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  1. So what have you done to rectify this? You've mentioned that he gets isolated - he will with 2 wingers and only 1 midfield runner. You've mentioned that he is too deep, he will be by definition as a deep-lying forward.
  2. Might seem a bit of a daft question but how are you expecting to score? Where do you want your goals to come from and how does your current set up achieve this?
  3. You could probably get a lot out of reading some of the tactics guides in the Please Read sticky at the top of the board. However, you might want to ask yourself a couple of basic questions to start with: What are the strengths of your squad?; How do you want to play? (Stylistically); From there you should be able to build a base tactic to suit your players. At the minute, changing system every game probably isn't doing much good for you.
  4. Took over Reading at the beginning of the 3rd season in game. League cup win and Play Off Final defeat in the first season. Still a fair amount of original squad around, but made quite a few signings throughout the year. New strikers in the form of Tyler Roberts on loan from West Brom and Anastosis Donis in January from Juventus for £220k. Also signed John McGinn from Hibernian and Jordan Pickford from Sunderland after spotting him in their u23 squad. Picked up Mason Holgate in the January also. Sold Donis for £11.5m to Palace in the Summer window and resigned Tyler Roberts on loan. Got rid of Gunter as he was entering last year of contract, and replaced him with James Bree. Signed Kasey Palmer on a free who has been amazing in AM(S) role 19 goals and 23 assists in January. Holgate left for £10.5m in January which allowed me to bring in Bersant Celina from City, Josh Murphy from Villa and Bielik from Arsenal. 2nd in the league 3 points behind Stoke but with 2 games in hand due to European commitments. Got through to First Knockout round losing to Gladbach on away goals.
  5. Defensively you are very deep and very passive in how you close down. Then you when you have the ball you're very static based on your dribble less instruction and your midfield roles. I'd suggest trying to be more aggressive defensively with a higher line and pressing the ball more, along with changing your midfield roles to move more.
  6. The IFs come "narrow too soon" because they're going into the space that is provided to them by your F9. They're doing exactly what should be expected of them given your set up. Have you tried playing a striker with a different role that occupies the centre backs to see if that gives your IFs the movement you're looking for?
  7. Based on your current roles, have you considered the shape of your team when you have possession? In my head you'll be set up something similar to: I've lined up an opposition XI in a 4-3-3 to help demonstrate my point, but based on your team where then would you expect your midfielders to play the ball? To me, your IFs are coming in to a congested area meaning that the only players moving forward and into space are your full backs hence why they receive the ball a lot. Then when your full backs have the ball, what are their options? Surely they have few options other than crossing the ball? I'd imagine you'd see a reduction in crosses by using 'Work Ball in to Box'. Your full backs will still receive the ball regularly as they would remain the only viable passing option for your midfielders, but you'd at least find them passing the ball inside rather than crossing it.
  8. I'd initially look more at your team instructions to try and create the counter style you're looking for as some of them will create a possession based style of play by default. For example 'Play Out Of Defense', 'Work Ball Into Box' and 'Prevent Short GK Distribution' suggest that you're looking to keep the ball rather than to break quickly. By this I mean a team looking to play on the counter is unlikely to prevent the opposition GK playing shortly as they want to encourage them to bring the ball forward to create space to exploit (think Juventus away at Bayern in the CL). Additionally, if you want to get the ball forward quickly working the ball in to the box is also counterproductive. It may be worth you removing some of those instructions and seeing how that effects your play in the next game.
  9. Apologies if this has been asked/answered previously, I've searched but unable to see a thread of a similar kind. I'm 5 years into a save with Grimsby Town and I've never been able to get a parent club. Every time the option to request one becomes available, I make the request and the board are happy to search for one. However they always return a few days later saying that after extensive searching they've been unable to find a suitable club to form a partnership with. It's starting to get a little frustrating now as I can't come up with a logical explanation for this. I'm overachieving in the Championship, so I feel comfortable ruling out being in a poor league etc. Does anybody know how the game searches for clubs to form a partnership with? What could determine my board's inability to find a 'suitable club'?
  10. I guess the answer really depends on how you've set up the rest of your 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-1-2, and how you think "as close to real life as poss with Liverpool" translates to FM. What are your team instructions? What roles do the other players have? What player instructions are being used? How close to what you're trying to achieve do you think you are?
  11. Just a couple of observations - I'd add the 'Get Further Forward' instruction to your BBM to encourage more support for your attackers. I'd remove 'Stick to Positions' from your team instructions as this in theory is making your team static and (obviously) encouraging players to stick to their position. Therefore your midfielders won't break from their strata to support an attack etc.
  12. You leave your centre backs exposed to through balls in to the channels. If you think about the nature of your roles and the lack of protection they offer your defence, the 2 wing backs on attack will be much higher than the 2CBs and perhaps as high as your midfield line. Add in a lack of a genuine holding midfield player due to the DLP(D) and BBM(S) combination means that your CBs will often be defending by themselves, particular in transition (which is where I imagine a lot of the through ball assists come from). Basically you need to think about how you can counter the counter so to speak. I'd drop one of your wingbacks to support, or maybe even FB(S) to offer some stability. I'd also consider, depending on how you want your midfield to help an attack, changing either player to a CM(D) to have more static midfield player to protect your defence.
