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  1. Great input. Like your postings a lot. But one question: Are OIs really the only way to let your tactic work? I play FM Touch, because no time for the full experience at the moment. With Touch It is not possible to save OIs for special positions. So I think there is no way to try out your ideas for my own tactic.
  2. Hello again! I tried to do the same changes for FM17 like i did for FM16. But it doesnt work anymore. Cannot find the right code for the blue bars at the settings file. Any ideas? Thank you very much.
  3. Thanks a lot, gavo01! That is excactly the advice I was looking for. And it's so easy to change it. Works perfectly. With this very small detail, the lighter base skin is now perfect for me. By the way: I like it very much that all bars have more colours now. Not only the "5 last game" bars. Everything else is the same like basic. :-)
  4. Hello! I really have a problem to see the differences between the match ratings of the "last 5 games" since the bars are all blue colored. I saw a skin with different colours for different performances/ratings. I like this a lot, but I am very happy with the light standard skin, too. So my question: Is it possible to keep the skin, but changing only colours for last 5 games ratings? I was looking for an answer at this forum, but my english is not the best. Maybe I missed the right answer. Sorry and thank you very much for you help.
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