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  1. @knap how is your test method? i know you use fmt. But do you play the games or use instant results? pick the team or use assitant? make subs during the game? thanks a lot!
  2. @knap a small chalenge to you! create a tatic with this instructions: a 433 with wingers and 2 DMs. One of the DM is a DLP and the MC is a AP. If the striker could be the main scorer will be great! Can you try? Thanks man, I'm a fan of your tatics! Greetings from Brazil! With corner and throw in exploits please!
  3. @Knap do you test your tatics with instant result? thanks!
  4. Knap in which of your tatics the striker score most?
  5. Knap, how many goals your striker scores?
  6. Knap, so you believe counter is better than standard?
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