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  1. What does the BER stand for? Previously you've denoted nationalites in capitals and I thought you'd encountered a bermudain world beater. Very disappointing to see st Georges cross in the screenshot.
  2. They've fostered quite a few significant players for their size and standards. I bike past their training ground on a daily basis so it's really cool following a report on them.
  3. The next Larsson would likely be his son Jordan. He currently plays for Norrköping after a brief spell in NEC Nijmegen
  4. I don't think the nation should be set to Switzerland
  5. I noticed that all your liechtenstein regens in the squad screens hot had Swiss as second nationality. Is that the case for all of your regents? What's up with that?
  6. Really enjoying this report. There is something so inherently appealing about a Lichtensteiner only save. To what extent are the other clubs using home grown (lichtenstein) players? Perhaps you could add the home grown ratio of each club at the end of the season review?
  7. It was just the first example of successful 442 that came to mind. I'm sure it could be improved upon.
  8. Here is an example of 4-4-2 working to near perfection. It can be very effective, but you should not expect to dominate possession.
  9. How about trying him as a withdrawn target man as in this blogpost from Strikerless.com ? Byt perhaps puta him in the left Amc slot. That would likely see him more involved.
  10. How ate they creating chances? I play a similar tactic (perhaps slightly more conservative) and at times this happends to me too. Especially when up against something like 4-2-3-1. I go narrower, man mark their forward (at least if he's good at heading), keep shape. Then they will resort to crosses from the fullbacks and I grind it out hoping for a counter.
  11. How would you customise him to optimise counter? Or is it simply based on opposition?
  12. Can you elaborate on 1) as to why you would prefer a DMd over an anchor in a counter system? The anchor will hold shape much better, but will probably intercept less (as he is not closing down as much). 2) Why is the describes system not good for counter? There are many bodies deep and he will probably lure the opposition to attack. Why would it be better to push up the d line (from a counter perspective)
  13. I am not able to instruct some (youth) players to learn new ppms. It appears to happend when the training level is already at high or very high, but sometimes even at medium. I'm finding this confusing. What limits a player to start learning ppm?
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