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  1. Female Staff in FM 2017 ?

    In that case I wish you luck in reaching the heady heights of Scottish league football
  2. Female Staff in FM 2017 ?

    Highland League? If so, judging from the name, I think Skye Thistle and my own Stornoway AFC (300 reputation) would be fantastic rivals in the Highland League!
  3. Defensive Line

    Any chance for a followup to my last post?
  4. Defensive Line

    Wouldn't the mentality also affect how my team plays going forward? I'm currently on "control" and I'm concerned that changing the mentality will have many unforeseen knock-on affects such as tempo, (attacking) positioning, passing distance, &c. I know I could tweak all those settings individually, but I feel it'd make more sense to keep what I'm currently happy with and just tweak what I want changed. Unless that's not possible given the current tactical system in FM17?
  5. Defensive Line

    That makes sense. What would I use to control where my centrebacks physically line up in possession/without possession, then?
  6. I want my team to have a very high defensive line when I'm in possession but to withdraw and be compact when we are defending. Is that possible? I've always been confused at which (both?) the "defensive line" TI controls.
  7. Half-Back

    Exactly why I decided to get FM17 yesterday. I figured if FM18 won't be playable until January anyways, and FM17 is (then) $12.00, I can't go wrong. Heard the match engine (apart from the occasional role issue mentioned here) as good as its ever been. Hope to jump in with both feet as I did for FM10, 12, and 14. Yes, this is my first odd-numbered FM going all the way back to CM03/04
  8. Half-Back

    Disappointing. Thanks for your response.
  9. Has the issue regarding half-backs in a back-four been resolved? I know it never worked in FM16 and I just purchased FM17. I want to know if it's a viable option before I base my new career's formation around it. Relevant posts about the issues are here and here. Both threads seem to die before the start of January, 2017 so I'm optimistic that the bug was fixed in one of the patches. Thank you.
  10. I'd be very interested! Thank you for this incredible skin and help!
  11. Thanks! I also get can't see un-scouted players stats if they are between two double-digit numbers (eg "12-16"). That might just be that I'm on a low resolution, though (1280x1024). Love the skin! Cheers!
  12. Is there a way to get rid of the Instant Result button? Don't want it to tempt me
  13. Reserve/Youth Squads

    I think this is a bug. I've found a workaround, where I just have to us U21s (maybe other options are available too, I haven't tried) instead of U23s.
  14. Reserve/Youth Squads

    I made a whole new Scottish league structure in the editor, and I've checked the "nation rules" option for reserve/youth teams (I selected U23, if it makes a difference). I selected "Main Divisions" first, and later "Regional Divisions." For either option, when I go into the game, no team has any youth or reserve squads or fixtures. Is there something I'm missing or is this a bug?