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  1. Thanks for the clearing that up so I assume the little workaround won't actually make a difference and the AML and AMR (in this case) will press the exact same on attack duty with a TI of close down more and no PI as they would with the PI of close down much more (which usually isn't available)? That makes sense I guess and probably will lean towards close down much more as I want the absolute maximum. Your second point is interesting - I do want to press intensely but at the same time the behaviour of my CBs worries me. With a TI of close down much more would it be wise to give my CBs the PI of close down less or even close down much less? A DLPd in a 433 should negate them coming out of position but then in a 442 or 4312 they would be exposed. It's difficult to find a balance and I guess I will have to test and look closely at the CBs because I want Close Down Much More as a TI on all systems if possible - that's one of my key principles.
  2. After lurking a bit and reading threads on pressing and the very fluid philosophy - particularly Ozil to the Arsenals Cruyff and Sacchi discussions (many thanks) I've been inspired to start a save using the principles of high pressing and very fluid football. So that brings me onto a few experiments in a throwaway save to determine a 'base' set of TIs that I would use. I want to use a number of different systems but incorporate the same style into each - settled on a 433 as for me this is the most natural pressing shape and then maybe a 3 at the back variation and possibly a 4411/442 or 4411 with offset AMC and STC. I stumbled upon a grey area though and would like a bit of help! So I went to press intensively and this would lend itself to Close Down Much More right? But worried this would be overkill as a TI, I thought about using Close Down More and then enhancing groups of players pressing instructions via PI to create 'waves of pressure' ie front 3 pressing heavily whilst other players cut off passing lanes instead of joining the extremely high press. Wrong. With Close Down More set I cannot increase the closing down of my front 3, only decrease it. But there's a way around it if I temporarily select the TI Close Down Much Less, put the PI Close Down Much More on my ST, AML and AMR then switch the TI back to Close Down More. So my question is, with this PI set will they close down more than they would without it or is it pointless? Haven't played enough test matches to notice but early impressions suggest my front 3 are indeed more active in their pressing. But now I feel guilty as it's a workaround or semi illegal in the instructions? Just want a pointer of what is going to be more effective - Close Down Much More as a TI and no PIs or Close Down More with PIs to close down even more (if that makes sense). Another question is that amongst 3 shapes do you think it is possible to play with the same TIs or do some shapes require small tweaks to cover weaknesses. The 433 for example is a more natural pressing shape and it might be easier to Close Down Much More, but a 343 and 442 might have players dragged too far out of position and might lean towards Close Down More instead. Or am I overthinking? Will it make a difference? With only 2 central midfielders I'm thinking about adding Use Tighter Marking to the 442 so we are more compact and keep tighter to players that move into spaces that could be weaknesses (between the lines). And Pass Into Space is one that I think would benefit the 442 as I will most likely decide on an AF as one of the STC roles. But could also be an option in the 433 to release both IFs who I have at the moment on Attack duty. Hope it's not a load of waffle! Thanks in advance.
  3. ok thanks might try that! It doesn't affect TV deals though? Are there any negative implications of de selecting it I don't want a load of fixture congestion because of it
  4. Hi so I have a save in La Liga on FM 15 and I find it really tedious and annoying as most games are schedules at different times and for some reason when I hit space to continue the game it will process one match then stop and the result will appear and I will have to do this for every single game. Can be especially annoying when you are the last schedules kick off. Hope you know what I mean is there any way around this or to tell the game I don't need the game to stop to see every individual result?! I'm pretty sure that on FM16 it just processes through each match without stopping until it's time for your kick off. Thanks and let me know if you need any screens to help you understand what I mean.
  5. I want to sign Max Clayton but for some reason the option of 'loan offer' is greyed out and I can't make a bid.. I want to make a cash offer not a loan bid but it won't let me even switch from loan offer.. Basically stuck on this screen?! It is the transfer window too I'm so frustrated! This is the screen that comes up when I go to 'transfer - make an offer' If I click reject offer in the bottom right it takes me out of the screen but then the same screen appears when I try to 'make an offer' Any thoughts?
