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  1. This still works for me so I doubt it's something that has changed in the patch. I can see where you are coming from, those little things that you do everyday are so frustrating when suddenly they don't work! Edit: Ah, just found out it works on some values but not others. Very odd!
  2. What length highlights do you use? If you're using relatively short ones, it might be that your wingers are ineffective and in fact are attempting to run down the flanks but you just don't see it because it isn't marked as a highlight. You can check your analysis screen to see if they are actually attempting runs or not. Another option is to post your tactics in the tactics forum, there might be something that somebody can suggest to help you getting the wingers playing the way you want
  3. After reaching the Skrill North playoffs last season with my team predicted to finish 20th, this season started very well and I was 3rd after 5 games. But since the patch I haven't won a single league game, currently looking like relegation is a certainty!
  4. Mistakes are more common in lower leagues, not sure what you want really. If you want faultless perfomances, try a better team?
  5. I don't think so but you'd get a much more definitive answer if you posted in the editor's forum.
  6. You'd probably be better off not letting your assistant manager take control of training and set it all yourself to get the best out of your players in preseason. You can set the focus to Fitness for a few weeks that way, and increasing the amount of match training in pre-season also helps.
  7. Any worries on the finance front? Can you afford to spend all that transfer budget?
  8. Your fitness coaches can only focus on fitness training, they have all other options greyed out by default.
  9. I would imagine they probably are. Consider it this way. If you were renting a house from somebody, would you find it acceptable if the landlord kept organising things to happen in your kitchen every few weeks?
  10. They might not be close to 3 million Euros, but consider that the club is looking ahead long term. If even just player and footballing staff wages doubled (which is probably a safe estimate) with full time contracts, that would be enough to utterly ruin most amateur clubs within a couple of seasons if income dried up. To become a professional side, they have to consider how long the club can survive at that level. Consider your situation. Would the board of a successful Andorran club really risk the opportunity of going one round further in the Champions League possibly in the near future, if it meant the club was running very close to bankruptcy at all times? What if even one season you failed to qualify for the Champions League? Would you survive then? You are right, the limit should vary for different leagues, but I would imagine around 3 million Euros is a fairly safe estimate for most European clubs. Edit: Also, which other leagues have you tried in FM14?
  11. Does the money actually get removed from your balance? Or is that just a lower limit on clubs turning professional? If it was the latter I'd say it was completely reasonable. When you consider that going from semi-professional to professional you're effectively turning the club from a largely part-time business into a full time one, the costs are going to increase significantly. Training all day every day instead of perhaps a couple of hours a night two nights a week. You're probably going to need full time non football staff. I imagine there would be a lot of paperwork and legal costs involved. All in all, higher standards are going to have to be met in almost every aspect of running a club. Not even taking into account the fact that your player wage bill would increase significantly as you signed them to full time rather than part time contracts.
  12. I think in reality though, Manchester City would definitely have a say in it. I'm sure it's written into the contract that as long as they pay full price they get sole use in terms of football clubs playing there.
  13. I did wonder whether it would be impossible. I also thought of another obstacle, which is the Club Stature bar. That's always going to be an issue once you've gone so far, probably placing you only a couple of bad results away from the sack at any time. If it was just about managing expectations season by season I think it'd be doable, but I'm wondering now whether this might work better as a sign-up/experiment. I don't think I'd get people to create a manager because they'd just apply for jobs and get sacked all the time, but perhaps a chairman would be viable. Again though, this might take too long for teams to really start failing.
  14. I have done the latter before, the problem I found was that teams did not sign anything like enough players. As Arsenal I signed pretty much my dream team, missing out on only a couple of targets. By the time I had a squad of about 28 players, most squads had perhaps 1 or 2 and even the best clubs had only managed around 7 or 8 signings!
  15. There is already a feedback thread though? And it wasn't a very exhaustive poll was it? I should think they do the best job they can each year, it isn't like suddenly increasing the number of people working on something will make it instantly better!
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