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  1. Hi All, I have a Dell XPS ultimate laptop for work. I am thinking of buying the Alienware 17 to play FM on. Being a complete thicko would I notice much difference in performance? From speaking with our IT guys they say the graphics card is causing the game to run slow?
  2. These tactics are good away but don't work for me at home. I had the second best away record in the prem with Leeds but the third worst at Home. I've tried a mixture of both of these at Home and for me I end up losing or drawing at home.
  3. Can you edit club loans? I've looked and can add extra money to the club but can not work out how to remove a bank loan?
  4. Got him with Man Utd in the third season for about £200m, nice to see you can actually get him on this one!
  5. Point 2 happens to me also...just at random times and nothing else I can do other than restart the PC
  6. Ruci if its released around 5pm today and you are ever in the UK the beers are on me lol
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