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  1. I'm managing in Belarus (season runs from March - November). I offered a defender a new improved contract in January, which is after the season ended with an agreement that we would finish in the top half of the league. We finished 3rd the previous season. Prior to the new season beginning, he states that I have broken our promise and wants to leave! The season has not yet started, is this due to the fact that our team (Uzda) are currently sitting 3rd bottom due to the league being represented in alphabetical order? I'm assuming this is a bug?
  2. when players complain about too much strength training, how do I reduce this? To clarify, they don't have strength set as additional training so what category includes the strength?
  3. when your assistant advises you to increase defend duties pre match, what does it mean? if I click on change, it takes me to the tactics screen so just wondered what you need to change (providing you take the advice of course). Any other advice that I take and press change, automatically makes the relevant change in the tactics page eg defend narrower or play offside trap.
  4. I see you manage Uzda, I have just joined them and it's my first ever time in the Belarus league, is it any good? I notice we can only sign players from that country so I imagine that this is quite difficult?
  5. Hi, I’ve always wondered if there is a way of checking what players stats were like at the beginning eg, a player you bring through from the youth team, and maybe 5 seasons later, still with my team and made progression, can I check back and see how much he has improved in each area? I mean in a collective way on one screen as opposed to the training tab where you can see how each area has changed over the last few months?
  6. Thanks both, had time to play around with the settings last night and lowering the graphics from high to low has resolved the problem , thanks again
  7. Not much help really but unless you were on over £70k a week which is very doubtful it's hard to see where the extra funds came from! It's as if the wages etc had been reset after you left
  8. Recently switched from fm15 to 17 and just played my first game, noticed quite a difference in the actual match quality i.e. It ran smoothly on 15 but it (trying best to describe it) shudders, very hard on the eyes tbh like the frames jump? It's on Mac and it's the same regardless of how many leagues etc I am running. Any help?
  9. Yes, all the other teams are fine, just rangers that's affected?
  10. Sorry should have mentioned that I'm 99% sure I have Scotland set as playable. It's certainly listed when I click the add/remove tab?
  11. Have 8 playable leagues loaded and manage Naval in Portugal. I started unemployed before being offered this job with ambitions to manage in other leagues eventually. I noticed when browsing the other leagues that rangers have only 2 players Listed with all the others greyed out? Whereas if the game is loaded from scratch all the players are present. Is there something that I've done that's caused these players to disappear? thanks
  12. cheers BiggusD, is there any way of seeing the attributes improvement at all, compared to what they were previously?
  13. not sure what you guys do but every month i give each player extra training in some field, heading for example. after 1 month i go back to each player and see if there is a green arrow in this field. if there is i put them on a different one eg strength. is 1 month enough on a particular field? if there is no arrow i will leave him training on this until he gets an arrow. am i better concentrating on their strengths?
  14. just been promoted to premier league and rules state i need undersoil heating which the club pays for (£2m). when new season begins i look at club info screen and states that my stadium is being increased capacity wise. is this an error or could maybe both be happening but it can only list one reason on the info screen?
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