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  1. Hi Lucas, Any update on this? It has been a number of months and I am still experiencing the same issue
  2. Ignore the incorrect logo for the league, but the National Youth League does not include the two new A-League teams, Macarthur and Western United, even a few years into the save when they both are up and running as A-League clubs
  3. Hi team, I am trying to link my youtube channel to FM20 in the game so I can upload highlights. I have loaded my saved game, gone into preferences and logged in to my Google account, but then get this error message. Is this something I am doing wrong, or is FM not enabled for youtube login at the moment? How can I link my Youtube channel to my FM20 save?
  4. Same issue. On key highlights and noticed black kits. Wasnt there to start the game, just appeared on a highlight midway through the game. The black kit is their away kit. No custom logo pack being used
  5. I've worked out the basis of the problem is moving Australia to Europe. I can't work out what it is specifically that causes the error. But I successfully managed it without difficulty in FM15 and 14, so it's something new
  6. I've swapped Australia and Kazakhstan between Europe and Asia to get Australia in the Euros, etc. I've also changed all the national competitions's continent as well (A-League to Europe, Kazak premier league to Asia, along with lower leagues, etc). But when I load up the game, it crashes when setting up leagues at the start, before I can pick my manager, This has worked for me in other FM games, but is there something I'm missing this time?
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