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  1. This...👏👏👏 Said last week the same thing, that it works for a bit then goes all laggy, jumpy again. Can’t be bothered to play whilst it’s still like this.
  2. But who wants to play on 2D? Thats old news now!! This issue is sooooo frustating.
  3. It worked for me for a bit too, then 2nd or 3rd game and it started jittering again.
  4. Not for me. I only have to load the game and the fan runs like mad. That’s not right!!
  5. But this also happened when the Beta version came out and again when the full game came out. And we always seem to be the ones that suffer (Mac users). Surely it should be tested on different platforms? How does something this big actually get missed, like honestly? How? Is this game just really built for the PC version? I don’t condone abuse or the such, but it’s been 2 weeks now and still no fix. You can’t come out and say that it’s not-satisfactory and that SI are working on it as it just seems to be excuse after excuse. As someone said, sending our machine details is rubbish, they know full well what’s inside the majority of these apple machines now. These updates seem to take the game backwards rather then progressing. Its all just infuriating. You buy a game and expect it to work, it works for a while, you do an update, it stops. 😡😡
  6. Fair enough Matt, like the new profile pic by the way 🤣. It is very frustrating, especially as this is the furthest I’ve been in any series and just want to continue while the ambition is there. Fingers crossed we hear something soon.
  7. Very well said. It’s certainly not been the first time this years game has been unplayable for the Mac users. Surely it’s tested before it’s released PROPERLY but doesn’t seem to be the case, or certainly doesn’t in my view. It can’t just be down to Apple for its recent update to the OS system, all pc’s do it too. And for a mod to say that it doesn’t improve the forum? And... is it because they don’t like the negative coverage? Like the previous poster said, we are not here to make the forums look good, we just want a game that we’ve paid for work. And work properly. Ridiculous that’s its been going on for weeks now.
  8. £426 MILLION. After a record spend out at start of season, I've only got £9m in the bank. Have you been taken over again or just built it up with sales etc? One thing I haven't made a lot on is player sales. Got a few wonder kids, who im hoping either stay with me long term or I can sell on for big money.
  9. 100% mate. Getting ridiculous now. Not the first time this version neither. It’s obvious that the Mac users are getting overlooked as this really shouldn’t be missed constantly. And now like you say it’s been 2 weeks and still no solution. Poor from SiGames.
  10. Congrats on the trophies mate. 👍🏼
  11. Ha, that’s how I feel. At work at the moment and just wanna get home and play. Been my most favourite and enjoyable save ever on the fm series. Finances are ok-Ish, roughly £62m in the bank, new stadium on the way. Move in June 2026. Just heading into july 2025 now, facilities getting there too. Constantly asking to upgrade. I have no affiliations which is bugging the hell out of me, but nothing I can do, I suppose! I’ve had every big club require my services and turned them all down. I’m getting there with the squad, some decent additions this pre season and quietly confident I can do well. 🤞.
  12. 👏. Just catching up on this mate. You’re doing fantastic. Well done. I’ve just completed my first 2 seasons in prem, finished 9th both times. But this season, I’m a little more confident and hoping to get a Europa place 🤞. Good luck against City!
  13. Any chance you could post your back room staff please mate? You’ve inspired me to finally start my chelsea save!
  14. Any chance you could post your back room staff please mate? You’ve inspired me to finally start my chelsea save!
  15. Digging in mate. Fantastic play, can feel you’re gonna beat Roma!
  16. Digging in mate. Fantastic play, can feel you’re gonna beat Roma!
  17. Great read this mate. Keep it up and keep the faith. An away goal would have been great, but you’re playing at home, anything can happen! Come on the Chels!
  18. Lol, I live here. There’s some nice places OUTSIDE Woking but not so great nearer town!
  19. Quailty form mate, going very well. Keep it up! Did you attend Newcastle interview? Ive had loads and used them to get better deals or terms on my contract. Usually ask for better facilities.
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