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  1. Trades. I traded Moutinho for Hummels and Otamendi and James Rodríguez for Gotze. Jovetic, Ter Stegen, Garmash, were paid in installments...Spent around 90M€ in transfers and received around 55M€. I also got Willems, Markovic, Wellington Nem, Fierro (loan), Yttergard Jensen, Skiljbred, Milanov and Okore. Most of you may not believe me but it's up to you, that's how it worked. Offered Moutinho for 30M€ and Dortmund showed interest and I suggested a trade for Hummels and they accepted. I was surprised and decided to try to work out another trades. Then tried the same thing with James for Gotze and and they rejected, so I offered Otamendi, Dortmund showed interest and I decided to include him in the trade and it worked Same thing with Fernando for Pjanic. Ps.: those who doubt it just try it if you're calling me a liar. Anyways, I'm not here for that...I'm here because took me a lot of effort to assemble this squand and now they can't play properly...
  2. I almost didn't touch the sliders. I just wanted not to play with too much of an high defensive line because I feel my defense gets exploited. Without fluid, will I need a ball playing centre back? Altough Hummels is a perfect fit for the role it's always hard to find good CB at this and they are a bit reckless that's why I'm not very keen on towards that.
  3. Hi guys! I need your suggestions on how to make things work. I only ask you not to advise me to change the formation nor the player roles because that's what fits my squad and that's how I'd love to play. Any tip, team instruction, player instruction etc. will be appreciated since I'm struggling defensively and after countless hours I haven't been able to come up with a consistent tactic. Sometimes I play really well, score a lot of goals and play fairly good defense but when I play against tougher teams the defense kinda breaks. screengrab
  4. For what I've read the first option of the tutoring focuses on the PPM, whilst the second ones focuses on mental attributes, right? - Does one of the options focus on technical attributes? - But which one focuses on technical attributes? - Do both focus on technical attributes in a minor way but the first is manly PPM and the second mental? Thanks.
  5. Not only the me is full of **** and took me weeks to get a decent way to play, guess what whappens? Crash ****ing dumps! I'm in the middle of a ****ing game and boom! 3 hours of play down the trash! **** you mother****ers, it was the last time i bought this piece of crap!
  6. I mean, my squad is build to fit that formation so I'm gonna always play with someone up front. And then. the cyborgs with 20 a finishing, dribble will pop up so I gotta have space for them
  7. 1 - I've tried ''Poacher'' but I think I get better results with AF. Are you suggesting DLF?
  8. Thanks for replying! 1 - I try to emulate teams like Dortmund, with Gotze sometimes playing as a winger but cutting through the middle like Cristiano Ronaldo, for example. You know, that type of guy that is a false winger, he gets the ball at the wing and because he his a great dribbler and finisher, cuts to the goal and tries to score. Ex.: Hulk, Robben, Ribéry etc. 2 - I'll try that approach and it depends how the ''game'' will react to changes. 3 - When I set my formation, strategy and closing down by defaul I had ''high defensive line''. I only pulled it back a notch because I didn't want too much of a high line, felt a bit reckless. 4 - Again, I only touched it a bit. It may not sound coherent or ''by the book'' but I'm trying these combos because they've been the best mix based on my trials. Thanks!
  9. image sharing http://s24.postimg.org/qaxrknzmt/FCP_T_cticas_Equipa.png Well, after days of testing I came with a pretty decent tactic. Only lost to Man City away (I was up at the half) in a CL group with Udinese and Dortmund. However at home my team struggled a bit and only got a draw against Udinese, Dortmund and Benfica. On a 15 game stretch my team had 9 wins, 5 draws(3 at home) and a loss. I know I cannot win all games (I wish:)) but I'm asking for your input how to make my tactic better with small details. I hope you don't suggest radical changes because that's the scheme that fits my squad along with player roles. I'm talking like player or team instructions. Ex.: ''You should push you DLP higher, you should back the AF'' etc. I really hope you help me out with your tactics savvy, it's been though not being able to enjoy the game. I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  10. Should I play them with their default roles (DC - Defend)? Should I make one (DC - Cover) and another (DC - Stopper)? Other roles? I know it has to do with the tactic as a whole in order to be effective but what is for you the best way of pair them? Btw, my tactic is a (4-1-2-2-1) Thanks!
  11. When a player is designated an automatic role does it mean he will both attack, supply and defend when needed, even without my instructions? Will he be kinda of a ''manager'' and do whichever suits the game at a given moment?
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