  6. Yeah I have this issue as I always leave budgets off in the first window and sometimes get tempted for a stop gap free transfer. The only way around it is to offer 0 signing on fee and agent fee! I always give a slightly higher wage and click the 'lock' sign on the £0 signing on and agent fees and lower end free agents don't usually care
  7. would be great if you could I did use this as one of the only downloaded tactics I used in fm15 and was a really good emulation
  8. This reminds me of how United used to lineup under Fergie at one stage! Ronaldo would play high on the left with Evra bombing forward to support him.. Carrick was very much a DLPd on that side whilst on the other they were much more conservative - Wes Brown often played right back with a much more defensive minded right midfielder like Park or Hargreaves. Rooney would play behind Tevez and it would look like 4231/442/451 in different phases. Looks like a simple, well thought out system!
  9. I'm trying to replicate a deep 4231, a modern one that sits deep at times and then counters with pace down the wings like in a Mourinho or Benitez like system, maybe even in Pardew's Palace style! Here's the system. I'll explain my choices of TIs - Retain Possession - I like this TI especially combined with Pass Into Space.. I don't want to be constantly hoofing balls into no mans land but a combination of the two should allow me to be sensible with the ball until an option for a killer pass is on. I also thought it might help draw teams out to close down and leave spaces if we were passing the ball around nicely. Play Wider - I want to keep the width and use pace down the flanks, having the W(A) and WB(A) providing plenty of support in wide areas. I also am aware that counter mentality suggests a narrowish shape so wanted to offset this. Push Higher Up - This was another TI to 'offset' the deep line a counter mentality creates. We are still Arsenal and I don't want to be passive and invite pressure. The Issues - Mainly with my Striker and Attacking central midfielder. When we have the ball and are looking to break quickly I want at least one of them running into a wide channel of space so that we can drag the opposition out of position and then hopefully work the ball into the spaces left open. So here there is a big problem. There is a huge space available but neither Ramsey or Giroud are moving into it and just seem focused with staying centrally. I can't add a PI to 'run wide with ball' or run wider so seem a bit lost. Debuchy of course has no options and get's tackled. I gave the defensive forward the PI 'Move into channels' but it didn't make much difference. I want my striker to be a bit of a Diego Costa type - bullish, hardworking, willing to run the channels and chase balls into the corner if he needs to but can't get it to work. I changed my stiker to an Advanced Forward reluctantly (I ideally want a support role to avoid leaving him isolated) and in parts it did work - got two goals in a home game against Leicester and at times showed good movement, but at times he was awfully out of place and too far from any of my players. Here are the contrasting traits he showed - good off the ball movement that lead to a goal, and in contrast just plain stupidity to be so far offside when there are wider spaces to run into. Ideally in the bottom picture Ramsey would hit the ball into a channel for Giroud to chase down and therefore we would have time to get other players up the pitch to support. Help and suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Would be an awesome feature! I'd have a go at Harry Redknapp but yes it did annoy me that you are unable to add the managers international stats - ie my Thierry Henry has correct birthday place of birth profile picture etc etc and has favourite club Arsenal and former French international but just a randomly generated 39caps and 0 goals if you go into his nationality profile. Nothing major just a small feature that would be nice
  11. I agree! Some of the roles are for FM purposes especially the RB as a FB(S).. With the winger and b2b on that side I dont need to set the role to anything more attacking than FB(s) although I can alter personnel if I need more of a threat in the style of Lauren eg Bellerin would perform a lot differently to Chambers despite having the same role and instructions. I'm aware Olivier Giroud is definitely no Dennis Bergkamp but even in the DLF(s) role and with relatively low vision he has been impressive and actually had 8 key passes in my first league game away at Stoke!
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