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  1. Hey sorry if that has been asked before. But just signed Bentancur for my Chelsea side - 3rd season in for £82m, what’s the best way to use him to get the best from him? I’ve also got Mount, Rice and Havertz. Juve used £72m of the £82m to sign Kovavic from me! Thank you. 

  2. 44 minutes ago, MBJ96 said:

    2022/23 preview


    Alessandro Bastoni (Inter) - £70m
    Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester) - £4m

    Christian Pulisic (Man United) - £60m
    Mateo Kovacic (Man United) - £58m
    Jorginho (Man United) - £27m
    Ross Barkley (Inter) - £19m
    Edouard Mendy (Tottenham) – £16m
    Kepa Arrizabalaga (Roma) - £14m
    Ethan Ampadu (Roma) - £7m
    Andrea Papetti (Sheffield United) – Loan

    Manchester United apparently decided to buy some of my left overs. Can’t complain as they paid good money for them. Also got rid of some other players who did not have a role to play in my team.

    Needed a new CB as Thiago Silva retired, and Bastoni is much like Zouma, although he also can play with the ball. Brought Schmeichel in to be backup and mentoring Donnarumma.


    Have been testing a new kind of 4-2-3-1 in pre-season, which allows the fullbacks to come further forward, while I have two DM’s instead of CM’s. That’s why I have trained Mount to be a Segundo Volante, which he should be capable of.

    My team look like this:

    GK: Donnarumma, Schmeichel
    RB: James, Menino
    CB: Zouma, Bastoni
    CB: Alaba, Tomori
    LB: Chilwell, Cox (17 y old regen) – Alaba will also play here
    DM: Kanté, Camavinga, Essien (17 y old regen, great talent)
    DM: Mount, Gallagher – Camavinga will play here too
    RW: Havertz, Hudson-Odoi
    OM: Foden, Loftus-Cheek (considering letting him go)
    LW: Ziyech, Werner
    SS: Abraham, Calvert-Lewin


    Have more than two billion in the bank, and I'm really triyng considering making a marquee signing like Haaland or Mbappé. What do you say? What could my team need?

    2 billion? What pounds? 

  3. 2 hours ago, FMunderachiever said:

    My Valencia save is getting a little stale and fancy a new club, and i feel Chelsea is exactly what im looking for. Not the best but can challenge, have money but need improving.

    Think ill join the thread and start posting if thats ok

    Welcome mate, the more the merrier! Best of luck, let us know how you get on. 

  4. Im on the second season and Spurs are fighting relegation in February. 3 points clear of 17th position. 26 games played. Kane sold to Barcelona at end of 1st season. Jose was sacked 23rd December, Michael Laudrup took over in Jan 21 and was sacked October that year. Luis Enrique now in charge. 

    Notable signings: O Edouard - Celtic, M Aarons - Norwich, V Mykolenko - Kyiv, M Dembele - Lyon. 

  5. Oh man.... 2nd season. Champions League group stages.... finished bottom without a win. First time in my whole FM career that’s ever happened. Felt numb. I did have Real Madrid, Inter and Monchengladbach in my group but still. Got smashed 5-0 by Inter, with my players refunding the supporters. 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️ .


    On the other hand - I’m 5 points clear in the league and just been given a new 4 year deal. 

  6. Just finished my first season....finally!

    Quick Review:

    League: Winners beating Liverpool by 2 points, won on final day of season.

    FA Cup: Lost to Burnley in Quarter Final.

    League Cup: Lost to Liverpool in 3rd round.

    Champs League: Lost in semis to Real Madrid.

    Transfers were disabled for first window, but signed Otavio from Porto in January.

    Player Records:

    Timo Werner: 21 goals in League - 34 in total. Brilliant first season.

    Tammy Abraham: 11 goals in League - 15 in total. Poor season from him. 

    Hakim Ziyech: 7 goals in League - 14 in total. 9 assists.

    Kai Havertz - 6 goals in league - 6 in total. 5 assists - Poor season from him, struggled with staying fit. Unsure on best position. 

    End of Season:

    SOLD: £151m

    Baba Rahman - £7.5m - Tigres.

