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    The reason we had it is 'cause I really wanted to see what it felt like to kill a baby.
  1. *official* 2008 us election thread

  2. *official* 2008 us election thread

    It matters to some of us here in Colorado The champagne is out, the ladies are crying... it's fantastic.
  3. *official* 2008 us election thread

    No, it's true. Early voting in Colorado, there was no one in line at all. Of course the 100,000 people at the rally a few days later, well, they were all just in downtown Denver for something else.
  4. *official* 2008 us election thread

    I'm taking advantage of the election to get the car serviced, but I'm going to pick up some champagne on the way home. Everyone in this house who can vote already has, so now we just get to sit back and enjoy it.
  5. *official* 2008 us election thread

    He also got a great reaction when he was talking about his tax cuts and asked how many of us made $250,000 a year. He continued with "90% of Americans don't make $250,000 a year, 99.9% of plumbers don't make $250,000 a year!"
  6. *official* 2008 us election thread

    I've just left the Obama rally in Denver and I am sat at a restaurant on 16th Street. Haven't got a clue how big the crowd was but we were almost at the back and couldn't see a thing. However just hearing Obama speak makes me wish I was already a citizen, especially when he did the "no red states, no blue states, just the United States" bit. And my Obama Top Gun tshirt was a big hit
  7. *official* 2008 us election thread

    Don't worry, I asked the same question, and got the same "oh of course, that's obvious" answer that Zaitsev gave you Obama is here in Denver on Sunday, just got my RSVP.
  8. *official* 2008 us election thread

    It's my ill-informed and probably utterly wrong opinion that gun ownership is so entrenched in the American psyche that no politician is going to try and restrict that right in any meaningful way. I took the "Are you and Obama really a match" quiz on the NRA website and it seems that their ideas of what constitutes restricting Second Amendment rights are not being able to buy a gun within half a mile of a school and not being able to buy armour piercing ammunition for varmint shooting.
  9. *official* 2008 us election thread

    She's here today. Well, in Colorado Springs. I doubt she would want to visit somewhere as un-American as Boulder. Early voting started today. I drove past the County Building and it looked pretty empty. One person coming out who had obviously just voted.
  10. *official* 2008 us election thread

    Nah, cold dead hands and all that.
  11. *official* 2008 us election thread

    I've been getting back into shooting recently, so I have been browsing a few shooting forums and blogs, and I'm tempted to keep hold of some email addresses so that in four years time I can email these people and say "Muslim country, are we? All communists, are we? Taken all our guns away, has he? 90% tax rate, is there?"
  12. *official* 2008 us election thread

    Yeah, the State Constitution gives a 'person' the right to due process and legal protection, so some uptight home-schooled 21 year old from Colorado Springs has put forward an amendment which they hope will be a stepping stone towards banning abortion. She looks like fun http://www.westword.com/photoGallery/?gallery=900760
  13. *official* 2008 us election thread

    The Real Obama: Part II repeats the story that Obama supported teaching sex education to kindergarteners. The article was dated a week ago. Just how long ago did the story come out, because it was thoroughly discredited the same day. Early voting starts in Colorado on Monday. I really can't wait.
  14. *official* 2008 us election thread

    According to the actual reports rather than the scaremongering out there, in most of the states they are active in, Acorn is required to turn in all forms whether they think they're fictitious or not. They even flag the suspect ones to help election officials filter them out. It seems to be their own fault for paying people per voter registered.
  15. *official* 2008 us election thread

    Google "dirty ann coulter fanfiction." I first read it a couple of years ago.