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  1. Hey Seb, thanks for answering. It owuld be nice to have an option for training a player, e. g. for 2 weeks with half intensity and then return him automatically back for full intensity training. Darrel
  2. Thanks, Kick. But if I have a player who recovered from injury, I just want him to train to normal intensity for eg two weeks; the rest of the squad should train double intensity. Sometimes the physio recommends to train normal intensity. If condition is low for him, will it stay at normal intensity or would he train (like the team settings) half intensity. Seems a lot of micro management otherwise. How do you guys handle it?
  3. Hey, is there an option to use training intensity just for some time (like the rest option)? I would like to have that option, eg a player recovers from an injury (my physio recommends that he should only train with half intensity) I would like to have that option for, say, 2 weeks. Then he schould train like I set it for the rest of the team. Do I miss that option? If not, should there be such an option or doesn't work it that way in reality? Thanks Darrel
  4. Hey, I've got a news item from my assistant coach who wants to show me the analysis of one of my players. If I click on it, I get to the Statistics screen of that player. If I select one of the items (e. g. shots on goal), I then get displayed shots for the whole team. Is this working as intended? If I am on a player screen and check the analysis tab, then I should not be directed to the statistics for the whole team. How can I select a single player? For a better understanding I have attached two screenshots.
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