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  1. Daniel Wurstel - VFB (Very Foul Binge-drinkers) Stuttgart According to a recent news bulletin issued by the agency Die Latestisch Newsen, Mr Daniel Wurstel was forced to train the local Stuttgart team. It is reported that last Friday he was caught in a local Beer Fest by bystanders, engaging in indecent acts with a pig who he insisted to call Vanessa. After witnessing such a shameful moment, people called the Eins Zwei Polizei, that is the German police direct line for emergencies. Law enforcement forces brought Mr Wurstel to jail, until the judge issued his verdict: Mr Wurstel will be forced to carry out community service as the VFB Stuttgart manager. Due to his lack of football experience, Mr Wurstel will be helped in his job by his assistant managers, that in order to get him to know the basics of the beautiful sport, are showing him the entire dvd set of "Teletubbies play football". More news are expected soon.
  2. Good luck with your clan guys, I hope I can join you next year and it was great playing with you with last FM.. have a good time
  3. I like the new 3d improvemnts a lot, but I am still waiting to see the manager on the bench, giving to the managers different personalities, so you could see a manager shouting at his team all the time or another one sitting all the time even when he is winning against barcelona.. how long must we wait for this?
  4. I don't know if you can already do it in the game, but one option I've always wanted is to buy multiple players from a team in the same negotiation, so I could for example offer 2 of my players to buy 2 from another team
  5. MCKEE AT MILLWALL - UPDATE TWO As it is almost certain that Mckee will be appointed as the new Millwall boss, we wanted to know this less-known manager better. This is why we flew to Palma de Mallorca where Mckee is spending the last part of his holiday before getting committed with his new job in England. We reached the beach resort where we found him busy with a limbo contest, and after completing his semi-final he sat with us to help us outline who the new Millwall manager is. So, let's start with a simple question? Why did you choose Millwall? Basically for money, but if I would meet some nice girl there wouldn't be bad at all, and I've always been curious about being a manager in Ireland. Well, Millwall is an English team. Oh really... but they still speak English there, don't they? What are your plans with the new team, how far do you think you can go with your new side? Well, today I've been busy lowering the bar in the limbo contest and hopefully I'll make it to the first prize that is a 10-litre naked-woman-shaped container of Pina Colada, but we'll play a different music at Millwall. We'll be busy with the team rasing the bar towards always new objectives. We plan winning Champions League in 8 years and after that we'll join the Asian federation to win their Champs League too. You haven't won that, Barcelona! Do you know any of the other managers you'll play against this season? Yes.. I once met Hans Stadem in Mexico City, during a chicken fight. We bet 80£ on El pollo gordo, but after that we won 5000£ he took all the money and run. YOU STILL OWE ME THOSE 2500£ HANS. WITH INTERESTS. I also met Donnelly in Mykonos once but I could barely understand him. I thought he was drunk, then I realised he was just Scottish...nice lad. Thank you for your time, it's time to leave you now and we'll meet again soon after your first matches with your new team Yeah, ok, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Danny Mckee reportedly didn't win the limbo contest and got into a row with the security of the competition. Not a good publicity for him, as the event was broadcast in 15 countries including Vanuatu, Guam, and St Vincent & Grenadins. Follow us on our website for further updates about Mckee.
  6. BREAKING NEWS Danny McKee will be appointed as new Millwall manager from monday. Rumours have been made in these weeks about this move from the Millwall board, but the news seems more than just speculation now. More to come in the following weeks.
  7. Inflation would make the game more realistic if this feature could be realistically implemented. Given that a static inflation rate through the years is unrealistic, and a randomically created dynamic inflation rate would be unrealistic too due to the fact that we can't really predict what events will happen in the global economy in 20 or 30 years, I say that this could be a nice feature, but it definitely has to stay out of the game because it can't be implemented properly.
  8. Good luck with the clan there, I will be reading about your progresses here and I hope that at some point I will have more chances to take part to your group
  9. I don't think paying for courses in the game to improve your coaching skills would add something to the game. You can buy all the courses you want in the game but being terrible at managing a team in real life or vice versa, so this qualifications would be pointless in my opinion. With regards to chairmans of better teams contracting you based on the courses you attend, there is already the reputation system in the game that as the reputation improves attracts better teams as you start having good results with your managing, so I think the game is fine as it is now.
  10. I am sorry for the op but this is not the game I am looking to.. as many people said here, if fm would implement your ideas it wouldn't be the game that a lot of people fell in love for.. if fm would become some sort of fifa manager I would stop buying it.
  11. I liked your logo pack very much last year kremmen and I was waiting for its 2011 version, thank you so much
  12. A tip for the SI staff: instead of keeping a generic wishlist while some people will keep posting their ideas in new threads anyway, filling up the general discussion forum, why don't you open another dedicated football manager forum for "ideas for future versions of FM"? There people will open their thread stating in the title the main ideas they have and expanding them in the thread, and people can discuss whether those ideas are good or bad and contribute with their suggestions.
  13. Oh that's good news ... I think they will talk about how the european cups went and the group stage draw, apart from how the premier league is going so far.. but I really hope the feature roulette will give us interesting new information about the game..
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