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  1. This won the German cup and the second division first season with HSV and now top of the league after 9 games Bundesliga so stopped using it.
  2. Anyone finding the vertical Tika taka tactic overpowered. Used it first season with HSV won the league with one defeat and that only came after I won the league in April. Also won the German cup and now just dominated bayern in the super cup and won it. Not made any changes to it.
  3. Went hamburger sv used vertical Tika taka went 15 games without conceding a goal in the league and still unbeaten at the end of March in all comps. Including beating gladbach and Hannover wish i could take the credit for the tactic but I’ve changed nothing. Loving the beta so far but have just rushed through this season to get promoted.
  4. Can you get the beta by buying football manager touch from steam instead of the full version?.
  5. Anyone have any screens of the benfica youth players after a few years in the new update especially joao felix. Thanks.
  6. Always someone defending the game no matter what. Its clearly wrong hes the most promising youth player in the world. Lets sell for about 115m loss after a year to one of the richest clubs there is.
  7. Life throws up problems in am in no place to finish this anymore. Sometimes u should give someone a break because a ****ing need one. One thing after other. Sorry guys but am in no fit state to finish this. My lifes ****ed!
  8. Got good pain killers so will finish this off, history, signings, tactics, players not needed or who don't want to stay like Reus so ur best to get rid of him first season so U can get depay and stop him going to Bayern. depay want a player btw. Anyway i will cover the tactics I use with the orginal team to see how that works out. Using a 4-4-2 with 2 dm sounds defensive but its not at all. Last season 94 goals in 34 games. This season I have only conceded 4 goals in 16 league games scored alot to so hoping the tactic works with the stock team . Thanks for listening sorry for the spelling these painkillers make me a bit zombie like haha. I will do a quick test with my tactic 10 games with the stock team see how it goes then start posting thanks
  9. Sorry I have had really bad toothache this last week, again am really sorry!
  10. Yeah shouldn't take me much longer mate sorry. Ps I have been signing alot of youngsters am 5 seasons in btw. fc Bayern are unreal in this keep signing all my targets plus reus, then real Madrid stole that German midfielder cant remember how to spell him name. Gud...something. more of a challenge but.
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