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  1. The demo is out too for anyone interested in checking the game out before purchase. Thank you SI
  2. im going back to playing fm2017
  3. Can someone upload a pic of the new 2d view from fm18 please.
  4. Just to let people know the Demo is showing on Steam now.
  5. Are you saying basically its a bug and I should'nt be playing in the champions league.
  6. End of my current season Im playing Tottenham here are the standings and can someone answer my question that why I am playing champions league next season. 1 - Chelsea 2 - Arsenal 3 - Man Utd 4 - Tottenham Liverpool win the Europa League - champions league next season Man City win the Champions League and finish 7th in the league - champions league next season as holders So playing next season Im in the Champions League hows that possible when Man City take the spot
  7. Right quick question if I re-install FM 2012 must I need the activation code again as I have lost it? If so how can find out my code again?
  8. the patch always comes out 1 week before christmas i.e last year 15 dec
  9. yep the patch should be out in the next few days
  10. amer

    [RELEASED] Flex 12

    Dave have you fixed the issue from last year were you could not view highlights on the screen.
  11. quick question as I havent bought the game yet was there not a patch on release day via steam?