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  1. Chill. They have admitted FM20 development is closed. Maybe next product you will buy will work properly.
  2. No, this ME is fine and problems are being worked on. We are still in the beta phase right? 3 divisions difference, ugly striker vs goalkeeper shooting in the face. Won by sucky headers. Its disgusting to watch Oh... of course ME gave to this weak team high value moments in extra time - scripted in every game. Its easier to score from random long shot screamer or annoying header than from 1on1 lol .
  3. Getting friendly with lower league team. Build morale etc, rotate for fitness. build position familiarity, etc, obvious. Not so much. When I struggle to score hitting CCCs straight at the keeper in league games and get punished with far post sucker header over fulback... or amazing extra time low finisher top notch laser shot I say to myself: it happens! Its just too much ********. Failed CCCs vs powerful headers from .. not so powerful off the ball/anticipation heading players. Polonia Warszawa v Sandecja Nowy Sącz - ccc is a joke.pkm
  4. The biggest buggy thing in this video here is: tracking ball chaser and retrieved ball handling. Getting the ball and ... instead of running with it .. this happens... 63:55 This is the product I paid for. Coding is definately mediocre at best, yet sales management and marketing are masterpiece! 8w0ox_1.mp4 Polonia Warszawa v Lechia Gdańsk perfect assist.pkm
  5. Catching close range volley? Not a prob! 58:08. Im not saying this must be a goal, but such a saves IRL are making goalkeepers PoMs. It should be a hard clear to the side, to the field, over the bar, or just a goal with a ball slipping through the gloves. oshfn_1.mp4 Theres also this annoying player (chmielewski) movement of "mini dribbling" the ball outside, before passing/crossing. I do see it very often. Even with early crossing on, and it often lets defender get back and ends with standard cross, defender, corner routine... And if such a godmode save is not an uncommon thing, then 73:58 ... watch 2nd vid.. Simple kick is too much to expect . Ofc it wasnt a mistake. Standard 6.7 rating for the GK. This is 2nd time I see such an abnormal thing. This time it made a draw from a potential win. wj3br_1.mp4 Polonia Warszawa v Lechia Gdańsk.pkm
  6. 15:57 GK is not moving 1m to the side, to lay down and catch the ball from low cross. Instead he decides to run to the far post. He is even faster than the ball for a sec . Central defenders are not reacting. Fullback tackles for the 2nd yellow and theres penalty. Yay! GK had 6.9 rating. No mistakes in stats. But the match is not finished yet. 46:03 Later winger decides to help his hugging defending friends to make defense even more crowded. Leaves his marker and goes to black jerseys party. To mark each other. This makes space for unbelievable, beautiful, no-look, one touch, coming from the side, laser long shot screamer .. it is the best summary possible . Lucky shooting guy has long shots 11. Last time Ive seen such, it came from long shots 6 guy . 2ccc and 2hcc later, team looses 1-2. As a software developer myself I have a dilemma. Are those things presented in cameras, a 1:1 presentation, with animation glitches, of complex match engine physics with player positioning, rich decision processing, vision analysis etc. Or is it a toy to make visualisation of simplified, tactics+players combination, scoring evaluation? What I see on the screen whispers .. the later one. wghpw_1.mp4 okggu_1.mp4 Arka Gdynia v Polonia Warszawa.pkm
  7. https://streamable.com/x5z9e Left winger (on the top right corner) failed attack. From 71:51. Stays glued to the DR to the end. Is this a player mistake or engine coding error? He was not on attack. Right winger with the same marking duties gets back. Then central midfilder. Is it his positioning mistake or positioning code error? I mean hes not staying goal side... and being so lazy in blocking duh. Aggression 15, positioning 14, concentration 13, marking 13. Rly high for this division 0_o. Polonia Warszawa v Legia Warszawa.....pkm
  8. Here you go. PKM with that freekick. In addition couple notes: 13:52 Strong header from 3m. Easy catch for a GK. Theres slight rebound or magic trajectory bending to help GK. 26:49 Ball through the legs 36:22 Such saves are casual for godmode GKs. Tbh I dont know why hes running to the middle. 41:25 Long shot flying through legs and magicaly bending its flying path to land in keepers hands (GK already waits for it) 49:56 GK makes no defending move? No block? 61:10 Freekick from the pic 66:47 Rush for the ball to leave it for the striker. Happy chance creation for opposition. This time w/o goal.... 71:36 Close range flick. Ball slows down in the air for the GK to help him catch it. 90:45 Defenders positiong: Double push. One defender running behind the other. Common. Then defender#30. Early engaded, floats away and leaves shooter unmarked. Polonia Warszawa v Radomiak Radom.pkm
  9. With this setup goalkeeper is blind. No vision of ball. Wall and additional two players behind the wall take whole vision of this situation away. I would expect shorter wall, w/o guy with pink shirt and goalkeeper position pushed to the right. Moreover, this reflexes 13, concentration 9, anticipation 7, jumping reach 4 short goalkeeper easily jumped w/o moving, instantly after the ball passed the wall. Jumped like a frog and caught ball easily from the near post. RLY? Shouldnt it be out of reach?
  10. This time my striker decided not shoot at goalkeeper and cross to his teammate instead. Yesss! Im really happy . Pity he was solo and there were no teammates nearby . This is another "feature" Ive seen dozen times earlier. Being software developer myself I even started to wonder if match engine developers made trivial mistake of placing negation in one of conditional branches in the code. If theres no option to pass, I see those. If theres open net opportunity - e-e, no pass! Is there a way to get a refund? Yi40Yep.mp4
  11. Thread is focused on 1v1 evaluation so Ive left defending AI w/o mentioning. But tbh this uploaded pkm is full of awful defense: - positioning - more situations where defending players give up pressure and end useless in defensive action - double, triple sudden unnecessary pressing - clearing with weak headers straight to attacking players (for sliding laser volleys) - abnormal clearing into corners instead of throwins - throwins ballstoping chasers - lost 4 goals because of this to this day - ... awful offense: - wingers countering straight to the throwin lines, waiting for tackling opposition - no throughballs from much more creative (flair), better passers with vision than this poor defender from gif - hitting straight into fullbacks instead of early crossing - abnormal instant back passing deep to the field, instead of obvious pass into penalty area from very promising action - 1v1s - ... Its nothing new. Those things were reported in other threads. I see those every game.
  12. At ~85:50 suprisingly decent pass from central defender with 5 passing, 7 vision to striker who ignores open net at far post for speedy winger. I have seen pass in similar situation only once after 4 seasons watching comprehensive (yeah it hurts! ;). It was pass between 2 strikers in 4-4-2. Radomiak Radom v Polonia Warszawa.pkm
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