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  1. Not sure if this guy has been posted in this thread. Nevertheless, I found the next Carlos Fierro in FM20 Jose Juan Macias He can be signed in first season around 4m-7m UK pound
  2. 1. Esposito 2. Almada 3. Zaracho
  3. Which tactic better defensively? Which tactic is better against top team?
  4. Hi @Totalfootballfan Recently I have used your ANHILATOR V1 and FIGHTER V1 tactic, but only FIGHTER V1 tactic works out for me. I am managed to finish 3rd on my Real Sociedad save in first season but I still conceded a lot of goals. Into the second season, I have followed your advice on pick the right player for the tactic, method of training and shouts during the match, but sometimes it is very frustrating to play a match where I record 20+ shots and 10 SOTs but still lose. A lot of shot is either go straight into GK or over the bar, most of the goal comes from set pieces and long shot from Midfielder. Forward is quite poor only score 20goals in my first season. What tweak should I look to change this situation? Thanks for your advice (Sorry for my grammar)
  5. Douglas Santos from Hamburg SV is also a really good option in the left wing, cost around £10m in the first season. For cheap option in the right wing, you can find Victor Garcia from Guimarães, cost only under £1m
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