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  1. @herne79 how important to the tactic do you feel the mc support having get forward often trait ?
  2. Fair comment, I suspected that it wouldn’t be as much as it’s a x problem do y solution. I know I’m not the most adept at reading what the match engine gives me and it’s something I need to improve on. Once again I appreciate the help you’ve already gave me, I’ll try to implement some of the ideas you’ve already gave me and see if that remedy’s the issue I’m having. I am reluctant to post a whole topic about it because it’s not my tactic.
  3. I appreciate you don’t know the fully know the system or the players, but the tactic does work for them we’ve played well and got results against Juventus Napoli and both Milan’s. What I’m asking is what would people advise I do against teams that I’m better than, that camp ten men in the box and are impossible to break down. I appreciate the input you’ve given and it’s really thought out but rather than wholesale changes to the system is there not an team instruction or instructions that I could change or maybe tinker with the players that would break them down.
  4. In fairness we have been successful using the tactic it mirrors what I want to see in a compact pressing system, but getting back to my original question, based on the question asked, how would you recommend breaking down opposition based on the tactic Im using with the instructions on using.
  5. I will admit i did look at the game suggestions but it seems to have payed of the advanced forward was the league top scorer with 19, barrella is the bbm so he definitely had the attributes for the box to box I want more up and down to contribute further forward more than what the Carrillo offers. As to the majority of the questions I didn’t make the tactic but due to it being Sacchi inspired I believe he aims for compactness so that’s why width is narrow and the defensive line is high. Also i believe Sacchi was keen at pressuring the opposition. The play out wide I toggle depending on what I see, if they double my wide men I take it off. You suggesting it’s to much the same down the flanks would be correct, but they have inside forward preferred moves, so they do cut inside and offer something different allowing the fullbacks to overlap.
  6. Correct although I changed the Carrillo to a bbm and the pressing forward to an advanced forward(added close down more) only because my players where more suited to them positions.
  7. Sorry I thought it was a stupid question, one that maybe had been covered before, and was wondering if anyone had advice or tips, I’m using this https://medium.com/armchair-gaffer/small-tweaks-matter-5ac8d48c9e60 tactic, don’t worry I haven’t just plug and played it, I do watch the games, just struggling with the Aforementioned issue and can’t work out how best to combat it.
  8. How can I break down teams who park the bus I’m playing as Roma and finding I’m usually on top of teams they’re pushed back into the area and my players can’t break them down, ending up in blocked crosses/shots.
  9. I confess that I use hassle opponent from the first minute to last in conjunction with 12 other shouts. The confusing thing for me is that it's working really well for my team I'm joint top and doing well in both cups, but I don't know why my tactic is successful.
  10. After going back to my game and watching the goals i concede from the 4-4-2 a couple of things stand out. Firstly my fullbacks get skinned for to easy by there wingers, i think playing narrow against a 4-4-2 enables this,and delivers dangerous crosses into the box for the center forward to head home usually from a couple of yards out due to how deep the defense end up playing, this is really effective against my team due to us being poor jumpers in defense. Secondly i observed that if the winger doesn't cross he usually cuts back to a unmarked center mid, unmarked usually because dmc chases over to the wing to cover aforementioned skinned fullback, to shoot which either leads to a direct goal or a parried shot which causes problems resulting in another close range chance or a scrambled clearance. Thirdly if there winger has no joy against my fullback they double up on the fullback with there fullback and repeat points one or two. Bringing a winger back to deal with the issue may help solve the problem but then it renders me toothless in attack as the winger is to far back to contribute anything to the attack and the team playing 4-4-2 just recycle possession and continue to dominate the game through attacks.
  11. i need help against this formation as well. I take the lead and the ai switches to this formation attacks down the wings and hammers me with crosses which i invariably conceded from, any pointers would be appreciated i've read the post above and already employ three midfielders in a dmc( defend) cm(support) and a Ap (a).
  12. Wonder if i could get some help with some problems I'm encountering in my save at the moment. My first problem is with my fullbacks and support defenders not tackling the opposition winger at the byline rather jockeying them and ultimately letting them skip by and square the ball across the six yard box. Secondly i play two midfielders, one on the dmc strata (anchor), the other on the mc strata (b2b). when defending against big teams they have a tendency to drop really deep into the 18 yard box,almost becoming center backs, which invariably leads me to conceded goals from shots from 18 yards. would appreciate and responses.
  13. so am using this tactic,heavily inspired by Cleon thanks, but while it dominates away from home and having the third best away record in the league i cant get it to work at home. So am wondering what changes if any i can make to make it more successful at home.
  14. I've been wondering this as it is brought up when discussing what style to play. After looking at the roles can it not be presumed that the roles that offer only one type of setting with them I.e poacher only offers itself on attack, are specialist roles ?
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