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  1. Hi, Moderator tells it does matter in this thread. Probably it depends on many factors (like everything in the game) like coach's quality, facilities, workloads, player and coach reputations, player's training quality etc. Sometimes when the traits are recommended via player development advice report by staff, i just accept without choosing the coach and after a while player learns successfully. I have also seen some traits ended without success and then completed successfully in the second try. So, i also think it matters and i guess they wouldn't give us a chance to select the coach otherwise.
  2. Allright, nothing changes. He has been granted a full work permit after contract renewal with 6K/w. There is no 8K minimum wage limit for foreign players signed before brexit.
  3. Hi, I got the 17 foreign players scenario with the 8000 pounds/week limit to play in EPL. I have a Spanish youngster signed before brexit and he had been given automatically "home grown nation" status that time as i signed him before brexit. His wage is 2.4K/w and now asking for a new contract. I can give him a new contract with 6K/w. Now after the contract renewal with 6K/w, as it is below 8K, will he suddenly loose his work permit and be ineligable for first team matches? Or will he keep playing as he was signed before brexit? Rule says "foreign player already at British clubs will be exempt until they change clubs". Is this the same for contract renewal? Will i be able to play him after new contract with 6K/w?
  4. Deleting preferences and caches folder didn't help. Problem is still there. Sometimes flashing squares, sometimes mix of graphics and shaded areas in the match engine. May it be a disk problem or some graphics files damaged? But the game wouldn't work in that case i guess.
  5. Hi, I have been experiencing some issues with graphics lately. Match engine started to produce glitches, some shades in the crowds-stadium architectures and some players seem to have wings like dragons. It never happened before. It can also be seen in the start menu of the game as there are some flashing squares over my 3d manager view. It started last week. There had been a little bit longer waiting time before launching a match and then this started to occur. I have been using medium details in the match engine without any problems until now. This doesn't affect the match engine or the game speed. There are no crashes during a match. It seems to go away when i switch to low and go back to medium but after a while it comes back. I haven't changed anything. I don't use any skins or extra files as i never ever like to mess up with the originality of the game. I haven't changed any other hardware or software. My grapichs card has the latest driver and it works fine. I had been playing FM19 over 1000 hours without any problems and i have no idea why this happened suddenly. Do you have any ideas or suggestions about this problem?
  6. Yes, only the official database and i don't see that transfer policy there. My game was created in 18th of March with 19.3.3 version and there was a minor update the day after, in 19th of March. Probably, was it corrected with that 19.3.4 update? By the way, i don't know what promotion has to do with this but in my save Altınordu never gained promotion and was always in Turkish 1.League.
  7. I have just witnessed this. Generally, players stand still as they can't touch the ball second time unless someone has touched it. But this time, after the ball bounced back of the woodwork without touching the goalkeeper, penalty taker had been waiting for a second and then hit the ball and scored. It was allowed. Maybe a touch in ME background, but can't be seen in highlights?
  8. Hi Jimmy, I use the 19.3 official database and Altınordu has no transfer policy defined. As OP said, they don't sign non-Turkish players. It was fine in FM18 as far as i can remember.
  9. This happened exactly the same way like in FM17. Situation didn't change for FM18.
  10. I am not sure this problem, which clubs can't pay players wages or delay the payments, is included in the game. I have never seen players are upset or complaining because club can't pay wages on time due to the financial problems. Boards are generally injecting cash to balance the books and club's debt increase as a result but players never suffer. I'm not suggesting this should be included in the game but thinking we see it a lot in real as some players are complaining to media or making application to Fifa, i just wonder anyone faced this kind of thing in the game. I think i have never gone that low to see this and trying to stay in limits. Also boards already limit the budgets so you can't go that low.
  11. We are getting lists of leading producers for league, national team, elite clubs etc. Wouldn't it be nice to see who those players were? I would like to see the names. What do you think?
  12. It would really nice to see who these players were. We are just getting the numbers but is it that difficult to show player names?
  13. I'm surprised how i missed this feature. I've just seen the "come out" discussion thread. I've never seen any player comes out as gay in my two different saves, a total of 18 seasons.
  14. Players are like static reflectors. Crossing players have to hit their heads in the correct angle Then a flat header may go in just under the crossbar. We are talking about the close headers to a cross mostly in the 6yards box. Of course there are various headers going in in a different way but this one we are talking about here, they are almost exactly the same. Going up like rockets.
  15. Thanks for your help. Also think that it constantly doubles the average. This is just the last season of my 9 years save. It takes much effort to analyse previous seasons but i am sure they were almost the same. In addition, it's not just the number of woodworks but also the way most of them happen. Generally they are headers hitting the crossbar but it's another issue. Thanks for the charts and your help @jaysdailydose
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