    Jorginho - £38.5m - Man Utd.

    Christensen - £23m - Burnley (Was on loan to them for the 1st season)

    Alonso - £24.5m - Bournemouth.

    Emerson - £25.5m - Monaco

    Rudiger - £21m - Valencia

    Loftus Cheek - £32m - Valencia

    Azpilicueta - £19.75 (£29m with add ons) - Juventus.

    Arrizabalaga - £20m - West Ham

    Zappacosta - £14.25m - Roma.

    Batshuayi - £17.5m (£22m with add ons) - Napoli. - Had a fantastic season with Palace, finishing 2nd in goals scored!

    INS: £205m (So far)!

    Declan Rice - £50m - West Ham got relegated.

    Lautaro Martinez - £63m (up to £76m with add ons) - Inter - the reason I sold Bats.

    Donnarumma - Free. Couldn't say no!

    Milan Skrinar - £45m - Inter.

    Jack Grealish - £28m. Aston Villa got relegated, was looking at Foden, but priced out, wanted another English player - Thought it was a good price too.

    Ben Mendy £19m (£23m with add ons) - Back up to Chilwell.


    Just played Charity Shield against BRENTFORD. Managed to win 4-2.

    Liverpool first game of season.



    James, Zouma, Skrinar, Chilwell,


      Kovacic/Havert, Mount

    Hudson Odoi/Ziyech     Pulisic






  7. On 13/12/2020 at 22:32, Bracken said:

    Hi all, been a while since I've had any time with FM, but finally got to play a bit and am really enjoying this edition so far. Nice to see some familiar faces in the thread too! Thought I'd post a season review here if people are interested as it went startlingly well.

    2020/2021 Review:

    Transfers Out:

    Kepa - £10.5m plus clauses to Shakhtar

    Alonso - Loan to buy Leicester

    Drinkwater - Loan to buy Brighton

    Some development loans

    Transfers in:

    Nobody, I wanted to give the current squad time to gel and figured they were good enough for my ambitions this year. 

    Premier League:1366813996_Screenshot2020-12-13at14_13_51.thumb.png.324b101337c4e48655dcc3b90d9bf52a.png

    Spectacular result for the first season, absolutely didn't see it coming. While I would've liked to have scored more, we were absolutely rock solid at the back, and our only defeats were on the road to City and United. Also pleasing to see City and Tottenham out of the top four, both sacked their manages (Jose mid-season), and it looks like we'll have Sarri-ball at City next year which makes things interesting. 

    FA Cup:


    Used this competition mostly for rotation until he final, so delighted we got all the way there. Although it was only on penalties we absolutely deserved to win the final, out-created them 1.69xG to 0.66, but just didn't bring our scoring boots. The Double!

    Champions League:


    An insane run. Started with Turbo Timo showing Juve what's for in Turin and just carried on from there. This team, and the way I play them, is just built for playing away in Europe. The 4-0 in Madrid with a hat trick from Tammy is maybe one of the most satisfying results I've had in any FM. 

    The Final:


    Another final where we absolutely dominated but forgot how to finish, yet still came out on top in penalties. Couldn't ask from more for the lads, a sensational way to cap off the season, and a treble in my first year in charge. Can't complain really.



    Mason Mount player of the season, absolutely outstanding in the middle of the park alongside Havertz and Kante. Tammy was brilliant leading the line grabbing 35 goals, with Timo mostly playing from the left but still getting a huge haul on 28 - 12 of which were in the CL, making him the top scorer in the competition. Ziyech was a bit hit and miss - when he was on it he was fantastic, as demonstrated by 11 goals and 12 assists, but when he wasn't he stunk the place up which brought his average rating down, a similar story with Pulisic and CHO, though they had a tougher time as Timo quickly established himself as first choice in their preferred position. 

    Conclusions and Next Season:

    Really hard to complain about this season. We smashed every competition we were in and played some really lovely football doing it, which staying rock solid at the back. My main aim for this save is to turn the current crop of academy graduates into club legends, and try and get them more honours than anyone in British (ideally world) football history, so this is a fantastic start. I also want to bring through a real British and Irish core to the squad (ideally a British and Irish starting 11 in time), with a major focus on academy products (or players developed at the club since they were 16) and try and improve the success of the other home nations on the international scene. Oh, and it'd be nice to win the CL in regular time! 

