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  1. Hi Daniel, The problem occured for a short period of time when i posted and then went away itself. I have no idea what caused it and how it went away as i didn't do anything. I have no problem for now. Thanks for your help and advice.
  2. Hi, Since yesterday i realised that, after a while, screen switches back to the previous one itself. For example, i click on inbox and then go to the "squad" screen. It goes back to the "inbox" screen itself without clicking on anything. And later on, it begins to switch on screens like there was a delay and it just got the earlier commands. This started to occur after the lates tiny update which brought the "%33 off" thing. Please have a look, it is annoying.
  3. Hi, The picture generated via 3d changes periodically to someone else. As far as i notice, it changes to same face everytime. I couldn't observe the exact pattern causing this. When this happens, i just click on my picture on my profile page and confirm without doing anything, my generated 3d picture comes back. Plase take a look. Thank you.
  4. Hi, The second of two little issues. As you know, multiple scout reports show up automatically when you click scouting and in every report you can move your mouse over "i" to see player details and a new window pops up. In that screen showing scout reports one by one, when you move your mouse over "i" for the first time, the area on top of the window showing player's position comes empty. You have to move your mouse away and move over "i" again second time for that area to show player's positions. Very little issue but i don't think you classify the mistakes. I will be glad if you take a look because i use it.
  5. Hi, This is the first of two little issues i detected. I will write the second one in another topic. I use some of the matchday information tabs during matches. They all have titles like "match stats", "x team performance" or "x team morale" but "x team formation" tab doesn't have a title written on it. It is both empty for my and opposition formations. Will be glad if you take a look.
  6. Hi Adam, I mutually terminated the contract just after i took control of the team and i didn't know if he had a responsibility or not back then. After a few days in the game, when i checked the list, i saw his name was there and also in the dropdown list. I chose myself for that responsibility and continued. I checked back again and his name was gone. This is exactly how it happened.
  7. Hi, I terminated the contract of Director of Football but his name was still in the staff/responsibilities list. Once i selected another staff and pressed continue, his name was then gone. His name should be removed in the first place i guess. Small issue but worths checking.
  8. I think i found and solve the problem. It's the "CONTROLLER" plugged in. That annoying popup keyboard was somehow ruining the save file. It was saving the game without .fm extension and if you want to overwrite that file, it was causing a freeze and "staging crash". I disabled the "Use the Big Picture Overlay..." option from Steam In-Game settings as explained below and now it seems the problem is gone. However, this should be considered and even shouldn't be happening in game. People must be warned about this and shouldn't even experience such a weird problem. At least i could solve it for now.
  9. Hi, It happened a few times but sometimes it saves without a probem. Anyway the issue is, I try to save the game and it seems complete without any problem and when i want to load it, it doesn't appear in the game but i can see the file in "games" folder under "my documents" without ".fm" extension. When I rename the file manually adding .fm after it, it comes back to the load game menu in the game. What is this weird problem i have never faced in any version before? It seems i couldn't even start playing this version like i got an injury in the warm up. I even don't want to mention "staging" crashes yet, as i have faced a couple of times. It has to be another topic. First, i want to solve this save game problem.
  10. Generating 3d model from a photo is really awful this year. It was working good in FM17.
  11. How do u get a refund?

    Here is how you can get a refund. http://store.steampowered.com/steam_refunds/
  12. I restart steam after every update. Still blank updates constantly.
  13. Recently, for about a week, Steam updates FM17 everyday with 0 byte downloads. What is that?
  14. No editor. I will post it if this is a common problem among others.