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  1. Great skin buddy, makes the game so much better. Can't believe the horrendous defeault skins continue.
  2. From my experience of being involved at a semi-pro club (in a non-coaching capacity), one of the coaching staff might scout games if an upcoming opposition are an unknown quantity. The coaching staff will also have contacts that will provide them with updates and info - it's more of a network than a scouting set-up. But ultimately it's the old-fashioned way - watching matches where they can - going to U20 matches, going to anything when their own club are not playing, taking tips, getting lads in on trial and so on. Some managers will have someone outwith the club that they use to scout on a regular basis.
  3. Canvey Island is indeed an island though to the west and north it is not much more than a muddy channel that is about two car lengths in width.
  4. The stadiums are the worst thing about playing FM with a smaller team. Fans of big teams will notice the problems a bit less as their stadiums are so similar. There, all that matters is a vague resemblance and of course seat colour. I have actually lost interest in FM since the switch to 3D because of this.
  5. As posted above it used to be 2 names added to the DB would be enough to occur but it's not that any more. Will have to do a bit of experimenting!
  6. I assume this is when transferring him to England in the editor. In Scotland you can turn pro at 16.
  7. The worst thing is the lack of compatibility between editor versions. I was on the verge of sticking with FM13 when I noticed that there were hardly any managerial sackings in patch 3 and also with xml no managerial histories. So back to FM14, for now.
  8. In Scotland for 2013-14, you can no longer play U16s in any match, competitive or reserve.
  9. Playing as Queen's Park is really pointless as SI have so far been unwilling / unable (I have raised this a few times elsewhere direct with them) to code the rule in Scotland that says no Amateur player can leave a Scottish club without the club's permission until the end of the season. This applies to all Scottish clubs who can sign amateurs. They cannot just walk off to another club when they feel like it, which is what happens with Queen's Park in FM. In Scotland, an amateur player signs up until season end, and remains a player with that club until season end. Without this, the entire experience of playing LL in Scotland is difficult as youth players are also signed by the smaller part-time teams in this way. The lads who make up U19 teams don't get a penny in real life. In FM, to keep them they have to be on paid contracts which adds to the wage bill and skews the flawed financial model already in place.
  10. I have added a lot of names to various dbs over the years, I got the impression that current versions of the game use hard-coded existing names, as opposed to the ones I added, for regens.
  11. Is it not that stadium colour schemes relate to the actual original database as opposed to changes made in the editor by xml?
  12. Seen a few mentions of Willie Howie, nowadays a hard-as-nails ball-winning central midfielder in the West of Scotland 1st Division for Glenafton Athletic. IIRC one of his coaches from Partick Thistle was manager at the time and he's stayed around. His career took a major set-back while still at Thistle after he was seriously assaulted with an iron bar in Glasgow. He's good enough to play at a higher level (effectively 6th Division right now), but must be happy. I've seen him play a number of times and is a guy with real workrate and dig.
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