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  1. I don't but next time I get a red card I'll save then appeal and see what happens.
  2. I've just a similar issue. Appealed a red card & didn't fine him. I haven't heard back from the appeal yet but a couple days later I got an email saying the player had accepted his fine. Uploaded a save game to the cloud under the name "FineAfterAppeal"
  3. This wasn't during pre-season, but another very soft straight red card. Elgin City v Albion Rovers.pkm
  4. If you don't have attribute masking on, do a player search for Determination 1. If it's thousands upon thousands you're affected.
  5. I know it's not going to be fixed until the next data update, but worth mentioning anyway. A large number of Elgin players (14 of the 24 players) have determination set to 1, something I'm assuming was an oversight.
  6. None of that explains why you think physical stats (in this case how strong someone is) should be determined by the league they play in. Can't people playing in Scotland be physically strong, or quick? I'd also disagree that the attributes Edouard & Morelos have would lead to them completely tearing apart better leagues. Both are young and have the potential to improve, which is shown in the game, but neither one currently is at a level where they'd go into a top 4 league and dominate at the top clubs in FM.
  7. Good to hear. I could see an argument for it maybe even being higher but no complaints with -85 here.
  8. Have to admit, I do agree that seems a bit harsh. That's a range of 120-150 right? I'd have thought we'd see him at -85 at a minimum. Not many players are involved in first team games at 16, and considering his involvement towards the end of last season and how highly we know he's regarded I think it would be reasonable to have him able to go beyond 150CA.
  9. How do you see PA without the editor?
  10. Took me 2 minutes to actually compare him from last year. Increases to - Dribbling, First Touch, Passing, Technique, Aggression, Concentration, Decisions, Positioning, Teamwork. Decreases to - Composure. That's not a downgrade.
  11. I'm having a similar issue. Players have been complaining about not enough quickness training, if I set the team to a quickness session or even a general physical one the same players then complain about having too much quickness training.
  12. Loving it so far, finding it really easy to navigate & it's visually great. Started with Elgin & as OP mentions goalkeeping can be a bit poor, resulting in very high scoring matches (although I'm unbeaten in the league so feel free to keep it that way).
  13. Dunno where to put this, since it's not really a bug, so I'll put it in here. For Elgin City, Brian Cameron can't play centre mid. It's pretty much the only place he's played all of this season. Also seems criminally under-rated compared to the other Elgin players, but that's subjective. Dennis Wyness starts in the reserves & transfer listed - he's a starting 11 player.
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