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  1. Since there's no sense in making a new thread, once I've won the Quadruplet (League, League Cup, FA Cup, Senior Shield), other than performing well in the Asian Confederations Cup, is there any way to grow Kitchee's reputation? I'm having a hard time finding another job when I decide to resign at the same sort of level...
  2. Get the kids in and while their morale is good, get them to sign big contracts - going down can often be a really useful way to get rid of dead wood and old boys at the club who aren't any use anymore; not the best way, perhaps, but certainly one method.
  3. Hope they sort that out, this year South China got through to the Second Qualifying Round - I hope they add that in for next year, it'll be a nice addition. Do players with second nationality (HK) count as foreign players?
  4. Maybe add specific signings or players to move on during contract negotiations with the board? I'd like to be able to try and get the board to give me a target for a player to sign, or for me to say 'I want this specific lad and I will not take the job unless you let me attempt to get him.'
  5. Thanks! I might have to take a look at poaching some decent players after the second season once I've raided South China for Yapp Hung Fai and a couple of promising youth lads. Darn. What's the idea behind that from SI?
  6. Currently managing the mighty Kitchee in the First Division, and I have a question: Do players from China or other China PR regions like Macau count as foreign for the rules of the league? What about the Asian Confederations Cup? On that note, where in the reputation standings will the First Division have to be before the league gets allocated an Asian Champion's League spot?
  7. Subbed - pity about the playoffs, but with luck the cash might find it's way to your budgets.
  8. Quality season so far, and if you can bag a win against TNS you've got to be favourites for the title by this point. What are your club finances looking like?
  9. Sometimes, the game can be absolutely maddening - a team in good form can lose two-nil to a side rooted to the bottom of the league, or you could lose in the cup to a team of complete minnows. Sometimes things like this just happen, and we have to put up with it. That said, Celtic are a good side to start with, or alternatively Luton or Fleetwood in the BSP. Playing through the tutorials can save you a headache, and ultimately you will learn the most from slogging through. Don't get disheartened if you can't get promoted every season like some of the careers on the forums - slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. Good luck, and congratulations on your superb taste in games!
  10. If you really want a challenge, download the English Lower Leagues database, some of those teams have more players than they do fans! I did it just to get Rushden & Diamonds again.
  11. Brilliant stuff - keep it up! A pity about the wonderkid, but at least 2.5 million pounds is better than a poke in the eye.
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