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  1. Spot on - too many people change things and then report it doesn't work - pace is very important for the defense as is marking, more so than jumping / heading which are traditionally the most important stats.
  2. Ok but I've tried it - can work but allows the DCs to close down better your midfield reducing overall effectiveness (CF and Poacher work best). I prefer to use Fitness/Cohesion/Tactics in general training then fall back to Balanced if I have done enough of these, only use attacking/defensive for short periods as it only suits some players and you have to set it globally for all players (defensers get unhapping on attacking and attackers get unhappy on defending).
  3. All wide players play better with left on left or right on right - think about it do they pass more often or shoot more often - and does the foot they use have more of an impact on passing or on shooting? Common sense here just imaging a football and what it takes to cross from the left with your right foot (its awkward - you have to turn back then cross).
  4. NEW VERSION 3 - Tested To Death - Definately better than TA v1, TA v2 or Invincible http://www.mediafire.com/download/83zv4hjbq3ur5e7/Steaton's_TA3.tac How does it work: Well I've removed pass into space because it improved passing, I have removed retain possession in favour of work ball into box because this results in getting it forward faster but then making the opportunity count. And I've set to play wider which historically I found improved defence weakened attack but in this tactic doesnt seem to impact wingers but I think the gap on the outside of the defender was more dangerous than a gap in the middle as it happens more often and the GK is better placed to save. The box to box midfielder is essential because it works with the work ball into box (watch him on full match he makes good passes from deep gets involved a little but makes crazy runs forward on ball all the time) however on average rating the player won't get credit for his importance in the tactic, don't as some other have advised be tempted to use a DLP becuase this not only decreases the chance to score but also is weaker defensivesly. Play it plug and play for best results. Remember team management through teams talks, training is no different than normal but if you get it wrong or if your team is not gelled (tactic familiarity less important than player familiarity with teammates - e.g. new players always struggle a bit team talks are vital for them) or dont get fitness / cohesion / tactical training right pre-season then thats a problem otherwise this is a top no cheating tactic that is plug and play. Wingers I've found that amazing crossers (i.e. 19 or 20) and fast do very well but not sure if it translates that all wingers need good crossing. Cuts inside nice to have too as a PPM. Striker Works with great strikers both fast strikers and target men so go for the best one you can get, but if you happen to be fortunate to get one with top notch Strength, Anticipation, Jumping, Teamwork (movement and power presence) then other things such as technique, finishing, first touch, dribbling, pace, acceleration, agility, balance, composure don't matter so much, he will do what need to be done which is get into the right position to recieve the cross and be powerful enough to be the one who wins the dice roll and bangs it in from close range - only gets one touch so other stats not so important (though of course if he is amazing all round then even better). The fast striker however does get loads of chances to beat the offside trap or to play the AMC in so players that cant jump/heading can still work but they need to be Train target men with 'gets into opposition area' PPM. Train fast striker with 'likes to beat the offside trap' PMM (Movement stuff is where its at for strikers of course) Goalkeepers No less than 8 on pace accel anything near there or above is ok < 6 forget it (many regens are too low in this even though they otherwise look amazing) - otherwise just make sure they are are great GK with obvious judment of stats - judge him on two rating abilty: - Saves/Dives standing on the line (agility, reflexes, positioning, one-on-ones, concentration) - Sweeper keeper stuff (command of area, rushing out, composure, communication, teamwork, acceleration, handling) Full Backs You want very attacking and fast full backs with good fitness and can get away with poor ariel ability. Crossing, fast, stamina, marking, positioning, tackling can be a bit low you get away with a 12 or 14 I think. Centre Backs I love to have fast ones with good anticipation, jumping more important than tackiling, and I like the positioning, concentration and most of all marking (though marking can be trained high it one of the few stats that really moves during training). Box to Box This is the tough position to fill need to be good off the ball - vital to the tactic balance I tried every other setting and know because the avg rating not show you how important he is to overall tactic. (Getting in the way to force a bad pass or pull a defender out of poisition is not recognised by the engine yet still gives results. I think stamina is very important here then team working, first touch, pace, anticipation, creativity, work rate, passing - basically hard working, off the ball (but off the ball stat is for the AMC) and good fitness but if you can get some good movement PPMs like arrive late in box then that's a winner or switches ball to other flank can work well too. Not important that they can head the ball as they typically cause all the trouble in front of the typical heading zone. Attacking Playmaker MC A great atticking playmaker type on the ball particularly first touch, creativity, passing, dribbling, first touch Again switches to other flank PPM can work wonders because (e.g. the opposition defenders are more towards your side so when the MCR (say he is approaching the right hand corner of the box 10 yeards out he then switches it to DL who crosses it in to the AML who gets a shot at the near post, or he simply switches it striaght to the AML to shoot) - work ball into box marries up with this nicely. Attacking Playmaker AMC Off the ball, agility, acceleration, first touch. See opening post on start page of forum for more details of the tactic I WILL REMOVE VERSIONS 1 AND 2 PENDING FEEDBACK SO PLEASE LEAVE SOME All updates will go onto page one of this forum.
