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  1. Hi thanks I did see that but what does that apply to? What does the number reflect? Using the example of Attacking = 4, 4 what? attack duties, defend or support Ideally it would be good to see a split such as the below: Attacking Mentality - 4 defend Duties, 4 Support Duties, 3 Attack Duties but for each mentality
  2. In FM17 I have noticed the pre-match advice stating that when using a standard mentality etc, I should look to increase/decrease the amount of the Defend/Support/Attack duties, but I just wondered has anyone got a split of those recommendations per mentality. I have tried searching the forums and internet/articles, would be very helpful Thanks
  3. I wondered what peoples opinions/experiences are, does this general rule, apply at lower levels - Conference South for example? I have heard advice for that lower level, to be keep a structured/highly structured approach, but if not using specialist roles, that would mean a more fluid approach if you follow wwfan's advice? Thanks for any input
  4. At that level technical attributes are largely irrelevant as so poor, concentrate on work rate, determination and physical attributes
  5. My main bit of advice would be to keep things very simple, minimal team instructions and don't try to ask your team to do something, they are not capable of.
  6. Guys if you miss FM Live, try the client based game 90 Minute Fever... closest I have come across to fm live enjoy
  7. Thanks very much for the options and recommendations Welshace if I did go up to a 14" what's the better options out there?
  8. Hi Guys, baby on the way and looking at a cheaper option than the macbook air, which I plan on selling. Ideally something very portable 13" max (as i currently have the smallest macbook air) Its primary use will be for Football Manager and I would like something that can deal with 3D easily and dealing with many leagues/nations simultaneously, whilst browsing the net and dealing with spreadsheets Was thinking of something around £750.00 Would appreciate and be interested in any advice or help
  9. Hi All I wonder if anyone could offer any advice with an issue I am having since the release of the latest patch. I am using the default skin, with the Match In Between Highlights Mod.... but since the update the Match In between highlights are all in white text, bust most irratatingly without a dark panel surrounding them, so can hardly read/notice them. Could anyone help in supporting me get it back to normal, as it would be much appreciated
  10. Thanks Dr Hook and everyone for the feedback. Looking at the feedback appears it comes down to two things, or a combination of the two: 1) My Tactical Approach 2) Starting Managerial Experience and Lack of Qualifications - Causing a Morale spiral when on a losing run, which means I should play tighter to grab a draw etc and then reverse that run and in turn morale (Again then see Issue 1) Looking at my approach over the last two versions of the game, when managing lower league, I have always had multiple Team Instructions (six plus), I think at lower level perhaps this is too complicated and needs simplifying and reducing the amount of Team Instructions. With that in mind, I think I am going to re-read wwfan guide and roles and duties, then strip the Team Instructions right down also.
  11. My Teamtalk selection 80% + of the time secures me positive (green) reactions, so I don't believe it to be that. Unless even positive reactions can be bad if your motivation managerial stat, is very low, like mine?
  12. No worries hunter appreciate your honesty, very demoralized but there's a challenge
  13. Hi All I consider myself an experienced football manager player, but the last two versions I have struggled immensely Starting in the conference south on both versions with Sunday league experience and no coaching qualifications, I have either been sacked or had to resign to prevent the inevitable. I seem to have started well on both versions in my careers but then after a month or two go on a run of games, around 10 plus without a win, low morale etc Other than that the tactics where I would be taking to the tactic forums for, is there some fundamental approach I am missing that might cause morale to plummet and such a long terrible run? Just feels like I am missing somethings obvious after being successful in prior versions before managerial styles were in the game? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi all Could someone clarify whether social network posting is available during beta please... Appears greyed out during game setup? Many thanks
  15. Will the create a club mode, be something that if started during beta, will be able to be continued once the game is release?
