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  1. Within training under the "Individual" screen, Under the "training report" section you get feedback from a specific coach, I would like to change the specific coach who is giving the feedback as at present, it is a GK coach which isn't ideal. Any ideas on how I can change the coach who gives the feedback on that screen, have tried various ways but none seem to change the default on that specific screen. Any help would be much appreciated... thanks
  2. Hi All I have recently bought a new computer and have managed to port over my save game, but for some reason my player pics that i have are not appearing in the game (despite me having them in the graphics folder, exactly in the same way as my old pc as far as I know) I have gone from a vista operating system to a windows 7. Any help would be very much appreciated
  3. Just for the record, in terms of games I ever played, FML was by far the best.... absolutely brilliant!
  4. Pretty new to the handheld version on iphone and wondered due to the reduced amount of attrributes on this version, how you idenitfy youth talent etc. Previously I have used determination (not alone) as an indicator, but as thats not on the iphone attributes, what should I look for instead? thanks
  5. I recently started a thread around 2d verses 3d and how I believe 2d was perhaps the better option to "manage tactical decisions and decide on additonal changes in game" and I come across this thread. Would appreciate if someone can advise if this thread had ever had an official si response?
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