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  1. so im playing with dinamo zagreb, which have angelo henriquez on loan from manchester united. in rl they bought him from manchester, but it's not in the game. i tried to buy him, but he thinks moving to zagreb wouldnt suit his lifestyle anyway, are ther any alternatives to FMRTE?
  2. yes, but when you click anywhere else on the screen except on game controls like tactics or something else, the names are gone, so start clicking again
  3. very frustrating. i like having all my players names on all the time, so i can better track which player is where.. now i have to click on each player so his name shows and god forbid that i accidentally click somewhere else on the screen because they are all off then, so i have to click on all the players again. i really dont see why this isnt in the game as an option. "show players names" tick box. sorted. so is there something that i missed?
  4. hey, so i have great young players at my club dinamo zagreb, like angelo hernandez, fierro, balanta and many very young players.. I have at least 2 players for each position. More like 3, but now i'm trying to get it down to 2 players for each position and just some very young players to serve as backup if an injury happens.. My questions is, is it enough to play a certain player every second match? So let's say i rotate hernandez and fierro. one plays the first match, the other second match and so on.. Will that be good enough to develop a player? Im asking because my great young players, with 4.5 or 5 star couachs and (im not sure, but 4.5 star facilities) and th club is doing good, high ratings... but they are not developing like other players at other clubs... In a couple years i didnt notice too much of a development in almost all of my players... what do you think?
  5. Hey, so i have him at dinamo zagreb. Doing good, but he misses a lot of good chances. On the other hand i have Ademilson who has much lower stats, but he's scoring like a mad man. He has: moves into channels beat offside trap one twos places shots first time shots I think i made a mistake with places shots. Ademilson doesnt have that, but scoring everything.. what do you guys think?
  6. Hey, so how do i save the OI so they automatically load for every match?
  7. i did that the first tim.. then my facepack faces dont show.. i did it along with the facepack update.. but the kits and logos didnt show and my facepack pics dont show.. i know it's the right folder, but i dont know why my facepack stops working..
  8. oh man, thank you so much.. i changed the save location.. i would never thought of that. now i'm copying the facepack to that location... it will work for sure. thanks again just another question so i dont botch something up. i have a kit and logo pack. i put them to the graphics folder, but how do i name the 2 subfolder where they should be? i didnt get any instructions with that kit and logo pack...
  9. i just played 1:1 against bayern and im dinamo zagreb in my first season with a bunch of kids started with defend both but i changed it to stoper/cover. also mark tighter works better for fullbacks.. robben and ribery didnt have a chance but the most important thisg is to man mark their 2 cms and the dm...
  10. i understand. now i managed to set up everything perfectly. only my 2 central defenders are not great. my mcl is the more defensive one, so i should put my cbl on cover duty right? because the mcl will cover that are better then the mcr, which is more attackin and often will be in a more advanced position, so he needs a stopper behind him cleaning up his mess.. is that right? i'm just unsure how to set the 2 central defenders up. stoper and cover is the right way to go i think. tight marking on the stopper and no tight markin on the cover guy?
  11. now i'm a bit lost. if i set my team instructions to hassle opponents, my whole team will close down more, right? now i started to think that it would be besto to turn off some instructions im the team instructions, like hassle opponents and mark tighter and simply apply them fore each player in the players instructions, but what happened when i turned these options off, my 100% fluid tactic dropped to almost nothein (for closing down category). my questions is, do i NEED the team instructions like hassle opponents ON, OR can i just apply them individually for each player? am i harming my teams game by having that option (hassle opponents, mark tighter..) off in my team instructions and just select them for each player individually?
  12. i have hassle opponents on.. what i dont get is what would be ideal setting for my dcl for instance. i want him to be a true stopper and i want my dcr to be a cover guy. i dont know which one should tight mark, which one should close down more... my idea is that my dcl should tight mark and close down and my dcr should close down LESS (but he cant, it's grayed out...) also my fullbacks.. my central mids. should they tight mark and close down or just tight mark??
  13. both cb's are central defenders (left is stopper and the right one is cover) both fullbacks are fullbacks with automatic duty cml is a deep lying playmaker on defend cmr is a deep lying playmaker on support amc is an advanced playmaker on attack aml and amr are wingers on attack striker is a complete forward on attack im playing a counterattacking with fluid
  14. hey, so im playing an atacking 4-2-3-1 and im trying to set up my defense as best as possible. it's leaking a bit i have my dcl on stopper duty with tighter marking and close down more dcr cover just tighter marking dl and dr are attacking and the instruction is to close down more my 2 cm's are set to tighter marking and now i added close down more my aml, amr, amc and st are set to close down more what do you think? what am i doing wrong?
  15. hey, i was just wondering if the player can be loaned out, or has to physically be at the club for 3 years before his 21st birthday?
  16. i found a way. i just cloned him using fmrte.. now i have 2 biraghis i will just release the original and keep the clone... killing baby, killin!!!
  17. i bought ademilson now, but some agent had a percentage of him so i bought it right away. i hope this doesnt turn out the same way.. i guess it's just for club co-ownership..
  18. so the only real solution is to sell him and not buying co-owned players? i really dont want to start a new game.. i'm killing
  19. what is a pre-game editor? can i use it to correct this now in this save game? if not, will this be permanent, even after this 1st season?
  20. i signed him on a fee.. everything was good. i set up the training for him, was playing him, until i realised that i cant register him for the cl qual. now again i cant register him.. sometimes when i click on him he's in inter where i bought him.. i leave his profile and click again on him, now he's in dinamo, my club.. i just dont get it.. but why did the training box dissapear from his profile, that's very strange... i cant set up any kind of trainig for him, even in the training area where all my player are, where you can choose the focus and intensity.. would the real time editor help with this? maybe moving him to some other club and brinigning him back to dinamo?
  21. it's a transfer and data update 3.5 by pr0 i think i didnt upload it here and i'm not sure where.. i see that under his photo there is the "contracted by dinamo" and he is in my club.. that shouldnt be there.. the problem happened when i tried to insert the facepack, logos and kits i think, but it was unsecessful.. i dont know why it didnt work and maybe it messed up something with that player... isnt there a way to fix this?
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