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    21 y/o student from Trondheim, Norway. Living in London. Spurs fan for 10 years. Rosenborg Ballklub fan for 21 years. Relatively new to FM.

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  1. My English was mis-worded and now you're taking it to stupid levels. I should have made it clearer for you that I didn't mean, for example, league 1. I've since explained what I meant. So deal with it or don't add to the thread, your choice.
  2. This is from experience from being with clubs of varying wealth. I'm obviously not talking about League One clubs so don't come in here with your condescending BS please. amd that goes for both of you. I'm not attacking your precious game so calm down. I'm talking whether the club is super wealthy or just of average finance. If I want the player to accept a lower app.fee then I have to significantly increase the agent and signing on fee to a unsustainable level. For Spurs I offered Wilfried a good contract but the app fee being demanded was £15k and he wouldn't budge. for PSG Wanyama demanded £40k, despite being a squad rotation player and being offered 80k p/wk. I can count 5 other examples of this from varying clubs, and negotiations don't get far when the agent walks out after 3 rounds Again, leave your BS by the door, this is not an attack or hyperbole, so stop reading it as such.
  3. The demands for appearance fees are getting silly. Regardless of club, wealth, player, squad status - players always ask for ridiculous appearance fees. I'm talking £15k minimum. Anyone else?
  4. Counter is NOT defensive. I've been using it all season with Sociedad, and with amendments elsewhere it's incredibly proactive.
  5. I watch EVERY game on full, even if I don't want to. Sometimes it's laborious but this is a football management sim and if i'm not going to watch the games then really what is the point? I want to witness what I have worked on, whether I'm winning or getting spanked. Also, I really feel that you can only know what's happening if the game is on full. You get to see things work and see things not work.
  6. You forgot Francisco Cerro. Awesome midfielder, just bought for my Real Sociedad side.
  7. Me too. There's no option to do so and therefore we have to wait until it expires by which time none of the concerned parties are interested
  8. Thanks Yes it went to competent after the 1st season had ended, didn't know whether this was normal. So as for 2/3, there's not really any benefit or detriment either way?
  9. I'm on July 1st, pre-season has started and no fixture list has been released. Does anyone know when they do it? Kindof unsettling when I need to plan pre-season :confused:
  10. In my first season I had only one Tactic in the menu - Everything was left neutral(mentality, philosophy etc). It was all fluid by I think the second game of the season. 1) Why has this gone to just 'Competent' before I have started my second pre-season? 2) What is the deal with adding 3 tactics of the same formation but different philosophies? For example, having 3 different 4-5-1's with one as 'Control', one 'Counter' and so on. Does this benefit at all, or will it mean taking alot longer to achieve fluency in all three variations? 3) Or, should I just have one tactic in my menu, and utilise it how I wish before each game.
  11. I say restart and concentrate on the youth system BTW It looks like my finances are screwed long term. I've basically asked the board to buy the stadium and build new training facilities. Add that to the banks loan I'm payng every month and it looks quite bad. Only 8m euro to spend this summer
  12. They have a buy back clause IRL, for that amount. That's why Bayer try and get you to pay a huge fee on a player they wouldn't sell to anyone other than Real.
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