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  1. chelseas ban is in finance info in editor under trabsfer ban. nothing like it for european ban
  2. can i edit the date for leaving doing it this way?
  3. hi, apologies if this is in the wrong place. Im looking for advice on how to edit brexit so its not random and the uk leaves the eu on january 31st. Also trying to see if theres a way of putting bury back in league one and changing the afcon back to january as it is now in real life
  4. off the top of my head theres one. if you have any to add to it let me know and ill see if can add them
  5. dortmund, bayer leverkusen, rb leipzig and bayern players added on from uefa youth league squads
  6. ive added majority of england u15 and u16. bobby clark, zion atta, zach awe, reece divine, shola shortire, jamie gittens, several chelsea, everton, west ham and spurs players. Ben chrisene and leo castledine. Several scotland players including leon king, james graham and arron lyall. over 100 players added on
  7. yes, several from psv, ajax and feyenoord. Julien Brands, cisse, setford off the top of my head from ajax
  8. Hi ive created a file of yougsters not on the game from around the world. England u15,16 and 17s, french, german, italian, spanish, portugal, australians, arentinans, americans etc etc. Hope you enjoy https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1930554355
  9. ive tried and it doesnt allow me. only gives options to be hidden and friends only
  10. ive made a file im willing to share but on steam its only giving option to share with friends only. Do you know how to change this?
  11. hi, ive made a youth players file that im willing to share. However im having problems with changing it from friends only to public on steam. Any help would be very appreciated
  12. on fm19 some scouts had knowledge of more countries then thye had worked in. A bit like in real life. For example, kiko espinar also had knowledge of portugal as hes liverpools scout ofr spain and portugal. There was a lot more of these in the game. Now scouts are appearing with only knowledge of countries they have worked in. You could also set these in the editor as 'person' has knowledge of and pick the selected country.
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