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  1. Is this a bug or national federation limiting my management?
  2. I have realised in the game that in most cases tutoring is much more useful that loaning out. I do this for the prospects i believe. Even if he plays for the reserves. Tutor is very important of course.
  3. I have set national U21 and U19 managers to play with first team's tactics from responsibilities but they both use their own preferred formations in matches. I don't have this issue in club but national youth managers, who were assigned by me for those jobs, don't care about responsibilities instructions. Am i missing something?
  4. I had the option after 13th year of a homegrown foreign player and he is club icon now. 10 years is not a strict rule i guess. It may also depend on if the player is club's favourite personnel or not but those two you mentioned must be in the list. I think you will get the option in two years.
  5. I have realised that, unlike other players, it is more difficult for a goalkeeper to enter club's favored personnel list. Of course some of you have contrary examples for this but this is the situation for me. I have Donnarumma for 9 years now with a lot of success but almost all other position players are favoured but GK is not. He also doesn't have the team in his favoured clubs. The most striking example in my save is De Gea. After ending his career in Man Utd with insane goalkeeping performances, as you all know how a monster he is, he is not even in favoured personnel list. He was once barely entered the list but after he retired, he is dropped. Nobody likes goalkeepers i guess.
  6. Old and Boring

    Personality of journalists.
  7. Isn't it a little bit inappropriate to describe a personality "old and boring"? This is a small detail but i feel confused everytime i see this on a press confrence. Probably "old" is used in a meaning of "old school" or "old fashioned" but i think "boring" alone should be enough.
  8. I don't know the editor part but there is no in-game option for substitutions in a friendly. You can only set match time as you already know.
  9. Sure sometimes there are mistakes by referees but assuming that you are talking about the first incident which Vardy scores, the ball seemed it may be coming off the defender to me. Commentator says Juanpi crosses (more like a shot), ball changes direction hitting the Stoke defender and Vardy scores. Maybe that's why it wasn't considered an offside. Watching from a different angle might be helpful. It is more obvious when played in normal speed. Maybe i am totally wrong i don't know.
  10. In every version of the game through years, i have always been trying to use wrong-footed inside forwards in the beginning but never get the satisfaction for that role. Even a player is a natural inside forward, it always seems something's missing to me. I teach those gifted inside forwards to place shots and cut inside but even if they have good flair, technique, composure, dribbling and finishing, situation doesn't change. Then after insisting for a few seasons, the idea of "will he perform better as a winger or not?" eats me. Then, for that lack of performance, i train an originally AML Inside Forwards to become AMR Winger or Reumdeuter and they usually perform better.I think, this is because crossing is overrated for the match engine for years and finishing is better if a player is not wrong footed. Dribbling down the flank and then crossing or shooting is more effective for FM engine than making a quick move and placing a curled shot to the far post. I always wanted it that way but it is so rare unfortunately. Of course he is a star but inside forwards are more like Robben in game than Henry or Messi. I mean the artistic and aesthetic performance. I know it may be difficult to show an in game display like the king of inside forwards Thierry Henry or recent star Martial but i have never enjoyed the inside forward role properly. If i remeber right, FM13 was somewhat different in that sense. Anyone feeling this way?
  11. Situation doesn't change in 2030. Mourinho still in charge and it is always hard to win no matter how better you get. Pogba is 36 and a backup player now but i have never seen any player doing the things he does. I even saw him doing "karate kid 1 kick" pass. He is definitely more than numbers. After losing 20 games, i had a winning streak and i would almost equalise in past meetings table through years but i began to loose again in the last few games. They are the only team i still couldn't manage to dominate everytime with possession football. It is quite simple actually. Simplicity is the hardest thing of course. Quality 5-6 defensive players sitting deep who are well organized with a "ball magnet goalkeeper". Mourinho always has explosive players. They may not be that good sometimes but always impossible to mark for certain. Players pump the ball to flanks, they hug the line, dribble down the flanks and a low cross. Boom! Striker is always there. Nothing much you can do if you set your defensive line higher. This is a crossing game, don't you know? Anyway, i love the game but crossing is overrated for years. Man Utd are mostly exploiting that. Almost a bug.
  12. My relationship with a manager is "good" under his information screen but he says "we don't like each other and there is no point trying to hide that as far as i'm concerned." in press conference. Please don't tell me "he is trying to motivate his team". I have never seen anything like this.
  13. Testimonial

    I was expecting to give testimonials for 2 of my players as they completed 10 seasons. One of them is club favourite and the other is club icon. I couldn't give them testimonials either.
  14. I don't know why this contract promises phase is needed in the first place, as some offers go directly to wage negotitations but wage demands from players differ significantly when you choose different squad status for player in the contract promises screen. For example, i wanted to offer a new contract to one of my players and contract promises screen came. Default demand from the player was rotation. I accepted and proceed to the wage negotiations. His demand was "squad status: rotation and weekly wage: 85k/w". But when i reload and offer hot prospect squad status in promises screen, he also accepts that and his wage demand suddenly drops to 40k/w. This is just one of many same examples. I think this is quite weird because i expect a player and his agent to know his worth and have a regular wage demand in mind before the negotiations apart from the squad status offered. Small changes in demand is okay but this is huge and it can be exploited. Am i wrong?
  15. It may be related to "stay on feet" option. Overall tackling, especially "stay on feet" needs quality players and good unterstanding of players with your current tactic. And also your player's ability vs. opponent's ability of course. If your player face an opponent who can keep the ball and uses his body well, it may be harder to get when you stay on feet but if you choose "get stuck in" things will change and your players will get more cards in return. These are all common knowledge. Maybe you can give more details about how you play and discuss further.