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  1. How do I set my team up to be playing counter attack - FM13 there was an option to tick but I can't find it on FM14...! How do I select playmaker...can't find this either. Thanks all
  2. Can you search for players by say current ability/potential ability or is this not possible? Thanks
  3. Thanks Batty, I have £40m remaining, sold Anderson, Cleverley etc etc Will give shaqiri a try
  4. Thanks Batty, Any suggestions for a AMR? Not too keen on Nani or Valencia! Ta
  5. Guys, I have the choice between Draxler or Pedro as my AMR/right winger - any thoughts? Any other suggestions...? Thanks
  6. I am in my first season as Man United and torn between Draxler or Pedro, similar price for both. Any thoughts? Ta
  7. Howdy, Does anyone know whether any of the editors are out? Apparently, there's an official FM version, is this true? Ta
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