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  1. Makes sense but come on, it's the Champions League. This may be true for top worldwide clubs but not for many. Also Beşiktaş don't have an international trophy in history. Not such a big deal but i created this thread to discuss if there is something wrong with that part of the game or not, and i see people have the same issue too.
  2. I am not sure i have seen this in the previous versions. Chairman is not an option in staff search screen. There is a staff called "Andres Fassi" on the staff search screen and his preferred job is "Chairman". In his profile, staff role is fitness coach and he is good but unemployed. Now i see that there are a total of 8 staff whose prefferred jobs are chairman. 2 of them are managers currently, others unemployed. In some point, do these staff takeover clubs? Why was it needed to create this "chairman" role?
  3. Isn't there any appropriate way to simply tell that i am not interested in that job Is it necessary to be that harsh and hit out those clubs who are interested in signing us? Come on, i don't want to be a Mourinho. I want an answer for press speculations linking with another club, simply saying: "Thank you but I am not interested in that job."
  4. I'm in Oct 2018 in game and two hot prospect examples here: Pedro Alvaro - SLB - 18 years old - End of Contract 2021 - Value 8,25 K Afonso Sousa - FCP - 18 years old - End of Contract 2021 - Value 11,5 K I filtered my scouted players. At most 18, 3 stars CA, 4 stars PA and these players are in the bottom of the list in value but on top with their CA. Compared to others in the list, i would expect them to be something between 500K-2M i guess. You know it better.
  5. Cant save game

    Hi, Does a keyboard pop-up when you try to name your save file?
  6. Wonderful prospects are valued arund 10K, sometimes less. I guess it has been a known issue but why is that so hard to correct and why Portugal? At least clubs' evaluation of the offers seem working right. I still managed to buy a good prospect for 100K which makes me still unsure if it works right. For really excellent prospects, they ask for let's say 40M for an offer but player value is 7,5K seems weird.
  7. As work permit issues are handled during the confirmation of a transfer, also before the contract starts, i couldn't understand what prevents another application before he joins. It is allowed in the first place but then only when he joins. Even 1 day without work permit ruins the home grown process. I thought it would be someting like getting papers ready for another country before you visit it. Anyway, if it's a rule, also in real life, so be it but doesn't make sense to me.
  8. Which is the "unsporting" part It sure has to be corrected. That player has to give space to the opponent for "returning the ball sportingly" to be completed.
  9. I guess nobody faced this problem as i replied to my own thread
  10. Is it possible to apply for a work permit for a player who is signed, work permit rejected and will join the club in the future? Club tried appealing against initial rejection when the transfer was confirmed but appeal was also rejected. I couldn't see "apply for work permit" option again, even after 120 days. Why should we wait for him to join to apply for work permit? I would like to get it done before he arrives because i want him to be "home grown club". From my past experience, work permit issues ruin it.
  11. That "doesn't like big matches" feature can show up any time to any player in your current squad. I have seen some of my own players had that label after a few years. It is related to their performance i guess, not a characteristic fact. Maybe the reason it can't be seen in a 100% scout report is that he didn't perform that way to be labeled "doesn't like big matches" yet.
  12. I think they don't get a new agent if they sack their agent on their own after negotiations fail. Otherwise, in the scenarios you mention, as you said they get a new one and we can only wish them to have a more reasonable agent, who is more patient and maybe less demanding.
  13. I played a final yesterday and watched the full match. I realised something weird. Opposition player was injured and they kicked the ball out just from the midline for treatment. Normally my player took the throw-in and returned the ball sportingly to the opposition which was a parallel ball to the line but my AML attacked the ball and tried to go past the oppositon defender. Commentary didn't realise it. It seemed like a bug to me. I have seen "returning the ball" incidents many times before. In most situations players throw the ball out for a goal kick if they are close enough. I think my player tried to do the same, threw the ball for a goal kick, but it was far away and my AML attacked the ball. I know there had been unsporting players in the past doing this, even scored goals , but this is not one of those situations. Anyone had this before? Do you think this is a bug? Match engine just tries to return the ball but doesn't realise if it is completed sportingly?
  14. We used to see loaned out players' ranks in squad in the "reports" section, but we can't see it anymore. It was useful to compare and decide if they are better from the players currently in the club or not. Also to see their rank for the position. I wonder why it is removed in this version.