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  1. They're a very good website. Bought from them last year and had no trouble at all.
  2. And go to their FB page to get a 5% off which takes it to 17,95£ or 24,60€!
  3. I would play like Mazzarri and be sacked in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to this!
  4. To me, the tactics in the link you just provided are completely different compared to the tactic you downloaded, at least for your fullbacks! I have seen a lot of players being much shorter than their opponents and still scoring a lot from corner kicks. What's the problem with that? I think you just want to know how to improve and you don't know what the tactic does, so you assume you're doing something wrong. Is that it? If you're winning, you're not doing anything wrong, you can either be lucky or have much better players than the opposite teams. Please forgive me if I don't understand what you're asking for, but since I am not the only one I don't think it's because of me.
  5. It's more than Plug and Play tactics. Let me tell I can't achieve anything, but if there's a thing I know is that there's no tactic that works perfectly, especially if it's not suited to your players. About that, you might want to know what your players are supposed to do. Pace isn't very useful if you're playing a very deep line (this means you can get a very quick defender, but you might want to focus on different things, depending on what they need to do). If your fullbacks aren't defending it's probably due to their roles/duties, but again you should post them here, like RTHerringbone said.
  6. Those stats don't tell much, because they do not show how your team/the opposition shot. It could be that your team shot from inside the box and just missed the goal while the opposition kept shooting from distance (this is what I expect to be true, since they have 17 shots and only 2 on target), which would mean 1) your attacking transition works fairly good (still not the best because you only have 1 CCC created and only 2/9 shots on target); 2) your defensive phase works even better because the opposition could only threaten you from long range (and they clearly hadn't good chances). To see this, you should look at the Shot tab in the analysis and you'll see a lot of red "balls" which show the shot which missed the target. I see a lot of dark PR in those screenshots. What did you tell them during the press conference? I can see you gave Whelan the instruction "more direct passes", when there is a good DLP like Josè Rodriguez near him. Are you sure it's working properly? Give Whelan a look in the passes tab by highlighting him. I still think your AF(A) is quite isolated and I think I know why. You instructed 4 of your men to "run wide with ball" and nobody is still getting in the box. Maybe, you could try to ask one of your WM to cut inside rather than stay wide (you can create space but what if you don't exploit it?). If you want an idea of an AF(A), look at how Milito played for Mourinho at Inter in 2010. He would be the focal point up there, running, moving, creating space for others, but still being able to get deep. I would ask your LM to cut inside and exploit the space left by the DLF, who will come deep (as you can see from your average positions map) and will attract defenders. Running wide is not the only way you can create space. Runs from deep also do. Moving the ball around patiently could potentially create space (this is something Guardiola did great with his Barcelona in 2009). Another small thing. You don't want too many players to run with ball, honestly. You're playing on a quick, lethal counter attack. Your players need to be able to perform a 40 yard pass if they feel it might bring a good opportunity. I am not saying it's wrong to run with ball, just it's not not right to force them to do it the whole time. Think about a cross. It might be dangerous if your WM saw your AF(A) in a dangerous position and would love to cross him the ball but then he says "oh wait, I need to keep running with the ball". Your counter attack will be quite useless. Last but not least, do not think a 1-1 isn't great. If you're sitting last and you are facing a good/top team, then a 1-1 is an amazing result. Tell your players you are happy they didn't lose and let them know you're proud. Motivating and leaving the dressing room relaxed will solve a lot of problems.
  7. What stands out to me is that you have a very pacy and with good acceleration attack, but you're playing with 1 man upfront who is set to DLF(A). This means he'll look to play others in and to create chances for himself, which means you aren't taking advantage of their pace, because they're basically playing "sur place", to use a French term. Since you apparently are an underdog in most (if not any) of your matches, I would reconsider roles and your style of play. To do this you can: 1) Buy players suitable to your style of game (example: you want to play a possession game? Then you can choose to get players with good passing like Iniesta, Xavi, etc.); 2) Try to create a style that attracts your opponents into your own half and then quickly get the ball forward to exploit the space with your attackers' pace and acceleration. I notice that you basically only have 2 players getting in the box and one is likely to be the one who offers the assist. I would reconsider these things if you want to achieve something.
  8. I wasn't offended at all. I went to Giuseppe Meazza a few times in my life and I saw different players being attacked for a reason or another (including Coutinho - I am serious!!!). I always say that I am pretty sure Inter could have Ronaldo and/or Messi and a lot of our fans would still be very disappointed. Of course I would. But there's a big difference between winning and winning with a good football. If you get a 1-0 victory over Juventus in their stadium, I can accept the style of play might not be the best. But of course if you get a 1-0 victory over Cesena who got a red card after 30 minutes and you can't score more than once... well, the board can't be happy. It's also about how you win, not just scoring a goal or two. Mourinho was often not appreciated in his first season, because he would stick to his 4-3-3, playing on the counter attack... not the best thing to do if you're playing against a weaker side in Italy, well known of its defensive style of play. He switched to another tactic and then used a 4-2-3-1 in his second season and that's where Inter won. However, I can understand you clearly don't have a super team and you're definitely overachieving!
  9. Being an Inter fan, I understand that fans suck, not the board. And it depends on what the draw was like. If Roma played their youth team because they had no first team player at their disposal and you never shot on target, well I would complain too (I complained for a 1-0 win with Cesena a few weeks ago). But anyway, yes, we played exciting football. Mourinho in his second year did play a great football, especially when using a 4-2-3-1. Trapattoni used to play a very good football at the end of the 80s. Not to mention la Grande Inter...
  10. I don't think there's a "solid" formation that works better. A 4-4-2 can be good because it is simple (for your players as well). At the moment, I am in my first season with Leamington (predicted to finish 21st) and I'm 5th (-6 from the first one) playing a 3-1-4-2. But it's all about understanding there's always space to exploit (both for you and for your opponent).
  11. Like SpartyOn said, your striker is too isolated. I am pretty sure if you posted the average positions from a match analysis, you'd see by yourself the striker being quite isolated. Moreover, you have "short passing" and retain possession". How can a striker upfront alone get the ball when not so many people are around? Reconsider duties and roles (especially on the flanks - 2 FB on auto? 2 W(A)?)
  12. SimplyCdKeys is great. I bought from them FM 14 and it worked perfectly. For 18.99£, well worth the hassle!
  13. I ordered FM 14 and had no issue. It's at 18.99£ right now!
  14. Unless it was clearly written it offered early access, you can't have the beta.
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