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  1. Really good question, as someone with mainly just knowledge within the top European leagues I mainly stick to what I know. English Premier League --> Vanarama National League French Ligue 1 (View Only) Germany Bundesliga Italy (Serie A View Only) Spain (La Liga) Scotland (Premiership) I try and keep to the top European leagues as it seems to be the best place to develop talent as the seasons go on, also it's where most of the money seems to be! The view only on my setup changes depending on what league I want to manage in. Perhaps if you are looking at bringing through yo
  2. I don't mean to come across rude with this but what would the gain be from all the hard work of actually putting this into action?!
  3. Just as a sub-question to this; Does assigning players their preferred squad number make any difference? Personally I've never had any feedback from a player on it but you never know!
  4. It's mostly dependent on what squad status you will set for the player. Key Player/First Team - the manager from the club you're loaning from will expect the player to play 80%+ of the games Rotation/Backup - much less requirement to use the player but of course less likely they will want to loan the player out, loaning is mostly for development of said player of course By all means sign the player using key player status but take note if you break the agreement the manager will refuse to do business with you in the future & from my experience that will count with whatever c
  5. @Mica Thanks for the explanation, I have always believed they must have some form of impact, I suppose it's harder to see evidence of this! @herne79 Can fully well believe it after just being sacked by Sunderland before Christmas! Great morale in the dressing room, awful results on the pitch. Thanks for your replies.
  6. So is the general consensus that the majority of things we do in the game has no bearing on results? Player instructions, team talks, press conferences etc. I don't mean this in a negative way at all I'm just keen to further my knowledge on the game.
  7. How is this going? Recently began a Sunderland save myself after watching the documentary & was impressed with the detail you have put into this save.
  8. About three months before the end of season I sent my head scout out to watch every game of his, I also began my praise for how much of a quality player he is. (Compliments go a long way!). I have three lots of installments at £15.3m each time, apart from that it was the full figure upfront. I had the luxury of finishing each season with a massive transfer budget so ended up spending it. Funnily enough I have just played Tottenham & Kane has scored the winner, he really is worth the figure you pay! Average a goal every 70minutes in the Premier League currently. I do really need to bring
  9. Finishing 6th in my first season without any silverware was bad, however, losing out on the Premier League (against Liverpool nonetheless) in my second season was much worse. I decided to adapt my tactics & bring in some fresh faces. I was given an ultimatum during the start of my third season to win achieve 11 points in five games, the pressure was well & truly on. Transfers In: Frenkie De Jong - Ajax - £27m - Solid 7.20+ rating over the past few seasons, will ultimately fill in the DLP role Malang Sarr - OGC Nice - £15m - Only played once in his three seasons wi
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