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  1. Cheers I had tweaked the midfield 3 to be: - BWM Su + DLP Su + BBM Su As these roles suited my three players best according to their ratings The front two are now AF At and an PF Su I'm currently in the first half of the Under 18s match and 3-0 up but that's like being happy that Liverpool are 3-0 against the Eastbourne over 90s last 11.
  2. I went back to the drawing board and decided on a slightly new approach. Below is the untouched base, it's the same principle in terms of one midfielder is either an MC / DM C or AM C depending on how adventurous I'm feeling. Time to start tweaking Bradford - Standard Bradford - More Attacking Bradford - More Defending
  3. Thanks for the replys. I did think about all those rules, they were put there when I selected "Route One" or "Park the Bus". I've not set them myself and I'm not fixed on them so can drop them. My idea is: - Standard = Most matches - keep the ball, work it up to the target man. Attack = Cup games against lower league opposition or change to this if we need to nick a goal and a 1-0 loss is the same as a 20-0 loss i.e. cups Defend = Cup games against significant higher league oppositions or we're winning 1-0 but getting battered with possession / chances when you know a goal i
  4. I've decided to try and create my own set of tactics to use as I usually end up downloading load of "the best tactic ever" and "unbeatable" and then realise you need Man City / Liverpool or Real Madrid to win with them or come with requirements like "needs god like AM(C)" which, sadly my team Bradford City do not have,. What I am trying to do is have 3 tactics that I swap between, one standard formation, one more attacking formation and one "batten down the hatches this is gonna hurt" formation. The positional differences between them is slight: - i.e. Normal Formation - > Attac
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