  16. Thanks Guys. I tell you what I will do, I will book the couple of days off and then come back on her and advise what dates, so that SI can then ensure it aligns with my time off ;-) Quite scary tbh, how at 35 years of age I am planning days off work as holiday, to coincide with the beta release of the game. Very much looking forward to the games release and one day a life lived in reality, rather than a virtual world of mediocre football management simulation
  17. I understand at present, the official line is that the beta will be "out roughly two weeks before release" I would like to book a couple of days off work around when that is, but does anyone know when it will be actually confirmed... i.e - how much notice we will get confirming the beta's release Many thanks
  18. I wonder if anyone could help me please, since downloading the last update, I cannot see the Formation on the tactics screen at all? Any help would be much appreciated
  19. I always thought the sound in FM, was a massive opportunity for SI. The sound at present is minimal, if used at all and if I was working for SI, I would be looking at the possibilities of building into the game a "Radio Player" and looking to link up with the likes of TALKsport & Community Podcasts etc, to stream these within a player in the game
  20. I have been an avid player of the game for as long as I can remember. This year, rather than do the norm and start a career game, as manager of Tottenham, I wanted to start from the bottom of the leagues and work my way up the divisions, ideally with the one club, or via job opportunities that I earn. The choice, as to who that club would be, was actually a very simple one – Bishops Stortford. The rationale behind it was, that this is the town I went to secondary school in and where I spent the majority of my time effectively “growing up”, I had often been to see the club play in real life around the ages of 14/15 (I am now 34), so I did feel a natural warmth to the club/area. I wanted the game to be as realistic as possible from the get-go, so with that, I set my experience at the lowest, as a “Sunday League Footballer” and used my pitiful allowance of points to distribute. My first season, even as a seasoned player of Football Manager, was easily my most difficult that I have ever experienced, but also thoroughly the most enjoyable. I started with no money of note to mention and I decided from the off, that in order to effectively control the finances and more importantly, understand the strengths of my players, as I didn’t have the money to make mass changes and transfers...I wanted to concentrate on the senior squad and not worry overly at all about my U21 or U18 squads in the first season. I made cuts to staff and changed the backroom team, slightly improving them, but I was limited on the number of half good staff I could attract Transfers who added any value and worth mentioning thinking back, were a loan Centre Back by the name of Robbie Cundy, who was to provide some much needed pace in the back line and play a covering role, as a Limited Centre Back Standout players over the course of the season were: • Rio Bryan Edwards – Leader & Centre Back, Player of the Season, highest average rating and the man, I chose mid season to make captain. At the Age of 21, he will become a Club Legend • Mikel Suarez – Target Man Striker, who weighed in with around 10 important goals during the season The season was notable, for the sheer consistency of inconsistency and to be honest we were woeful at times, going stretches of 6-8 games without a win on several occasions. Prior to those meetings, I won’t lie, but I didn’t have a clue how to turn the tide and quite frankly thought it an inevitability that the chairman would wield his axe and I would be sacked I finished the first season in 18th, surviving JUST!!!. This included on two separate occasions me being called in front of the board, to then leave that meeting requiring a certain number of points from games, to keep my job – on both occasions I got the required points (actually quite easily to my surprise!) I found myself, questioning my own ability, was I actually any good at this game???... perhaps playing as Spurs all these years, had protected me and all that I had done in the game, didn’t really mean much considering the riches I had at my disposal and all the infrastructure and facilities a premier league club provides? I couldn’t actually even see where my next point was coming from at some stages, let alone a win, but when I needed to after ultimatums from the board, I seemed to always deliver critically I was at this point, referring to these forums a hell of a lot, reading blogs/articles on tactics, seeing how I could turn it around In terms of an achievement, I got much more from avoiding the sack/relegation after the season completed, than I have in as long as I can remember really when playing Football Manager, even when playing as Spurs in the Premier League. I was determined to learn from my mistakes of trying to over complicate Tactics/Shouts and Instructions and build on the squad and improve next season, without being in the position again of needing a certain number of points from games, just to keep my job! As I approached Season 2, I was given the news of the prospective new youth intake and I hurriedly arranged an internal friendly to review the prospects, alongside noting the recommendations of my Head of Youth Development. I ended up after this, keeping around 10 of them as they either improved my first team squad, or would add some depth for U21/U18 sides, at a very low cost. So my plan for the coming season 2 would be to learn from what I thought went wrong: • Minimise and simplify tactics • Keep a more settled starting 11 This post is really I suppose, for me as much as anything to maybe look back upon at some stage, but maybe some other people, might find it of interest and use also What is interesting, is the level of immersion into this Career/Lower League Management that I have found, this is demonstrated by the fact I have written this long post, but also by me now looking to attend actual Conference South Games, supporting Bishops Stortford again!
  21. Currently Inside forward with support duty I will put them back into a flat 4-4-2 and see if this improves things
  22. I actually didn't know about the overpowered issues I am playing a high 4-2-4 (AML & AMR), which would effectively leave me prone to attacks from the flanks I would presume??
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