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  1. I have a player who cannot learn any new player traits. The attached screenshot shows what I'm talking about. The player is only 18, so not too old to learn new traits. He has no existing traits. He is not being tutored. Any thoughts?
  2. So FM 2017 crashed whilst I was reloading the interface, said something about a font error. Now, every time I launch the game it freezes as it tries to load the main menu, after the intro screens. I have verified the integrity of game files with the Steam software, I have updated nVidia drivers, but I still cannot get to the game. I am not using any extra skins. I have attached my dxdiag file. The image is a screenshot of the point at which the game freezes. Please help! DxDiag.txt
  3. I'd like to know this as well. Is the money genuinely in reserve, or is it just lost?
  4. If the game was 64-bit, could we load a larger number of leagues without seeing such a slowdown in turn times?
  5. No... it isn't. Not for me, anyway. I get a bar at the bottom which switches between commentary and showing possession. That's it. Is it something that I have to enable in preferences?
  6. Three things I'd like to see: Trophy Presentations Winning competitions is a bit of an anti-climax. Can't the 3D match engine & commentary be adapted to also show trophy presentations? Not just for cups, but also league championships at the winning game (if it's at home) or the next home game? It's something that I've wanted for a while. Editing Competition Rules Currently, in the editor, you can't edit competition rules. You have to set up a brand new competition. This is very difficult and you can miss things, because you can't see the structure of how competitions are organised in Football Manager. Letting us edit existing competitions would be much easier. Restore the timeline in the match engine In older versions of the game, there was a timeline at the bottom of the screen during matches which showed when the goals and cards were and you could rewatch these parts before moving back to the live feed. It was very useful, please bring it back.
  7. Building up pre-season fitness levels in FM2015 seems a lot more difficult than in previous games. I've had my players on pure fitness training for the first month, then fitness training + friendlies one a week for the second month, fitness coaching workload is light (and four star). In FM 2013 my players would have restored their fitness levels and I could put them on Balanced training to improve their skills. But not so here. Does anyone have any tips?
  8. Some games make your graphics card run higher than it needs to, even in low-intensity situations. I wonder if FM 2015 is doing that, keeping the graphics card at a high level even when the 3d match engine isn't running?
  9. I find that's a nice way to overtrain the players in one area, leading to a degradation in others.
  10. Not being able to talk to your players is really frustrating. You go on holiday for a few days, you come back and a player is unhappy but you can't talk to him and resolve it. Use to be you could say "is there anything you're unhappy with at the moment?" and the player would tell you. You also used to be able to cut away to check stats and whatnot and go back to the conversation, but if you try that now the conversation ends. Daft move on SI's part, IMO.
  11. My club's reputation is only national, so it's very difficult to find four or five star coaches willing to sign, especially for under-18 level.
  12. I've got £20 million in balance and I'm under wage budget by £67k a week. That would work short term, but wouldn't my young players expect starting positions once I put them in the senior squad?
  13. My board won't let me hire an Under-18s Manager or Under-18s Assistant Manager and will only allow 3 Under-18s staff (e.g. under-18s coaches and physios). As a result, my under-18s coaching is awful. Anyone know of a way to rectify this?
  14. Hi. I'd already looked in that folder to successfully remove the transfer embargo. But I can't find anything that relates to the European ban.
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