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  1. Great results with my Fluminense save... I"ll try for a full season. But it's great by now.
  2. Hi Knap! If you could send any lonely striker tweak for FM 20, i would apreciate! Thanks!
  3. @knap how is your test method? i know you use fmt. But do you play the games or use instant results? pick the team or use assitant? make subs during the game? thanks a lot!
  4. @knap a small chalenge to you! create a tatic with this instructions: a 433 with wingers and 2 DMs. One of the DM is a DLP and the MC is a AP. If the striker could be the main scorer will be great! Can you try? Thanks man, I'm a fan of your tatics! Greetings from Brazil! With corner and throw in exploits please!
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