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  1. Daniel Wurstel - VFB (Very Foul Binge-drinkers) Stuttgart According to a recent news bulletin issued by the agency Die Latestisch Newsen, Mr Daniel Wurstel was forced to train the local Stuttgart team. It is reported that last Friday he was caught in a local Beer Fest by bystanders, engaging in indecent acts with a pig who he insisted to call Vanessa. After witnessing such a shameful moment, people called the Eins Zwei Polizei, that is the German police direct line for emergencies. Law enforcement forces brought Mr Wurstel to jail, until the judge issued his verdict: Mr Wurstel will be forced to carry out community service as the VFB Stuttgart manager. Due to his lack of football experience, Mr Wurstel will be helped in his job by his assistant managers, that in order to get him to know the basics of the beautiful sport, are showing him the entire dvd set of "Teletubbies play football". More news are expected soon.
  2. Good luck with your clan guys, I hope I can join you next year and it was great playing with you with last FM.. have a good time
  3. I like the new 3d improvemnts a lot, but I am still waiting to see the manager on the bench, giving to the managers different personalities, so you could see a manager shouting at his team all the time or another one sitting all the time even when he is winning against barcelona.. how long must we wait for this?
  4. Inflation would make the game more realistic if this feature could be realistically implemented. Given that a static inflation rate through the years is unrealistic, and a randomically created dynamic inflation rate would be unrealistic too due to the fact that we can't really predict what events will happen in the global economy in 20 or 30 years, I say that this could be a nice feature, but it definitely has to stay out of the game because it can't be implemented properly.
  5. A tip for the SI staff: instead of keeping a generic wishlist while some people will keep posting their ideas in new threads anyway, filling up the general discussion forum, why don't you open another dedicated football manager forum for "ideas for future versions of FM"? There people will open their thread stating in the title the main ideas they have and expanding them in the thread, and people can discuss whether those ideas are good or bad and contribute with their suggestions.
  6. A rating for every team of the league on how well they did in the transfer window. This can be based on how much they were able to earn from selling a player higher than his estimated value (also depending from his squad status and his reputation). When buying a player, factors that will account for determining the rating can be the player's reputation, squad status, estimated price and how many teams wanted to buy that player and you were able to make the player decide to sign for your team.
  7. I think this thread should be closed and restarted again, as there are too many pages to read, some of the features here will be in fm 2010, and most of the features here should be already in the fm feature list..
  8. You do a press conference impersonating your new foreign signing, imitating his accent in your language to imagine how it would sound
  9. A separate manager reputation for every country where we train. If I train in Hong Kong Premier league and I achieve a 'national' reputation then I can't have the same 'national' reputation if I go to train in England, where possibly no-one will know me.
  10. I would like a facegen editor to be included in the game as the fm editor is. I would like to create my face in the game instead of putting a photo that looks always the same.
  11. Thank you Colorado (maybe SI will call me now to work for their marketing side ) But I think there should be also the 2nd division for the leagues that have only a division in the game. You only can choose a couple of team anf if you get relegated you just have to resign.. and if you are sacked you don't have a great change to get another team (See Australia or India)
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