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  1. Thank you. Did seem like a bit of a silly question, lol.
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if taking the lowest wage possible as a manager will improve your financial status of your club. I know players and staff wages do but wasn't sure about my own wage. Cheers in advance for the answers.
  3. Okay, so I have just finished the first season of a save with Southampton on FM14. The reason I am making this is not to showcase my tactics or seasons results, but is to find out the key to keep performing consistently. I am looking for a response or a thread showing how to keep a team performing consistently at the end of a season. Do I have to change my tactic, spend big in January or change my training methods. So I signed Ryan Shawcross (CB), Harry Kane (ST), Dan Harding (LB) and Lee Nicholls (GK) in the summer transfer window and sold Guly Do Prado (AMC) and Paulo Gazzaniga (GK). And in January I sold Steven Davies (CM) and brought Will Hughes (CM). I only strengthened the areas that i thought were necessary. For training, All individual training was set to heavy and match preparation differed depending on my next opponent. My tactic was 4-5-1 with full backs, ball playing defenders, an anchor man, box to box midfielder, advanced playmaker two inside forwards and a complete forward. My team instructions were to retain possession, play out of defence, run at defence, look at overlap, much higher defensive line, hassle opponents Much higher tempo. My full backs stayed wide to stretch the pitch and overlapped the inside forwards who stayed narrow when attacking. At the start of the season, I masterminded some giant killings such as a beating Man Utd in the Capital One Cup 1-0, beating Man City 3-0 in the premier league and Chelsea and Arsenal 1-0 within the same week. I was even offered a new contract by December and had a very secure job status and was only 5 points behind 5th place Everton. However, the second half of the season was up and down (Apart from winning the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup). I lost to a lot of small teams such as Fulham 4-2 and Stoke 1-0. In the last 5 games of the premier league season, I was third from bottom with only one win from five. My question is, am I doing something wrong which is meaning that I am inconsistent or is this just a bug in FM
  4. Hi, so I have decided to start a new career with Wigan Athletic on the default FM14 career settings ( NO JANUARY TRANSFERS IN PLACE ). I haven't played my first friendly yet and just wanted to know if I could get a few tips on signings etc. The formation I am playing is much like Van Gaal's tactic. I play 5-3-1-1 with attacking full backs, two box to box midfielders, a deep lying playmaker, an advanced playmaker and a target man. If possible, I have a few questions that I would like to be awnsered. 1. What are some good signings for a championship team that is looking for promotion. ( bear in mind I have a 15 mil transfer budget). 2. Should I have a lone striker and pack the midfield, or have two strikers that play off each other. If you have any tips or guidance then it would be greatly appreciated and would mean a lot to me. Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm starting a career with Wolves. Has anyone got any good ideas on tactics, backroom staff, training or signings?
  6. you seem to be able to get a lot out of your leeds side. I just wanted to know what tactics you use. Ist it the same formation as the U21's? Also, can i know how you had so much money to spend in the first season? did you get a tycoon takeover immediately because i have a very small wage and transfer budget were as you spent 3 times as much as my transfer budget on one player.
  7. Yes. I had a career with southampton. They got relegated from prem and i won championships and got them promoted. I didn't really see much of Tadanari Lee though because i used ramirez as CAM and Lambert and Rodriguez as my ST. But it was quite a bargain. I got him for half his asking price on pretty low wages.
  8. Hi, i'm starting a leeds United career with the january transfers in place. I thought that if i made one or two signings then i could maybe get into the playoffs and have an outsiders chance of promotion. However, it is proving harder than i thought. Luciano Becchio is at norwich leaving a big gap up front. I have tried to replace him with southampton CAM/ST Tadanari Lee but i am not sure whether or not he is going to be up to the challenge. I am also lacking the ability in right back so i spent a large chunk of my transfer budget on Eric Lichaj ( 1.1 million pounds ). I also had a lack of creativity in midfield so i got Cristiano Zanetti on a free transfer. Pre season is going well. We are scoring lots of goals and conceding next to no goals. I am using a 4-2-3-1 narrow tactic. But i am a little concerned about whether a single striker can score enough goals to get a mid table side into the playoffs. If you have a different tactic that is effective with Leeds united or to get strikers scoring then please reply with your reccomendation. Also if you have any recommendations for players to buy or loan into the club then please reply to the thread. Feed back always appreciated.
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