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  1. He's out for 6 weeks or so. I tried to sign him when he was in my game but he failed a medical on last day of transfer window!
  2. Shouldn't be able to buy De Bruyne in the first window as he's injured. The first chance to sign him is in January
  3. 4-2-3-1. But really not clicking, so got to have a little play around, Ganso is suspended at the moment.
  4. Summer Signings - 1st Season: INS: Daniele Rugani - £1.3m Sime Vrsaljko - £3.5m Douglas Costa - £12.5m Khouma Babacar - loan Landon Donovan - £7.5m Leandro - £9.25m Ricardo Kishna - £1.1m Salvatore Bocchetti - £15m Ganso - £25.5m OUTS: Hilario - £1m Anelka - £4.8m Mikel - £17.5m Malouda - £10m Drogba - £15m Kalou - £7.5m Ferriera - £1.5m Bosingwa - £3.6m Alex - £10.5m RESULTS: Wigan - 3-0 (Mata x2 OG) Aston Villa - 2-0 (Mata,Luiz) Liverpool - 3-0 (Ramires, Lukaku) Newcastle - 0-1 BATE - 4-0 (Donovan, Costa, Ramires, Mata) Wolves - 1-0 (Donovan) Leicester - 4-0 (Torres, Sturridge, Leandro, Lampard)
  5. They just put everyone behind the ball. Couldn't break them down. Also hit the bar in the last minute!
  6. I know, I had the same problem. Belgium league has to be on view or playable. Stupid isnt it!
  7. Right, lets start again... any ideas on a good assistant manager?
  8. Yeah feel the same mate. I know now which players to sell and where I need to strengthen. Will give it a miss tonight and spend some time tomorrow evening making a start on everything! Good luck with ya save fella
  9. I think i'm going to start again as I now know what I need but can i be bothered to sort all the staff out again!!
  10. Gotta start again. Oh man was doing well too. I'll use the last one as experience!
  11. Quick update: Current date: 13th September 2011 Vs Liverpool (H) Won 4-0 - Ramires (22,33,75) Ivanovic (52) Vs Newcastle (A) Won 4-1 - Torres (18) Drogba (38,73) Mata (67) Vs QPR (H) Won 3-0 - Terry (14), Torres (22) Ramires (48) Vs Fulham (A) Won - Torres (20,66) Alex (71) Vs Leverkusen (H) Won 6-1 - Alex (7) Lukaku (13,30,61) Ramires (48,77) Not going to bad i think...
  12. Nigel - how have you spent so much money in the first summer transfer window?
  13. Transfers in: Saul - £1.4m Luke Shaw - £1.2m Daniele Rugani - £1.3m Kiko Femenia - loan Alan Dzagoev - £7.75m Khoumar Babacar - loan Outs: Connor Clifford - loan Billy Clifford - loan Rhys Taylor - loan Ben Gordon - loan Jamal Blackman - loan Milan Lalkovic - loan
  14. Just played first game of the season against Liverpool at home and beat them 4-0. Ramires HAT TRICK!
  15. Started my new game last night and started with a major overhaul of the coaching, physio and scouting staff. Thinking I got rid of pretty much everyone. Cannot believe how poor the Chelsea coaches are. Is there any reason as to why they are rated so bad? Tonight I'm going to look at a few players especially a RB and a RM/W.
  16. can't wait to get playing properly on this. Had a bash with it over the weekend but wasn't really playing it properly. Will start again tonight for an hour or so and get things cracking. One question though - why are the coaches soooo bad for us? Any coaches to look out for as I feel that's the first thing that needs doing!
  17. Mate, you should be soooo proud of how the boys played today. We fought so well, albeit against 12 men! We were much the better team in the second half. Chin up lads. At least we are not united who lost 6-1 at HOME hehehe. UP THE CHELS!!!!
  18. Alright boys, long time no speak. Hope everyone is well! Wasn't going to start with Chelsea on this save as wanted to work my way up the leagues but reading your posts and now I can't wait to get in and get on it! Come on the blues!
  19. Gav - just spend the last few days reading this story and my god I love it. I was gutted when cassie broke up with Tina, but hopefully abbi makes her happy again! Made some decent signings there. Let's hope they keep the performances going! St Mirren for champs league next year!!
  20. Right just going into my 2nd season with Woking. Got them promoted at the first attempt. Can anyone recommend some good players for me? This is getting hard now as i'm already £2.5k over the wage budget!
  21. I wouldn't say Woking would be predicted 1st even at the start of the season - I think newport were always everybodys favourites to win the league.
  22. Crouchy, this is brilliant and has inspired me to start a new game when 9.0.3 comes out with my home town - Woking, not as low as St Albans but still in lots of trouble irl!
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