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  1. Isn't that realistic though? When discussing that particular kind of development curve, everyone talks about Vardy. He's the go-to example. And that's because there are very, very few players with the kind of development curve like he's had.
  2. So a couple of in game days later I was given a job interview with Motherwell, I ended up getting the job about a week later. I'm now near the end of August & most of the clubs who had vacancies have filled them. I still think this needs looked at though, for clubs to go almost the entire summer with vacancies and then only start hiring managers in August feels like something that shouldn't be happening.
  3. I'm about to play the first league game in my 4th season, in the Scottish Championship, and there's a huge amount of clubs with managerial vacancies, most of whom haven't had a manager in months. 6 out of the 10 Scottish League 1 clubs are starting the season with no manager. 10 clubs in Scotland in total, almost 25% of playable clubs. 7 English Championship clubs, 5 Ligue 1 clubs, 4 La Liga, 3 EPL (and a partridge in a pear tree). I tried to apply for the Motherwell job, a division up, didn't get outright rejected but no interview came & they've still not signed anyone. I read that
  4. I started in League 2 in Scotland with attribute masking on. Recommendations in my recruitment meetings make up about half of my signings.
  5. Ive noticed the issue. You think the heart is the sole arbitrator in deciding whether a player is fit to start. There's more info there and it isn't even difficult to obtain. Oh, and tour car gauge absolutely does not tell you exactly how many miles you have left. It gives you a number. That number is not reliable.
  6. Miles said, I think on the stream they had, that managers often said to him that they would love to be able to have exact percentages for how fit a player is.
  7. Of course there's a difference. You're just unable to see it at that exact moment. But if you play someone on a green but 85% fitness you'll notice they'll go down a colour quickly.
  8. If its that much of an issue he should upload the games along with a bug report on the bug forum. Then SI can look at the games in question and address the issue, if there legitimately is one.
  9. Regarding corners, here's my last 10 games totals. 9, 13, 15, 12, 10, 6, 7, 17, 8, 13. Average of 11, with the 2 highest individual games (15 and 17) being games against teams 2 divisions higher than me. Take only the teams at my level and corners average at 9.75 p/g.
  10. Ive had the option when an agent tried to renegotiate a contract after a players first international appearance. Its definitely in the game.
  11. A bit of reading through the PCS forum had some answers for me. It's not really a laptop, it's a "desktop replacement computer" so it's capable of handling desktop CPUs. My only concern is that I've read quite a few comments about the noise of the fans. That's something I'm going to have to weigh up against the incredible performance potential. I'm very much a couch FM player & my girlfriend might kick me out if my laptop means she can't hear the TV.
  12. I had a look at their comparison & something I noticed is that they're desktop CPUs. Are there any potential issues with having one of them in a laptop, heating problems or anything like that?
  13. Here's the definition of the Balance attribute from the head Scottish researcher in the Scottish data issues thread "This determines how accurately the player can kick while moving at speed, and how good he is at staying on his feet after crossing the ball while running at a high pace.It should also be taken into consideration when considering how well he keeps his balance when challenged, although Strength is the main determining factor for that." I can't say I've seen enough of any of the players in question to reliable rate them but balance of 19 for a CB does seem
  14. I've had a look through this thread for some advice & this seems to be catching my eye the most. Seems like the best value considering the CPU. Would it be worth going for the AMD Ryzen 9 3900 rather than the 7 3700X you've selected? Doesn't seem to be a big difference in price.
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