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  1. @KUBI Thank you mate!! Found and added it to my tactics folder !! Very relieved thank you again pal
  2. Unfortunately not... It says in my saved game that i have two tactics from the steam workshop that i have successfully downloaded and installed. However i have no idea where they are to load them...
  3. Hi, I subscribed to a tactic i found on the steam workshop and it downloaded automatically. However i cannot find it anywhere in game. I have tried everything. I have closed and restarted steam football manager 2020. I even restarted my laptop and still nothing. Does anyone know where the tactic goes once you have subscribed and downloaded it. As i cannot find it anywhere. Also I am playing it on a mac laptop if that makes it any different.. Thank you!
  4. I couldn't agree more with you! and even in the updated FM13 his mental stats do not do him justice!! i mean i really wonder what the hell SI were doing when they decided his mental stats! it seems to me they have just gone out of their way to make messi better than ronaldo i mean wether messi is better than ronaldo is all a matter of opinion but no one can deny that cristiano ronaldo is a world class player as is messi otherwise he wouldn't have scored 86 goals in the league from 2010-2012. Honestly SI need to sort it out because it just makes no sense why his composure would be so low considering last season he scored the winning goal at the nou camp which arguably won them the liga! And has kept scoring in the classico matches which would mean he has great composure considering that match for real madrid is the most high pressure match! It just really feels like SI have just tried their best to make messi amazing and ronaldo average and they have got this horribly wrong which makes me question what the hell they've been doing i mean we are talking about arguably the best player in the world today and they have made him OK! Have to say SI failed HARD with his mental stats they need to really think objectively when they do his profile, nothing against messi i love watching him play and think we're lucky to be in the era of ronaldo and messi but he cannot have like 6-8 20's in the new patch and ronaldo has a couple of 18's and 19's and composure of 14...WTF!!
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