  13. Yes, but we don't know his current squad and therefore where he's looking to strengthen etc. etc.
  14. On your squad screen, click 'report' and on that sub-menu click 'comparison'.
  15. He may go missing, as Crazy Ivan says, because the opposition have a DM marking him. Does he contribute in other ways? Or when he goes missing is he not involved at all?
  16. You probably need to readdress the balance of the duties in your team if you're looking to become more defensively stable. You currently have 5 players on attack duties and your 2 support players are arguably attacking by nature anyway. I'd suggest that you make your full backs play a less attacking role to give yourself a flatter back 4, and perhaps Sutton to CF(s). I'd also consider changing Pritchard to something like CM (d) or DLP (d) so his positioning is less static so you have a reference point in the middle of the pitch.
  17. You need to think about what the strengths of the opposition's formation against your 4231 are. Mainly that they can have a man marking your attacking midfielder, who I assume is your most creative player. In the AM role, the player will tend to make 'linear' movements, by that I mean that he will run in a generally straight line into the box making it easy for him to be marked as his movement is predictable. I think you need to look at changing his role to something that naturally moves laterally to drag opponents out of position, so perhaps using a trequartista. Hard to give you much more advice without actually seeing your tactic and team instructions etc. as there are other questions that can't be answered without more information. How are you playing your wide players? How do you envisage scoring goals? And is the tactic doing that so far?
  18. I think you might find it more useful for you to read some of the sticky threads on here particularly Cleon's Design, Create and Maintain, and also llama's Pairs & Combinations. Reading these might help to find the solution yourself and help you to build on the base that you already have.
  19. I think you need to try and simplify your approach and go back to basics. You've got a lot of team instructions that might be over confusing everything. I'd consider removing some of these in relation to how you want to play. For example you've got direct passing and work ball into box selected which seem to be contradictory. As is run at defence. For me I'd look to try and keep it solid so tighter marking, direct passing and higher tempo should remain. I'd include play narrower too, I find trying to make the pitch as small as possible in the lower leagues is beneficial. In order to combat how you concede goals, I'd consider not having a very fluid strategy as your players at that level shouldn't be capable of fulfilling its requirements "Attackers must be able to defend and defenders must be able to attack". Perhaps going to rigid might be an idea?
  20. For away games where your opposition will be naturally a little more aggressive with their tactics as they are at home I think there are a few things you could consider. The first thing I'd look at is giving your right back a less attacking role to help with stability. Then I'd move on to your team instructions. For me using a high tempo doesn't work well with a possession based system, and you might control games better if you switched to a lower tempo. With that I'd swap 'play wider' to 'play narrower' so you have passing options closer together. You also have the combination of 'hassle opponents' and 'drop deeper'. Again, for me, these don't go well together. If you're hassling opponents you need to do this as high up the pitch as possible so you need to decide whether you want to soak up the pressure and then break (drop deeper) or win the ball back quickly and pass the ball around (hassle opponents). You've also got all your defenders with instructions to tackle harder despite having the team instructed to stay on their feet. Just a little counterintuitive.
  21. I think a part of it will be teams having learnt how to be more effective against your team. You don't seem to be too aggressive in terms of trying to get the ball back, so other teams may have realised that playing possession against your team is the way to go. You've got two options: Add 'Hassle Opponents' as a team instruction or do what you're doing and play a game that gets the ball forward quicker.
  22. As people have already touched upon, you seem like you want to play a possession based system, so switching mentality to control might be better for you. With doing that I'd drop the following team instructions: Pass into Space, Be more disciplined, play wider and higher tempo. Instead I'd choose: Retain possession, short passing, play narrower (will help to retain the ball better) and hassle opponents. I'd then look to decide who you want to be your main playmaker (you currently have 3 players in a playmaker role). If that is the DLP as you mention above, then perhaps change the other player to CM (A) so his focus is going forward rather than trying to have the ball all the time. Then perhaps look at changing your right winger to a winger role. For the striker, I'd look at using him as a CF (A/S) or AF (A). I use AF(A) in a similar system and is my top scorer as well as chipping in with a few assists too.
  23. I think the supply style is now set by your overall style of play. If you play short passing/work ball into box you are more likely to be playing the ball on the ground and if you play more direct/route one you're more likely to play the ball in the air.
  24. With regard to the BBM despite that being your midfielder's 'best role', the role by its nature gets forward and as your attacks go through the middle he just further clogs space. They should be able to play with other roles that will best suit your overall formation and system. All the other things you've gained makes sense (to me at least). I wonder if adding player instructions to your F9 may help to create space for all players, perhaps 'roam from position' (although he should do that naturally) or 'moves into channels' if that is an option you can choose.
  25. I'm not sure what the tactical issue is here. Gerrard made a poor decision and Defoe made a good one. Simple error that occurs in football, not every decision made is the best one despite the difference in stats for each player.
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