    For next season, I'm aiming to bring back some academy graduates who got away to provide some competition to the ones I have now, shift a lot of deadwood, and really focus on youth development.

    I'll do a follow up post on my tactics and such as I know that's usually what people want to see, but I have to say I'm really enjoying this FM, the match engine seems massively improved so I can get them playing the way I want, and the game feels truly immersive. 

    Come on the Chels!

    Fantastic season Bracken, any chance of posting you setup please. Thanks mate. 

  8. On 02/02/2020 at 13:19, GR3NDAL said:

    No I play two up front. Mbappe as F9 the other is a CF (Haaland).

    Mbappe finished the season with 61 goals (59 apps)

    Haaland finished the season with 62 goals (58 apps)

    I have the same up top. But play Mbappe as a AF and Haaland as a PF. It’s their first season together so looking forward to see how they flourish! 

  9. Currently in the 24/25 season. Roman has sold the club to a tycoon - not that I needed the money to be honest. But here is my current squad:

    GK: Donnarumma. Arrizabalaga.

    RB: James, Hakimi.

    LB: L Pellegrini, Gerxhaliu (regen)

    CB: Ake, Skriniar, Tomori, Vanheusden, Alexander (Regen)

    CM: Mount, Bellingham, F Luis, Havertz, Wanderley (Regen), Tonali.

    Wingers: Chiesa, Pulisic, Sancho, Hudson-Odoi, Fati.

    Strikers: Haaland, Mbappe, Abraham, Pinamonti. 


    First ever time of spending serious money on someone like Mbappe in all my saves over the FM years. He's started off well and linking up with Haaland brilliantly.


  10. 27 minutes ago, we dont do that said:

    Played him pressing forward (A) for my benfica team. Was the best striker I’ve ever had, scored 350+ in 5 seasons 

    Wow, that's what I play him as, both on his own and with a partner - Usually Tammy Abraham as a AF. But can never score regularly. Very frustrating.

  11. 2 hours ago, dennislauridsen said:

    I have also started with Chelsea. I am Half season in the first season. 
    In PL er are Second just 1 point behind Liverpool.

    i haven’t sold any player as i Feel we ned the Whole squad for the first season. I planing to bring some players for the januar transferwindow.

    sancho for the left wing.

    Chiesa for right wing.

    fernando Luis for the defensiv midfield.

    ruben dias for the centre back.

    and last i Will bring in haaland for the forward.

    Done all that except Dias as I bought Are back and is doing very well for me. Just finished 3rd season. Heartbreaking one!


  12. 10 hours ago, dylg said:

    chelsea with the tranfer ban is a challenging save, its testing you to your limits with injury and suspension, there in the champions league and you want to finish top great save if you ask me.... how the save going ? 

    A challenging save? On the majority of the saves on FM, they win the appeal in November and then buy big in Jan. I know I did and went and won the league. They have some cracking youngsters, so not really a challenge! 

  13. 1 hour ago, MBJ96 said:

    Just started the third season, and now I have a great squad. 

    GK: Kepa / Johnstone

    RB: James / Hoever

    CB: Dias / Ampadu

    CB: Upamecano / Tomori

    LB: Telles / Emerson

    DM: Tonali / Jorginho

    CM: Mount / Loftus-Cheek / Barkley

    CM: Kovacic / Kanté

    RW: Pulisic

    LW: Sancho / Hudson-Odoi

    SS: Havertz / Haaland / Abraham

    I'm trying Havertz as deeplying attacker, because neither Haaland or Abraham have been great. So far it has worked out, but he will also play some games as RW. Mount is fantastic and so is James. Amazing to see my own talents become world class.

    What position do you play Mount? I have him just behind Tammy and they have the green link up relationship. Also, Callum has turned it on BIG time. Finally becoming the player we thought he’d be. First season he was a bit iffy. 

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