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  1. Yep. It would be great. At least then if you were up against a team with a decent aerial threat (Liverpool-Crouch or Valencia-Zigic) you could design a set piece to deal with this. Or yo could design your set plays so that you could counter attack easier etc. from certain positions.
  2. I would like to be able to hotkey certain tactical changes. For example say i was Man Utd away to Arsenal. Arsenal are on home soil so i'm gonna start with a defensive 4-5-1 formation and just counter attack to see how it goes. I'm also thinking this mightn't work so what i could do is how my standard 4-4-2 tactic hotkeyed to number 1 for example. This would be a quicker way of switching between tactics
  3. sorry SCIAG but your idea bout being an assman is never going to happen. It's Football Manager Not Football Assistant manager. And the wholes team info lines would make the whole transfer market stupid. All you would have to do to get good players is just go and search for a team that had 'Raises world class youngsters' if you wanted good talent as opposed to actually hunting about for talent. Also, sometimes these club traits come about not due to club policy but due to manager e.g. Arsene Wenger at Arsenal and Alex Ferguson at Man U. These would maybe work better then as individual manager traits in their profiles i.e. [enter manager name here] likes to [enter description] e.g. utilise clubs youth system or prefers to sign proven talent. You could even have a manager reputation e.g. for a manager who likes to spend alot - Chequebook Manager on his profile screen Or manager that like to sign and raise youth - Talent expert etc. What you think SCIAG?
  4. I would like to be able to automatically set fines and discipline. For example, when a player misses training i usually issue a 1 week fine. I would like the option of setting this as the default action for any future player who decides to be a hard lad and miss training. Default action could be set for other things like straight red cards etc. What you think??
  5. I'd like to see the board/fans/media recognise managerial milestones like your first, 50th, 100th game in charge etc.
  6. Dunno if these ideas have been posted already because i couldn't be arsed reading all the 14 pages of posts but here's my £1's worth! 1. I would like to be able to search for players, then put them all on a shortlist so that i could instruct a scout to go and get me reports on them. This would be far faster and logical than having to click on each player an go get report card every time. 2. Training in warmer climates. This would be a great way to start pre-season training. This is obviously something that would be limited to richer clubs but it would be a quicker way of building up your teams strength and aerobic stats. 3. It would great to see big youth tournaments like the Milk Cup make an appearance as this would be a great way for clubs to get their hands on future stars. 4. If a player comes to your club on trial, a detailed report from the Assistant at the end of the trial would be very helpful and realistic. 5. Ability to make players train/play for reserves as Punishment for poor behaviour 6. Player interaction - Ability to set targets and targets for players every season like Fergie did with Ronaldo and managers do regularly. The bonus then would come out of your pocket rather than the clubs. That's all for now.
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