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  1. Reducing his big games stat isn't going to have much of an effect on CA.
  2. Reducing his long shots a bit isn't going to clear up a whole lot of room for improvement in a full back, especially if you're looking at increasing composure and crossing. And if your argument for increasing his CA overall is a couple quotes from his manager and teammate, who are hardly going to slate him, I'm not sure that'll convince anyone at SI.
  3. I'm pretty sure the game assigns players to the reserve squad itself based on ability, squad size etc. It's not something a researcher clicks a button for. Stein, Larsson, Jinky & McNeil are all legends on my save.
  4. I'm having a similar issue. Players have been complaining about not enough quickness training, if I set the team to a quickness session or even a general physical one the same players then complain about having too much quickness training.
  5. Loving it so far, finding it really easy to navigate & it's visually great. Started with Elgin & as OP mentions goalkeeping can be a bit poor, resulting in very high scoring matches (although I'm unbeaten in the league so feel free to keep it that way).
  6. Dunno where to put this, since it's not really a bug, so I'll put it in here. For Elgin City, Brian Cameron can't play centre mid. It's pretty much the only place he's played all of this season. Also seems criminally under-rated compared to the other Elgin players, but that's subjective. Dennis Wyness starts in the reserves & transfer listed - he's a starting 11 player.
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