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  1. Sheafigeezer

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Hi guys, novice here I'm afraid but have tried to read a bit from this thread. Could I do better than below in that price range? https://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-inspiron-5000-15-6-intel-core-i7-gtx-1050m-gaming-laptop-1-tb-hdd-128-gb-ssd-10164853-pdt.html Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm unable to download the update. When I press update it spends around 5-6 mins on 0% before returning the error: An error occurred when updating Football Manager 2014 (content server unreachable) The guy who I am trying to play a network game with just updated so I know full well the server is fine. I have updated all the previous updates fine and without issue using this laptop and on this internet connection. Yes, I have restarted steam, restarted my laptop, and Verified my game cache as suggested in the update thread. Help much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Sheafigeezer

    Merry Xmas Steam Achievement

    Got it now... I spent most of today searching for FC Lapland or similar! Never thought to search for somthing that simple! >.< Merry Christmas.
  4. HART, Steele, Walker, Bale, Wilson, P. Jones, Henderson, Ramsey, Rodwell, Wilshire, Carroll, Walcott, ADAM, Welbeck, YOUNG, Smalling, Bartley, Delph. Rooney injured before the tournament, lost in the final to Spain after a dismal 0-0. Dispatched a star-studdied Brazil in the Semi's.
  5. Have versatile players as substitutes. This will save on wages.
  6. Ok guys, looking for a bit of advice please! Finished the second season in 7th and everything was progressing at a comfortable rate but July has come and the nice board have decided to accept a £14m offer from Inter for Ottamendi. :-( So I'm looking to replace him for however much of that I'm given... around £10m. Any suggestions that will want to sign for me? I'm looking for somone in the Ottamendi mould, preferably young, to partner Sakho at the back. Edit: Sorry, really should have mentioned I'm on an unpatched database. (Started before any patches were released) Any help appreciated! Ta
  7. Sheafigeezer

    FM10: Official Liverpool thread - Home of El Niño

    Alright guys, started my annual journey as manager of my beloved Liverpool. I've brought in Otamendi, Salvio, Mouassa Sissoko, Areola and Suarez and shipped out the likes of Vorinin, Dossena, Babel, Benayoun, Aurelio, Cavalieri, Skrtel in an effort to maintain a similar level of squad while significantly reducing the wage bill. I'm relying on players like Bruna and N'Gog to step into the breach when needed and do a job. I'm persisting with Insua at left back... do you guys think he is capeable? Should I be looking at a replacement? There seem to be very few good affordable full backs on the market. Had a decent start so far, played 5 won 4, drawing 1-1 with West Ham away.
  8. Sheafigeezer

    A quick question about transfers.

    Apart from anything else, it isn't logical. No club would want to commit £30 million to a player who may, for example, break his leg before he even joins the club. They'd then be wishing that they'd used the money for a different target. Similarly, no selling club would want a player among their ranks who knows they are moving on - his level would be likely to drop. Granted, some deals are agreed outside the windows, but they're normally low cost like young players.
  9. Hrm, thanks, okay. It looks like I can continue my high spending policy then! Hopefully it will happen soon, if you compare the our matchday income to somebody like Man Utd it makes for depressing reading.
  10. Sorry if this has been covered in here before, but can anybody advise on what I need to do to secure the new stadium? I realise that the club needs sufficient funds but what exactly defines "sufficient" for us? I'm, now in 2013/14 season and despite success on the pitch, I struggle to keep the balance of the club much above 100m. (It generally fluctuates between 0 - 150m) Indeed at one point last summer the chairman had to increase his loan to the club for "day-to-day running." Whilst I realise that this is largely down to my lavish spending on wages and in the transfer market, I think the new stadium would significantly benefit the long term finances of the club, and so would be willing to reduce costs, (Sell players, cut wage bill, Reduce spending) if the amount required for a new stadium is achieveable in the short to medium term. Can anybody shed any light please?
  11. Sheafigeezer

    Alberto Paloschi

    I'm unsure as to 30m+! I signed him for Liverpool on a free transfer at the end of the second season. He only really played a bit-part role but he did score some vital late goals from the bench. Just sold him after 2 more seasons, the lastest full of complaints about not being a first team regular, to Porto for 11m with a buy back of 12.5m and 50% of next sale clause. If he develops any more (he's currently 23) then I'll pinch him back.
  12. Would it be possible for anyone to send me the original versions of this tactic please? The ones for 9.0.2? As previously mentioned the links for these are broken. Thanks.
  13. Kopitelewis, In addition to the suggested Ashley Young, I picked up Giovinco from Juventus at the start of my first season for £6m and sold him 3 seasons later to AC Milan for £40m, so I reckon he could do a job for you. Another idea is the kid Dos Santos from Tottenham, who I currently use wide left. I believe they'd fit nicely into your formation too, though so would someone like Guardado. As for my game, Rafinha is arriving in January for £5.5m ish after he was suggested by weeeman27bob, though I didn't think Mattock looked enough better than Insua for they price they were asking. Laurito is also arriving in Jan (£12.5m) Although I'm struggling to see why I decided to pay that, as I'm going to have one too many strikers! It looks like he'll be competing with Paloschi for 4th choice until the end of the season. Anybody have any thoughts on their comparative abilities? Have already sold N'Gog (Now top scorer and 3rd highest rating in prem for Boro!) and Saivet to make room, though I included buy back clauses as I do with all young players.
  14. Just to add to the earlier discussion about David N'Gog, I sold him to Middlesborough at the start of this season for £7.5m after he spent last season on loan there. He's currently the top scorer in the league! I'd say he'd do a job for you as third choice, it really depends who else you have. That Alberto Paloschi(sp!) arrived on a free in the summer to cover for Torres, Aguero and Balotelli as I also sold on Owen at the start of this year. Anybody had any experience with Paloschi? Edit: Personally I'd pay £5m just to not have Vela terrorise my defense every time I play Arsenal! If I were you I'd bite their hand off.
  15. Hrm, thanks for the quick reply! 13 Marking on Rafinha always put me off slightly but, after closer inspection, he looks good value if they don't demand a ridiculous fee. Will take a closer look at the lad Mattock.