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  1. @knap I tweaked your 1773704472_!!!ME217ECHOESKnap442P105EC in 343 and it scores more than 140 goals in PL with Liverpool, first season in hollyday mode. But defence is pretty leak. Can you give the honor to test it and give your opinion or make some improvements? Keep it offensive is the main goal! Everybody is free to test and give opinions and tweaks of course! Thanks in advance! 343ECHOESINSPIRED.fmf
  2. I got 90 points with Liverpool, 82 with QPR and 82 with Coventry. Hollyday mode. What call me attention is that we have the top goalscorer in all the 3 leagues... If you could test and make some improvements will be a honor!
  3. Hey @knap ! I found in the twitter this image from Pirlo's final test on his coaching license. Do you think is possible to create something like this? Cheers!
  4. Hi @knap ! I don't want to abuse but do you think is possible to create a good 3-4-3? I mean something lokr this: F AML AMR MCMC W W DDD G
  5. I don't have a clue... that's why I asked if someone knows about it. I think it's a good idea develop something like it. But this one don't feel so trustworthy
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