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  1. Just arrived home (W. London) and my Zavvi purchase has arrived! Whoop Ordered Oct 7th Dispatched Oct 29th
  2. Same here. I wonder where Zavvi's warehouse is located? I'm hopeful for it arriving on Sat (yes, im an eternal optimist).
  3. Just checked online banking, and there's nothing charged yet.Looks like I'm not getting it till Monday. Ah well.
  4. Hmmmm, I ordered on Oct 7th but current status is "Awaiting Stock Pick" with an Estimated Dispatch for Friday. :confused:
  5. That's super analysis in your opening post, theincrediblehulk. I started with Milan yesterday and using your guidance have the team in 2nd spot with a decent W8 D0 L2 record (Inter are unstoppable in first spot atm). IN: Van Damme, Otamendi, Capoue, Buonanotte OUT: Oddo, Antonini, Kaladze, Seedorf Playing the Narrow Diamond of course with Pirlo at DM-PKR position. He is absolutely buzzing in every game, taking the ball off the toes of the CBs and doing those 'round-the corner' thru-balls that Pato runs onto. Pure magic. It's no surprise my 2 League losses + a CL home draw coincided with Pirlo being out injured. Nesta is also key too. My defensive line seems to go AWOL when hes not about.
  6. Mentality: Attacking Creative Freedom: Low / Normal RWB: Rarely Cross: Often Cross From: Deep Through Balls: Rarely
  7. You can still play the above but as a narrow diamond (Bentley and Altintop in CM) with FBs overlapping, which is perhaps what davidnio_42 meant.
  8. All depends on where you want to place / aim your corner kick, I reckon. e.g. If you want it to place it at the back post for someone running in, then an in-swinging corner at speed would be best. So Downing taking the right-sided corner for example.
  9. Play.com order just arrived (dispatched on Thurs) but grabbed the game on Saturday in HMV so gonna send it back, maybe get something else.
  10. Yup, its regional settings. It defaults to US settings on my work laptop (im with a US company in the UK) but is UK settings on my UK laptop..
  11. Don't think you have to give a reason. Just follow their returns policy: http://www.play.com/HOME/HOME/6-/Help.html?page=ret#jump-02 Think I might do it myself - just need to which brick n' mortar shop is cheaper.
  12. My play.com order didnt arrive today (im in the London area). Ah well, not to mind - I only had it ordered / dispatched on Wed / Thurs, so not unexpected. Im happy enough playing the demo till Monday.
  13. Here's the minimum system requirements: Your card, Intel® 82845G, is below the minimum.