  5. Aby's version is a bit better IMHO so you want the best go for that - still it has its off days - but best for plug and play if you dont tweak in game (good tweaking requires watching on > key - comprehensive for instance if game looks tough - but that is for anal peeps like me)
  6. Monaco have a tough start always due to massive changes made under new sugar daddy even before you make any signings yourself. Not a good example in first season. Very High team cohesion and high teamwork pre match to improve cohesion - in fact its the only way to get Monaco firing - more important than tactics or fitness though a little of these is needed. Focus on stability and cautious with team talks and when talking to players in general - passionate is a noo go area as is agressive. Stick to calm and cautious and take pressure off when opportunity arises.
  7. As always tactics familiarity is less important than player familiarity and cohesion which you can see during match under assistant feedback and can see after match in last game team talk feedback. Player familiarity and cohesion takes far longer than tactic familiarity.
  8. Yes which is why I was surprised that it works so well - best of both worlds it seems, deeper plus offside combination really seemed to work better on average.
  9. This tactic does have a lot of shots off target - but around 50% that are on target normally when you have your setup right. What I can tell you is that you doneed to understand match stats becuase they are not as simple as more shots is always better, what is important is the number of chances where you have a high probability of scoring (and to understand that youneed to dig deeper) - sadly the match stats have no idea about how good each shot was, it also knows nothing about chances where you didnt get the shot off, some off target shots are better than CCCs and some on target shots are hopeless. The pattern of shots is usually consistent for a particular tactic but this doesn't mean that 30 shots is better than 6, and it depends on loads of other stuff such as the player taking the shots, his prefferred moves, the amount of pressure, the angle, the distance, the goalkeeper, the quality of the pitch, the wind and rain, the morale, the familiarity, the confidence (over confident or nervous), the lazyiness, the level of pressure and so on.... However it also doesn't mean the match stats are is irrelevant, just that you need to read them correctly, clearly you were attacking more and they have caught you on the counter, thats not a big surprise really since that was probably the idea they had when employing that tactic. So take a closer look at exactly how the counter attacks succeeded and also what caused your shots to miss?
  10. I know what you mean with losing to inferior teams or having off days - but I can squeeze more out of annihilation - though I do tweak in a lot of games based on situation so woth trying MT if yoy really want. I also find I have to be meaner in team talk with Annhilation because complacency comes quicker.
  11. FYI in versus games, same team v same team: - Addy911 new tactic holds its own in versus against total annhilation against v1 and v2, similar but getting the edge ** first tactic to do this ** - And FYI v2 beats v1 almost all of the time.
  12. I tried it, looks good and I go as far as to say its a completely different tactic worthy of a new thread itsmore than just a tweak, but I thought it played well, only played two games so far though was late. My immediate impression was very good in a similar level to this total annihilation. If I get time will try to evaluate - it could well be better. Pretended let us know ifyou can get it to be consistent the reason i ask i because hold position or tight marking or offside trap could all pose a threat theoretically whether they do in practice well lets see. I guess can try on versus easily and see how hard it is to counter but then we also need to know if the AI would do that and how often? I could really use some help with writing up the tactic and performing a few systematic tests interactively, got lots of stuff but not enough time to share it right now, if someone goes onto a shared google document and with voice chat we could nail it in no time.
  13. I have to say I have no idea how you manage that, I win with any team in any professional league, it is definately you to finish consistently bottom half, how about you tell which team, and post a saved game, I could run it on holiday and not finish bottom 15 you really have to mess up the mentality of everything, change capitan, give bad team talks, training gone wrong, try to sell them all agressively, sack all your staff and buy too many players - is that it? Lets see the save game then we will know, I can see all these categories in the save as they are recorded and we can use this to improve your game.
  14. No I won the champions league before the premiership, never seen this perhaps luck, ah no I know what it is is will be pressure! Next time go no pressure on team talk and you will be sorted. There is a small but unlikely possibility you have some players who have weakness important matches, but thats so unklikly, yeah the pressure will be it.
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