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  1. On season no 5 with Dons now, relative success, finishig 7th, 2nd, 2nd, 4th and now currently 2pts behind Cetic at half way stage. huns way off the pace Frustratingly falling at the euro cup play off stages each year to a big gun, 2 runner ups in the league cup and a scottish cup win last year. Team beginning to take shape now tho, good mix of young, old, pace and ability, short neat triangle passing on the counter. financial restrictions have hampered things, wheeling and dealing in free market, reducing wages and blooding youths. Milne sold the club last season with a local business man taking over, no investment unfortunately, so club ticking over till i sell some of my stars. last season cup winning team: GK Rodgers (in scotland squad) RB Jack (old firm chasing) LB McNaughton (back for 1 season) CB Goulon (first signing, beast) CB Smith (NG bought from Llanelli for £1. wat a steal) DMC Simao (monster in midfield) BWM Clifford (free from chelsea, now captain) MC Milsom (good on ball, finshes well) / D'Ath (B2B free from ipswich) IFR Hayes (tremendous!!) WL Dorans (loan from Leeds) / Fraser / Maloney (got 2 seasons out of him before slowing up, now retired) PC Makombo-Eboma (30K, gave him a cpl seasons in u19s then blooded him) Noteable subs: Langfield, Shaughnessy (steady ratings ~13s), C.Smith (turning into lethal poacher), Olinga (malaga free, potential, injury prone tho) , Osbourne (utility, slow on ball tho) New signings for the season are Razak (free man city, strong), and a few new gens... known older guys like Langfield, Mcnaughton and Maloney have departed. may have to sell Makombo(~£2m) and Simao(£1m) to generate funds to take club fwd, but got good youth coming through to take their place also. Tips: patience, look to move on the dead wood like brown, clark, anderson, paton, hughes. Sadly McGinn is poor. Get your coachin team beefed up, Eoin Jess coming in as assistant (cheap) seemed to kick on my results. Maybe having ex club legend returning has an effect, this has maybe been scripted into the games code?? Vernon, Roberton, considine, langfield all done very well before leaving on bosmans.
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