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  1. I agree. I Think it´s rarely a player hwo drops quickly in stats too, take for example Mendieta, sold as perhaps the best right back in the world, to Lazio where he quickly droped to be a mediocre player. Yes of course the enviroment plays a part too, but is rarely shown in drop of stats. The world of football are full of these kind of stories so why not in FM?
  2. I would like to see that in FM 2009 you could talk a lot more to the press, many more comments, and most of all I would like to see press conferences both before the match and after. Where you get bombarded with questions when you are at the highest level or talk to the local journalist when in the sub-levels. Also I would like to see that you could set when to receive the scouting reports from the scout who has watch your up-coming opponents. This would be very useful because then you could get some tips what to look for when you yourself are visiting for look att your opponents. Perhaps could also set what match the scout is going to attend to. Please SI look at this and at least put it under consideration Many thanks
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