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  1. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by FuSS: Hey with over 5,000 downloads both here and over at SortitoutSI of my 06 tactics versions I thought I'd have a stab at 07. I've stuck with the 442 formation that got me so far last time, and as always my tactics come with the use of a target man by default. MiNiMaL_FuSS_07 v1 is very much a stanard 442, using fast breaks down the wings and a wide area in order to create chances, combined with my useual extremly defencive back 4. •DR/DL - Very defensive, but encouraged to make forward runs on the break in order to counter attack. A solid defensive player is a must here, a pacey wingback racing forward is a bonus yes, but should not come at the expense of defensive characteristics (Baines had been exception here). •DC - Very defensive, and stay back pretty much at all times playign the ultimate center back role, the useual big solid confident DCs are required here (Vidic has been exceptional here). •MC/MC - I've avoided a dimond here as i've had trouble controlling the center of the park using one. Neither MC is particually offensive or defensive, both play solid center of the park roles and should look to make passes and pick out wingers (Macsherano has exceptional here). •AML/AMR - Both very attacking, fast, and play quite wide, throuhging crosses in to be met by the target man. I've expertimented with arrow lengths and havn't actually found that much difference in overall play, so if your wingers are tiring feel free to shorten the arrows a little. •FC/FC - The typical little and large combo is perfect here, seletc one as a target man and the other as the follow up striker, be prepared to make minor changes....I've left target man to mixed delivery, you shoudl change this to suit your target man, although some may perform well with it left to mixed (Drogba has been exceptional here). -------------------------------- TIPS/TWEAKS: Making small but important last minute changes seems to make a HUGE difference in FM07. I'll useually make one or two of the following chances in the match screen at the very beginning, which is nomrally just enough to scupper the opposing teams plans to counter your tactic. 1= Change the target man side and delivery 2= Chnage yoour pacey striker to a free role 3= Add hold up the ball to your target man and possibly drop the other striker back with a forward arrow to original SC position (should result in pacey striker running in to collect ball from the target man) 4= Use swap position option on strikers and wingers (if you have wingers that can play on both sides) These small tweak can cause just enough chage to confuse your enemey who probably setup their team especially to counter what they thought were you're original plans. ---------------------------------- Current Concerns: I'm winning matches and scoring alot of goals with various teams, however there are still some defensive mistakes resulting in leaked goals, and also let in afew set-peices too many. I'll be looking more closely at set peices for v2, and playing with some defensive tweaks....i've actually heard some good things about the offside trap in FM07!!! ----------------------------------- Good luck and let me know, please dont post...its greats or its crap. List your team and some details...as lways you need the right sorta players and time for them to settle in to a new tactic. You'll find the tactic here on FMdownloads: http://www.fmdownloads.net/index.php?action=downloadfil...y=FM%202007/Tactics& </div></BLOCKQUOTE>orduspor please tactic
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