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  1. This happened exactly the same way like in FM17. Situation didn't change for FM18.
  2. I am not sure this problem, which clubs can't pay players wages or delay the payments, is included in the game. I have never seen players are upset or complaining because club can't pay wages on time due to the financial problems. Boards are generally injecting cash to balance the books and club's debt increase as a result but players never suffer. I'm not suggesting this should be included in the game but thinking we see it a lot in real as some players are complaining to media or making application to Fifa, i just wonder anyone faced this kind of thing in the game. I think i have never gone that low to see this and trying to stay in limits. Also boards already limit the budgets so you can't go that low.
  3. We are getting lists of leading producers for league, national team, elite clubs etc. Wouldn't it be nice to see who those players were? I would like to see the names. What do you think?
  4. It would really nice to see who these players were. We are just getting the numbers but is it that difficult to show player names?
  5. I'm surprised how i missed this feature. I've just seen the "come out" discussion thread. I've never seen any player comes out as gay in my two different saves, a total of 18 seasons.
  6. Players are like static reflectors. Crossing players have to hit their heads in the correct angle Then a flat header may go in just under the crossbar. We are talking about the close headers to a cross mostly in the 6yards box. Of course there are various headers going in in a different way but this one we are talking about here, they are almost exactly the same. Going up like rockets.
  7. Thanks for your help. Also think that it constantly doubles the average. This is just the last season of my 9 years save. It takes much effort to analyse previous seasons but i am sure they were almost the same. In addition, it's not just the number of woodworks but also the way most of them happen. Generally they are headers hitting the crossbar but it's another issue. Thanks for the charts and your help @jaysdailydose
  8. I've just added a few more data to the original post. Woodwork percentage is approximately 1 per match. I had, in 73 matches, a total of 1239 shots (16,97/match), 574 on target (7,86/match) which is 46,31% accuracy. I play a possession based attacking football with high defensive line and patiently try to work the ball into the box.
  9. Do you have an acceptable range or percentage for this? What would be normal to you and what wouldn't? I will edit the original post with the real data but let's say 20-25 shots per game with 30%-35% on target for now.
  10. I couldn't find the woodwork stats and decided to observe each of 73 matches one-by-one in a whole season. There was a total of 76 woodworks in 73 matches. Here are the stats: Number of Matches : 73 Number of woodworks : 76 Woodworks of my team : 64 Woodworks of opposition: 12 Total shots of my team : 1239 (16,97 per match) Total on target for my team: 574 (7,86 per match) Shots on target percentage: 46,31% I worked on this because i was suspicious there were excessive amount of hitting the woodwork. Maybe these numbers have to be considered with the number of shots or other stats but these are the numbers. I feel that most of these woodworks are ball hitting the crossbar with headers coming from crosses. I have seen it many times. I also categorised the numbers based on competitions but it doesn't have much use i guess. What do you think? Too much or normal?
  11. I play a higher defensive line and close down up the pitch for many years. In the previous versions, with good players, i managed to get the ball back with a collective team effort while staying on feet. Players were still ambitious to get the ball back without sliding tackles and were trying hard for it. In FM18 i feel like it doesn't seem to be working as it used to be. Mostly in many cases, i had to switch back to "get stuck in" to get the ball back and retain possession as i wasn't satisfied with the effort. With staying on feet, players seem to lack ambition, unwilling to get it back as opposition waste time moving the ball. My players are mostly unambitious and having unsuccessful attempts to get the ball. After i switch back to "get stuck in" it works but many fouls and cards in return as we all know. Anyone felt the same way in this version?
  12. I opened the door with praising his conduct. He wasn't still anywhere near to accept tutoring. I have managed to get a good response after praising his conduct. He was delighted and just after that he surprisingly accepted the tutoring. Finally, just in a short period time, his personality changed from temparamental to balanced, and it is removed from cons and added to the pros as "balanced and normal personality". He is just normal now. I saved him. Happy Ending
  13. Yeah, 2 senior GKs. No idols. And yes you are right, it doesn't have to be a success story for every youngter. I just say i can't observe any influence on him. I would like to have more detailed information about the case maybe. I have just signed a new 5 year contract with him You are right but i just want to see if it is possible or not. A challenge. His favoured personnel are current U23 and U18 managers. I am trying to add myself to the list to see if he will start listening to me or not.
  14. There is a world class gk to tutor him but he says "although i am not against the idea of learning from someone, he is not the correct tutor for me" and the tutoring doesn't start. Probably he will never get any better as you say. But i will try. I also think, what is the meaning of building a top class youth coaching team if i won't even be able to develop this kind of youngsters. Yes, you can't change everyone but i would at least expect to see a positive influence on the player.
  15. He is a GK and 19 now. Created in the club's youth system. Completely a "problem child". A red "volatile temperament" in his cons. He is not ready for first team football. He has much work to do. I can't warn him, he rejects every criticism. I can't tutor him, he rejects the world class goalkeeper to tutor him. He is always unhappy with training. I can't even praise him as he rejects the praise and again disagrees with me. I could only get a reasonable response when i praised his conduct as he didn't hesistate to add "thanks but i don't do it intentionally, this is who i am" He was out on loan for a season, it didn't help. Terminating his contract would be the easiest way but i don't want to. I decided to keep him in the club. Now i'm trying to build a good relationship with him and trying to be one of his favoured personnel as I am not for now. Maybe i can manage to help him develop then. Anyone had this kind of temperamental player and anyone ever had success dealing with him? I only have praising his conduct in hand. Do i have a chance?
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