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  1. How do u get a refund?

    Here is how you can get a refund. http://store.steampowered.com/steam_refunds/
  2. I restart steam after every update. Still blank updates constantly.
  3. Recently, for about a week, Steam updates FM17 everyday with 0 byte downloads. What is that?
  4. No editor. I will post it if this is a common problem among others.
  5. In 2034 in my save, I have realised that there are excessive number of worldwide clubs in the list from France Ligue 1. 18 clubs. I can understand PSG, Monaco and a few others but there are many others whose estimated values are very low and have no success to be considered "worldwide". Ligue 1 is the 5th in the competitions list. Here are a few examples: Estac Troyes (875K value, insecure), Ajaccio, Nantes, Dijon, Angers, Rennais, Caen, Toulouse, Reims, Lorient, Nancy and the other better known clubs in Ligue 1 are worldwide clubs with 4.5 stars reputation. But clubs like Roma, Inter, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Tottenham, Benfica are continental with 4 stars. Isn't it weird? Does your list also get ridiculous through years?
  6. Did i read or hear?

    Yeah but for FM19.
  7. Sure. I am just trying to understand what might cause this. I have seen "discipline player" is not there as a whole despite a bad performance but i have never seen "issue a warning" under discipline player is there but 1 week and 2 week fines are not. I guess you don't have "discipline player" under the interaction section of the 6.1 player. Just advice, praise and warn. Like "criticise training level" can not be used in a short period of time back to back, this may be related to something like that. Otherwise it must be a bug. Costly mistakes might also be relevant.
  8. Did you fine the 6.1 guy recently? Maybe in the previous match? This is interesting. You only have "issue a warning" under "discipline player for poor performance" but fines are not there, right?
  9. Defensive 4-4-2 is also significant to me. Very nice defensive shape and those 2 strikers sometimes ruin my game.
  10. Exactly, we all agree with that but a player doesn't have to wait until 30 years of age for not being scared and perform in a high level. He may experience those big matches younger and better adapt himself as some will never.
  11. We have to define what experience really mean. A sportsperson once said on TV that "experience is the level of knowledge of the game, not the age". I agree with that. Some of the older players never learn anything through years but on the other hand a 20 year old may have a better learning ability, confidence, knowledge and desire to improve for the game. Let's say mbappe. We can't say he is inexperienced now. He proved what he can do, he has ability and the confidence. He doesn't feel like a player on his debut. Of course he may be better through years as learning never ends, but he is more experienced than many of older players. He jumped up to the elite level now and that's all matters i guess. In the game, game itself gives us the tips like "strikers generally have their best footballing years between the ages of 27-32. There must be a hidden attribute and older players are likely to give their best and be more consistent. To conclude, ability brings the experience of an older player in a short time but age doesn't bring the ability with it.
  12. I guess, OP is saying that, loaning out a youngster doesn't give the expected amount of development which i can say it is true for the game. I myself stopped loaning my wonderkids around as i saw too many of them were wasted on loan despite playing regularly at a high level. Instead, even if he doesn't play regularly, tutoring them with a mentally strong world class player and training him with quality coaches give better results for me. So i stopped loaning them out and try to get the best out of them in club by training and using in cup games. This has to be discussed about loan out. Which is more important? Tutoring and training or playing regularly.
  13. Irrelevant to the topic but There are also a few financial problems with the loan out. These should also be reviewed.
  14. Now just after the Atletico-Barcelona match, i have been thinking, despite playing control possesion football, i am not satisfied for applying that kind of concious pressure in the last minutes of a match when i need goal. I don't even bother to select "overload" for a while because it ends with players trying ridiculous shots and having awful decisions, even if they are technical, good decision players. Working the ball into box doesn't work if you overload. I would like to overload and take more risks but also avoid ridiculous tight angle shots in FM. It would be a joy to watch even if hadn't manage to score.I play control and possession but what i can do is only changing formation and philosophy to "attack". I never had any benefit from overload and it is not beneficial to me so i keep on with my tactics but it doesn't feel like "end game action".