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  1. Unfortunately not Neil. I keep 5 saves going but when i realised this, i loaded back to the oldest one and his attributes were already dropped. I have an old backup of 4-5 months but it will be no use. I realised this when someone else reported about the match preperation. He was doing that but after he dropped, another tactics coach with 4,5 stars took it over and started reporting. What i want to ask is, what happened happened and he will not be back, right? This seems like a bug and he is pretty useless now. 2 points drop in all coaching, mental and knowledge lines of him caused a really negative difference. Really strange case. What is also strange about this assistant is, his preffered role is goalkeeping coach. With handling 2, shot stopping 2 and distribution 2 attributes while his all other attributes are really good. He is not a regen staff and his name is "JUAN CHUMBA" if you want to take a closer look. He used to work as a goalkeeping coach with 2-2-2 GK attributes but i signed him as an assistant in 2024 (now 2026 in game) as he was perfect for the role. Then his coaching style was changed to "tactical". Everything was good until the drop.
  2. Yeah, 2 senior GKs. No idols. And yes you are right, it doesn't have to be a success story for every youngter. I just say i can't observe any influence on him. I would like to have more detailed information about the case maybe. I have just signed a new 5 year contract with him You are right but i just want to see if it is possible or not. A challenge. His favoured personnel are current U23 and U18 managers. I am trying to add myself to the list to see if he will start listening to me or not.
  3. There is a world class gk to tutor him but he says "although i am not against the idea of learning from someone, he is not the correct tutor for me" and the tutoring doesn't start. Probably he will never get any better as you say. But i will try. I also think, what is the meaning of building a top class youth coaching team if i won't even be able to develop this kind of youngsters. Yes, you can't change everyone but i would at least expect to see a positive influence on the player.
  4. He is a GK and 19 now. Created in the club's youth system. Completely a "problem child". A red "volatile temperament" in his cons. He is not ready for first team football. He has much work to do. I can't warn him, he rejects every criticism. I can't tutor him, he rejects the world class goalkeeper to tutor him. He is always unhappy with training. I can't even praise him as he rejects the praise and again disagrees with me. I could only get a reasonable response when i praised his conduct as he didn't hesistate to add "thanks but i don't do it intentionally, this is who i am" He was out on loan for a season, it didn't help. Terminating his contract would be the easiest way but i don't want to. I decided to keep him in the club. Now i'm trying to build a good relationship with him and trying to be one of his favoured personnel as I am not for now. Maybe i can manage to help him develop then. Anyone had this kind of temperamental player and anyone ever had success dealing with him? I only have praising his conduct in hand. Do i have a chance?
  5. Hi, Yes, staff attributes may change over time but my assistant manager's all attributes except fitness and adaptibility dropped by 2 points in a very short notice. Attributes change slowly and 1 by 1 but a sudden drop of 2 in every department? What is this?
  6. ermant

    How do I fix this?

    You better create your own thread in the "crashes and technical issues" section below. It can be many reasons for your crash and whatever people say here will all be hypothetical. First try the methods below and then start your own thread if problem is still there. Also, keep the crash dump file in "my documents-sports interactive-fm2018-crash dumps" folder becuase they will probably ask for it.
  7. I hired welsh, irish, northern irish and scottish scouts and now my UK&Ireland scouting knowledge went down to 50% from 67%
  8. It's a must for FM19. We shouldn't be left using our mental coaches in ball control or any other section and think if players benefit properly. Don't you also think mental coaches have nowhere to go in training and they are just assigned to an irrelevant job? I want a mental coach doing his job and giving mental help to the players. Not using him in attacking or ball control training. It would be better a "mental" column in training or mental help department should be integrated to the game. Many clubs have mental departments these days.
  9. I was definitely sure he was Portugese before opening the thread. There is definitely something wrong with the Portugese players value in this version. I had also opened a thread about that.
  10. Hi, I am in English Premier League and i have a 23 men scouting team (30 Recruitment Staff). All packages, regions, budgets etc. maximised. My player and youngster knowledge attributes are 14-14 in my profile. The problem is, when i manage to get outstanding knowledge of many regions with sometimes 1-2 scouts, i can't get satisfying knowledge of my own area UK&Ireland although i have a huge good number of domestic staff in addition to scouts. Chief scout and other 2 other scouts are English. Also there are many UK coaches and staff. I usually set my UK scouts to roam in UK&Ireland region ongoing but I am trying alternative solutions after this problem. I set them to scout competitions but i didn't help. I have outstanding knowledge of Central Europe, Scandinavia, South America but i still only have %65 knowledge of UK despite all these domestic staff. It feels weird when i still have players in the Premier League whose attributes are not fully displayed, even in worldwide clubs like Man City and Man Utd, when i get nice display of attributes for players in the leagues around the world. I would expect to have better attribute display at least in my own region but unfortunately not. What is this about? Anyone realised this? Is that something related with the database size and number of players? Or what? I hope i could explain well enough.
  11. And if the player established himself as the first team player and can't be tutored, like he did right now, nothing can be done about it, right?
  12. I didn't have a chance to tutor him at that time and he quickly developed into a first team player and had an excellent season. 6 caps for national team. He perfectly develops into a star player at the age of 20. His performance suddenly dropped in the beginning of the season but he is getting back to form now. The problem is, although there is not a specific unhappines, i am curious if these problems causing any damage in team harmony and affecting the team performance. I just don't want these kinds of things. I wonder what makes this player a target. There are others complaining about training but are not targeted by their teammates. Why this player? He doesn't and didn't directly cause any crisis. I also realised that all those players having problem with him are also young talents like him. He has "fairly determined" personality, determination and workrate 16. How will i solve this professionalism thing other than selling him. Is that a hidden attribute or will it change in the future?
  13. I have realised that a few players in the squad struggling to connect with a specific player. I saw it in the "negatives" part of the players' information section. This player is also struggling to connect with other players. Here is the exact sentence: "Struggling to connect with the player due to their differing levels of professionalism". The player seems to be okay and no reason for him to be unhappy. He has a fairly determined personality. He just constantly complains with the high amount of extra training he is asked to. But there are also others complaining but they don't cause any problem like this player. I also realise that this player sometimes support me and sometimes not. It changes over time but never against me. He is also getting away from the core social group. He is homegrown in the club and a wonderkid. I tried to warn him a few times about his conduct and training level. He told me that he would try to be a better teammate and train harder but the situation doesn't change. I don't want to seperate and let him train lighter. What to do about this player? What is his problem and how to solve whatever the problem is?
  14. It happened again. This is really annoying. Why do i confirm the start date if the board will force me to have a training camp earlier and call players back from holiday. I had my tricks to prevent this but not working anymore over the last two seasons. What's going on? Everyone has this problem?
  15. Yes but it doesn't make any difference if he is a coach or gk coach regarding the training of goalkeepers, right? Or players don't feel like club don't have a goalkeeping coach. Also my staff constantly advice me to hire a goalkeeping coach, which makes me think if i miss something by assigning a coach to a gk role.