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  1. An extra scouting screen that is laid out in the same format as Team Report>Squad Depth but which allows you to drag and drop players from your shortlist/scout reports into the relevant positions on the pitch (with selectable tactics/formations) in to the order of priority with which you want to target them. Your scouts/backroom staff would also provide feedback on your targets based on their findings and tactical suitability. For example you might have a targeted list of strikers as below: 1.Jovic 2.Pellegri 3.Haland 4.Romero If Jovic were then to be bought by another club you would receive feedback from your chief scout suggesting you might want to update your targets. Your assistant/member of your backroom staff might feedback during monthly reports that Haland would be better suited to the way we play than Pellegri so you might want to consider changing their positions. Your scouts might return a report on a player and suggest changes based on their findings "I've just returned from scouting Dembele and suggest that he is made our top striker target". I think it would also be good to be able to view a scouts assignment findings by ranking based on your current formation; so for example for a scout that has been assigned to the Eredivisie you would be able to see the top 5 players they've found by position/role. This could be collated by the Head Scout/Data Analyst into a regular update based on scouting input.
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