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  1. Just wondering what time will the demo FM21 will be coming out is it midnight or tomorrow afternoon?
  2. Personally think FM19 is a better match engine than FM20.
  3. Free!!!!! Whats the catch? If steam are charging £40 for fm20 and on epic games I get it for free.
  4. My question is which ME is better fm19 or the now almost fully patched up fm20?
  5. Do a test run two seasons one 2D and one 3D and you will see the difference in results.
  6. 2D all the way. ME feels well different on 2D too.
  7. With FM20 almost patched up now is it better than fm18 or fm19.
  8. How is the 2D match engine in fm2020?? Any differences?
  9. Sports Interactive make about £35-40 million from sales every year, surely they can add stands rather than grey borders on the 2D screens.
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