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  1. Christmas Day after the Queen speech.
  2. Could be announced very very soon .................
  3. Hopefully Steam can do 50% off as its bank holiday weekend
  4. Oh wow thanks That’s a really good price. Any issues with them before? Are they reliable to purchase from?
  5. Anybody can recommend any good deals at the moment for fm19 digital download?? Thanks in advance
  6. Reason being cause John Lewis offering 18 month 0% payments which is really good. Plus it’s a light laptop to carry but I’m only gonna use for 2D mostly. But then I was thinking about the XPS 15 which is my second choice or a dell Inspiron. FM is the only game I will be playing so don’t really need much of a gaming laptop.
  7. So then which apple device will be good to use at the present moment.
  8. Smurf what’s your opinions on the MacBook Air for football manager if it’s only 2D. Can you tell me on yours views on the link below or shall go for the MacBook Pro version. https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/buy-mac/macbook-air/space-grey-1.6ghz-dual-core-processor-with-turbo-boost-up-to-3.6ghz-256gb
  9. Which Dell laptops are good for football manager apart from the G models.
  10. Which is the best apple device that football manager can be played on at the moment? If its only 2D then thats fine.
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