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  1. I think the English tabloids are going to be stung that they missed such a delightful little tidbit that was sitting right under their noses ^_^
  2. Although most (if not all) of these ideas have already been put forward, I just want to support them: * Ability to complain about poor Refereing. * Media events. Serious fouls (i.e. recent Thatcher event) - prep for a big game etc. * Post-Match Interview (if you accept). Questions are asked about the game and about the future. These can have impacts such as improve or lower morale, create hype (and therefore expectation) etc. If you take part in enough, your reputation should recieve a small boost. * Even more variety in the commentary. * More indications of rivalry in matches between teams who are traditionally arch-enemies. ...and thats all for the moment.
  3. chairman being more realisitic when sacking you as i was in league 1 and managed a 2-2 draw away to man utd in fa cup and got sacked as they wasn't happy with performance. This has recently been fixed.
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