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  1. At long last Wilson has games under his belt. 28 and 1 sub appearance but still a lot to improve on next year with only an average rating of 6.66 in a tea that just survived in Ligue 1. Decent passing (88%) and tackling (80%) should lead to better stats next year, hopefully.
  2. Well after 3 crap years rotting n crappy Napoli lets hope that Wilson can kick start his career at last.
  3. Well after a decent first 2 years at FNS, Wilson is stagnating a little in Napoli. Don't think he's been paying the protection boys in the city. Hopefully with Napoli in the Europa Cup this year he might get a game or two and manage to attract some attention and earn a move away from them.
  4. Nice start to the season. Great result against the Baggies. Good to see Wilson getting on the scoresheet nice and early, and picked up his 1st yellow card since 13th February.
  5. OK so yellow is definitely Wilson's favourite colour, 4 bookings in Nov/Dec brings my total to 7 yellow and 1 red in 25 appearances. But happy to finally get on the scoresheet with the equaliser against FC Halifax. It would be nice to add to that to my game instead of a rather large card collection. Team is beginning to look really good with class players in all positions.
  6. "Oi Gaffa. Hope you appealed my 1st yellow card that I picked up in the 1st game. Must have hit someone with a chair or a table as the ref was D. Rock." - Wilson Must admit I do like the look of Wilson though I think that he may be spending a little bit too much time sitting in the stands with three bookings already after only six games. Fantastic to come 1st in the rankings for Support and long may that continue.
  7. Name: Wilson Date of Birth (day & month only): 02/08 Nationality: Brazilian (Optional) Second Nationality: Scottish Position: DMC Up to 3 liked clubs: Up to 3 disliked clubs: Height (cm): 182 Weight (kg): 70 Left footed, right footed or both: Both 4 strong technical attributes: First Touch, Marking, Passing, Tackling 3 strong mental attributes: Anticipation, Decisions, Positioning 2 strong physical attributes: Natural Fitness, Strength GK - mack4ever GK - Joe. DL - Lenzar DL - DR - DR - DC - DC - DC - DC - DM - grianaig DM - MC - MC - AMC - toonbalmy87 AMC - DavidCorperial ML - podunkboy ML - MR - MR - ST - sherwinriga ST -Sankalan ST -TottenhamFan101
  8. Team name: Troops of Doom Short team name: Troops Six letter team name: TrpoDm Stadium name: The Battlefield Reserve stadium name: Sepultura Country: Brazil City: Sao Paolo Chairman name: Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister Kit colour 1st kit: Kit colour 2nd kit: Kit colour 3rd kit: Then every club have 300.000.000 points to allocate on the following areas: Training facilities: 18 * 10000 = 180,000 pts Youth facilities: 20 * 10000 = 200,000 pts Youth recruitment: 20 * 10000 = 200,000 pts Morale is locked at: 18 * 10000 = 180,000 pts Reputation is locked at: 9000 * 20 = 180,000 pts Attendance: 50,000 * 250 = 12,500,000 pts Minimum attendance locked at half of attendance: 25,000 * 10 = 250,000 pts Maximum attendance (must be higher than attendance): 60,000 * 500 = 30,000,000 pts Stadium capacity (all seater): 60,000 * 250 = 15,000,000 pts Expansion capacity (must be higher than Stadium capacity): 80,000 * 500 = 40,000,000 Points spent: 98,690,000 Points remaining: 201,310,000 When all points are allcoated the rest are transfered to starting funds: = 201,310,000 Transfer funds first season will be half of starting funds: = 100,655,000 Wage budget left in the first season will be 1/250 of starting funds: = 805,240
  9. Lets try this again since I made a mess of it last time round. Alistair Wilson Corners -5 Acceleration +5
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