather.
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