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  1. I'd be very interested! Thank you for this incredible skin and help!
  2. Thanks! I also get can't see un-scouted players stats if they are between two double-digit numbers (eg "12-16"). That might just be that I'm on a low resolution, though (1280x1024). Love the skin! Cheers!
  3. Is there a way to get rid of the Instant Result button? Don't want it to tempt me
  4. I think this is a bug. I've found a workaround, where I just have to us U21s (maybe other options are available too, I haven't tried) instead of U23s.
  5. I made a whole new Scottish league structure in the editor, and I've checked the "nation rules" option for reserve/youth teams (I selected U23, if it makes a difference). I selected "Main Divisions" first, and later "Regional Divisions." For either option, when I go into the game, no team has any youth or reserve squads or fixtures. Is there something I'm missing or is this a bug?
  6. Should be an option to manually set the groups for the first season (in the editor) then. Let modders/editors get around the licensing issues
  7. I personally still use the Classic 2D option to view my matches. While I assume 3D is the most common option, I'm wondering what the breakdown is and why.
  8. That's an unfortunate oversight. Thank you for the response.
  9. In previous versions of FM you could change multiple players' training schedules at the same time by selecting multiple rows, right clicking on them, and choosing the training routine. Is there a way to do that with the new Individual Training Focus? It's a real pain to have to go and change every player individually when you're doing them in groups anyways.
  10. Sorry, I read that last night, but didn't understand, so I assumed I was just too tired. I tried again now, and I still don't get it but I believe what you're talking about is where the top teams in a division play eachother to become champions, right? I am looking at something more like if the champions of the Conference North and Conference South played eachother at the end of the season to get the champion of both of those divisions. Except for me, there are 8 divisions, not just two (conference North/South). Does that make sense?
  11. Hi, I'm trying to make a regional championship for my 8 regional divisions. There are 16 teams in each division, so I want to have them play the teams in their own division for a champion, then have the champions play in a 3-round championship. (Preferably, I'd like to have the winners of each division [league play] to play eachother in an end-of-season champions cup, but I don't think that's possible). Is there a way to achieve either of these situations?
  12. Off the top of my head, the first option (adding homegrown status) is not possible. I *believe* you can add a nationality, but I'm not certain on that. The transfer is just moving a player without money exchanging hands (although you can add or subtract money from the clubs separately). The transfers are instant.
  13. Alright, I'll post it in the bugs forum and also check the existing Scottish rules. Thank you for the help.
  14. I didn't, but the existing Scottish rules have no home-grown player rules (they have a U21 rule for a matchday squad, but that is it). Edit: Also, the U21 rule is only for the top division